OH, BOO HOO! Muslim parasites illegally squatting in Austria demand better treatment

Muslim bottom feeders seeking economic asylum in Austria protest their living accommodations, bitching about sanitary conditions as well as the food and clothing they are provided by the centre.



23 comments on “OH, BOO HOO! Muslim parasites illegally squatting in Austria demand better treatment

  1. it is not the fault of these muslim idiots, it is the fault of the countries that take them in, they should send them back on the same boats that they arrive on. Humatinty should stop with muslims as they don’t respect any human values, so why we should consider them humans when they don’t live or act like one.

  2. You could make them live like dogs and throw them a bone now and again and they’d still have a better existence than the shit holes they came from…..If they’re not satisfied send ’em back…simples…..

  3. AAAIIIEEEE! We are in your country. You must provide for us!. We demand our own laws. Give them to us! We demand that you follow our customs. Give it to us! We demand that you allow our peculiar dress. Give it to us! We demand that you give us special places where only muslims are allowed. Give it to us! We demand special food. Give it to us! We demand private footbaths. Give it to us! We need cars and drivers licenses. Give it to us! Working to better our own backward, uncivilized, pig sty of a country is too hard. You must GIVE US yours.
    We are but poor travellers seeking freedom from work and responsibility. Give us, give us, give us!!!

  4. “…..bitching about sanitary conditions…….”

    are they being forced to use toilet tissue and not their fingers!??
    how disgusting for them.

  5. I think these future permanent welfare recipients are a little confused about which country they entered, because they speak a foreign language. They probably wanted to enter AUSTralia, not AUSTria. Awhile back miss bni posted what the Australian govt gives “refugees” in their country. “Refugees” receive a free place to live, plus a welcome package worth over $10,000–appliances, furniture, bedding, computers, tv, cookware, clothes, etc..

  6. Every last muzzie caught here without a Citizenship Permit (one of the best ideas Council ever came up with) gets deported immediately.
    islam is seen and treated as a criminal organization here–NO protection under the law and Canadian laws stop at our City borders.

  7. The intent of the mohommedists is to drain each and every host country dry, to destroy capitalism and declare it dead and bring in the Caliphate under the Theocracy of mohommedism and then we go total “SLAVE”.

  8. hey you pooooor pooooor PsOS, go back to the country you came from if YOU don’t like it – Why should you get anything FREE! I DETEST them ALL!

    • I second THAT emotion shaz; enough of kowtowing to GARBAGE!! Let them STFU and GTFO if they don’t like the “conditions” and food where they are!!…OR STFU and GO TO WORK!!……… But I think we” infidels” all know THAT won’t happen!!

  9. Notice all male savages. Austria had better get used to the scum demands since about 2/3 rds of all muslims live off of the jizay or money taken from the working tax payers of every country that they end up sucking off of the welfare rolls. Kick them out and do not allow any illegal muslims into your country or suffer the consequences of higher criminal activities, rapes, and so on from the savages of islam.

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