MUNICH: Police arrest left wing fascists who attacked an anti-Islam information stand

The Bavarian Association of Civil Rights (Freedom) Party was gathering signatures for a petition against a planned European Center for Islam in Munich, when far left Muslim sympathizers tried to destroy the stand.

Unlike the dhimmi police in the UK, the German police arrested the right people for a change.

Little Muslim Nazis-in-training come out to shout down the Anti-Islam group.

In the video here, two men are discussing the Islamic Center in German.

Translation from Peter: In Munich the islamic center for Europe is planned to be built, named ZIE-M.

Construction initiator is imam Idriz, who’s islamic community in Pensberg, as may be familiar, is under observation by the federal bureau for protection of the constitution. Estimated cost of the mammoth project is about 30 million euro, the size about 6000 square meters. This money will be funded mainly by the United Arab Emirates.

Behind us you see the target area for this mega mosque. Behind it is the world famous Stachos, symbol of the state capitol Munich. In the vicinity as well is town hall where all political parties are in favor of this plan.

We are now standing at Leonrodplatz, another possible location for the European islamic center in Munich. It would be built between the Dachaustrasse, that you see behind us, the Schwere-Reiterstrasse and the Hessstrasse that is about 300 to 400 meters from here.

Here at Gotzingerplatz in Sendling another mosque was intended to be built, which resulted in a major civil protest. The people in Sendling organized and spoke out against this plan that was finally postponed as a result of financing problems. DITIM ran out of money.

Currently Turkish news paper Huriyet reports in their 9/2/2001 edition that DITIB intends to join efforts with imam Idriz as to realize together the ZIE-M project.
Construction costs are however a problem and reduction of building size is considered. The initiators are therefore also searching for an alternative location in Munich. Which may include Gotzingerplatz.

DITIM and DITIB are Turkish organizations, you can Google them.