MUNICH: Police arrest left wing fascists who attacked an anti-Islam information stand

The Bavarian Association of Civil Rights (Freedom) Party was gathering signatures for a petition against a planned European Center for Islam in Munich, when far left Muslim sympathizers tried to destroy the stand.

Unlike the dhimmi police in the UK, the German police arrested the right people for a change.

Little Muslim Nazis-in-training come out to shout down the Anti-Islam group.

In the video here, two men are discussing the Islamic Center in German.

Translation from Peter: In Munich the islamic center for Europe is planned to be built, named ZIE-M.

Construction initiator is imam Idriz, who’s islamic community in Pensberg, as may be familiar, is under observation by the federal bureau for protection of the constitution. Estimated cost of the mammoth project is about 30 million euro, the size about 6000 square meters. This money will be funded mainly by the United Arab Emirates.

Behind us you see the target area for this mega mosque. Behind it is the world famous Stachos, symbol of the state capitol Munich. In the vicinity as well is town hall where all political parties are in favor of this plan.

We are now standing at Leonrodplatz, another possible location for the European islamic center in Munich. It would be built between the Dachaustrasse, that you see behind us, the Schwere-Reiterstrasse and the Hessstrasse that is about 300 to 400 meters from here.

Here at Gotzingerplatz in Sendling another mosque was intended to be built, which resulted in a major civil protest. The people in Sendling organized and spoke out against this plan that was finally postponed as a result of financing problems. DITIM ran out of money.

Currently Turkish news paper Huriyet reports in their 9/2/2001 edition that DITIB intends to join efforts with imam Idriz as to realize together the ZIE-M project.
Construction costs are however a problem and reduction of building size is considered. The initiators are therefore also searching for an alternative location in Munich. Which may include Gotzingerplatz.

DITIM and DITIB are Turkish organizations, you can Google them.


20 comments on “MUNICH: Police arrest left wing fascists who attacked an anti-Islam information stand

  1. Yes BNI, I live in Germany. Our police are instructed to remain passive unless real attacks happen, but I do not think Germany is quite as dhimmified as the UK yet.

  2. Many questions were still open in the above video . Now the Emir of Katar wants to pay 30 million Euros for the Center of Islam in Europe to be built near the Stachus square. The man in Bavarian pants is Michael Stürzenberger from the party DIE FREIHEIT. He informs the inhabitants of Munich regularly on the planned megamosque. Every time there are aggressive muslims. I personally saw them wave the flag of Jihad in the face of an Egyptian coptic woman who was talking about the persecution of christians in her country. She was there with the Freedom Party, but the brainwashed left wingers still screamed “Alerta, fascista” (yes, in Spanish). Mind you, the police are passive. Even if they arrest a left winger for a change, he will probably be released a few hours later. At one of the last events, Stürzenberger was spat at by muslims and the police commented he had been provoking them (by stating facts). Those peaceful muslims who said they would kill Stürzenberger if the police was not there.

  3. Well, ilsam and sympathizers share the same hate for the jews, but not the same allah, so they are still bunch of kaffirs who deserve to be killed.

  4. No matter what country these Libturds are from, their agenda is always the same. Useless scum, most of them are parasites living off our taxes so they can go and protest for anything illogic.

      • And they are even worse, as they are traitors, no different than the traitors who sypathised and worked for the Nazi’s during their occupation of Europe.

        The people hated them more than they hated the Nazi’s.

  5. “There are plans to build a “Center for Islam in Europe” in Munich.” He gives the name of the Imam who wants to build it, whose group is evidently being “watched” by the government. Cost, 30 million Eu. Size, 9,000 sq ft. (6,000 cu m…so my calculation is probably off) The funds are coming from the UAE, as well as other sources. “Behind us you see one place where they want to build this mega-mosque”. He lists some of the key government buildings that are close by. They then cut to another potential location. “Here on the Gotzinger Platz a mosque was to be built at one time, but a large public protest put the plans on ice.”. basically…it is a report of potential locations for the new mega mosque.

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