The same day Libyans are threatening to mutilate and kill homosexuals, an Islamic cleric in London concurs

Brunel University in London’s upscale and renowned politically correct West End has found itself in its own politically correct-fueled firestorm as scheduled lecturer, Imam Abu Usamah at-Thahabi has declared, “Homosexuals are perverted, dirty, filthy dogs who should be murdered…”

Examiner  The British news portal tailored specifically for the homosexual community, is reporting that Muslim Imam Abu Usamah at-Thahabi is scheduled to present a lecture this week.

The topic of his lecture will be (pro-paedophilia) on the life Aisha, one of the many wives of Mohammed, the founder of the Islamic belief system. Aisha was Mohammed’s child-bride, who was betrothed at the age of six and had her marriage consummated by Mohammed when she was nine-years-old.

As cited by Pink News, Thahabi has publically stated from his mosque;

Ensuring his comments couldn’t be taken out of context, the Muslim holy man went on to preach;

“If I were to call homosexuals perverted, dirty, filthy dogs who should be murdered, that’s my freedom of speech, isn’t it?”

All ‘good’ Muslims share the same beliefs on homosexuals. Some are just more public about it

But that’s not all…

The British organization has posted on their official website that Thahabi has a history of controversial comments against non-Muslims, ex-Muslims and also of women in general. As cited, Thahabi has also preached at his Birmingham, England mosque;

“we hate the people of the kufr [non-Muslims]. We hate the kuffar.”

“whoever changes his religion from al-Islam to anything else, kill him in the Islamic state.”

“Allah has created the women, even if she gets a PhD, deficient…her intellect is incomplete, deficient.”

Brunel University recently touted on its official website that in a research study they themselves co-sponsored, that so-called multiculturalism and social diversity are “alive and well” in Great Britain as cited by one of the two researchers, Professor Tariq Modeed.























27 comments on “The same day Libyans are threatening to mutilate and kill homosexuals, an Islamic cleric in London concurs

  1. Many homosexuals think of Mozzies as a ‘persecuted, misunderstood’ group being unfairly tarred with the same brush as the jihadists. This betrays the wide-spread idea that Islam is not an imperialistic, misogynistic theocracy intent on imposing Sharia and eliminating all competing ideas.

    The gay culuture is heavily under the influence of the self-hating Western cultural Marxists who see Islam as a way to destroy Western capitalism.


  2. He should go to afghanistan, Baacha baazi practice…., he can murder all gays in afghanistan, saudi arabia and also pakistan. To hell with the bas**tard inbred cleric

  3. When are the homosexuals in the West finally going to wise up? Tell them they have more to fear from Islam than Christianity, and they put on blinders and ear muffs.

  4. Perfect. But the gay, upperclass, smug, prissy, liberal fuks in that PC part of town will support him with thier cowardly silence. Let him start his “cleansing” with the liberal proffessors at Brunel then move out into the gay community surrounding. Then you will hear loud screeching demands for protection.

  5. So depressing. Why don’t British prosecutors jail his ass into the next century for uttering threats and hate speech? Oh, I know, all that medina oil/bribe money.

  6. Most Muslim men think it is proper punishment to rape-torture anyone they see as infidels, doesn’t that make all of the hajjis gay as well. However I just don’t care about these victims, as they are also rag heads.

  7. Interesting that this savage can openly advocate murder and not only is it not “hate speech” but he is heralded as a great speaker and invited to speak at universities as a “religious” aithority meanwhile Tommy Robinson rots in a British prison and is considered a “vile racist”. Britain has rotted into a putrid stinking mess and is about to fall into the sea! How far behind are we?

  8. We need more of these savages speaking out against homosexuals. Perhaps eventually the Gays will wake up and realize their supporting the wrong ideology. How many more Gays need to be murdered by these savages before the Gays finally see the light?

      • your not a man til you are 18 and homosexuality is sex between two men. You can corn hole little boys til your rod breaks off and that’s ok! What a great religion islam is! Something we should all want to be a part of! /sarc off

        • I know you’re being sarcastic, and it was well done!! :-)

          But for myself…I’d rather drink Drano with a vinegar chaser than convert to islam.

          islam is absolutely repellent, abhhorent and thouroughly repulsive on every level.
          It seems to be deliberately made to offend and run counter to every one of the Higher and better Human qualities.

          islam; the religion (false) of anti-Humanity

        • Marlene Wilkins
          mohommedism is controlled by Satan. Thus all evil that is portrayed by the mohommedists is a reminder to the faithful to be wary of the deceptions put out by the EVIL ONE.
          The rest is smoke and mirrors.

  9. “If I were to call homosexuals perverted, dirty, filthy dogs who should be murdered, that’s my freedom of speech, isn’t it?”

    Well now, seems those words you just spewed are a pretty damn clear description of YOURSELF; yourselves! And guess what pervert, that’s our freedom of speech, isn’t it!
    I DETEST these PSOS!

  10. Oh goody another Post about what Muzscum think of homosexuals, saving these for my Gay mates who defend Muzscum. Im looking forward to hearing their response or defence if they have any which after reading this post and others, most likely wont have anything to say other than “oh no how come that hasnt been in the newspaper or on the news?”. Then we move on to the next lesson – introducing the word “Dhimmi” and then “Media” how they relate to each other. So slowly getting there BNI with speading the word :)

    • Every single Homosexual I know has NO use for islam as they are well aware of hat islam thinks of them.
      Your people must be wearing Industrial-level welding-grade PolCorr blinders.

      I’m Bisexual myself, openly (but I do try to be discreet however without compromising my own identity) and am therefore a target. As for the quotes above from such ‘learned’ islamic scholars and such…

      Here’s how I see islam;
      I’m a Woman.
      I’m Bisexual
      I’m Pagan (even worse, I’m a Witch)
      I’m White
      I like to dress revealingly/sexy (but NOT slutty–think Office Lady sexy)
      I speak my mind
      I am demonstratably intelligent and can hold my own in many discussions on many topics
      I am unabashed in standing up for myself, my culture and my race against slander and denigration.

      I guess that’s all enough to make me eleigible for the Enemies of islam list.
      The quotes above in that article say all that needs be said about islam and muzzies. Yes, they have their freedom of speech, and they’re free to say as they wish.
      …no matter how demonstratably backward, sexist, supremacist, idiotic, wrong-headed, ignorant, intolerant, plain stupid, decerebrate, and showing their lack of character, Humanity, compassion, and any Higher Human qualities.

      It’s amusing really, their issues with homosexuality.
      We’re talking about a false religion that embraces and advocates Pedorasty, Pedophilia in general, Bestiality & Necrophilia.
      Also, the same false religion that gave the world the quote;
      ‘Women are for babies and men are for love’ with regards to sexual pleasure and such.

      So…where’s the line in islam between homosexuality and acceptance??
      Answer; Whatever’s convenient at the moment–same as always.

      islam; the (false) religion of self-denial and convenient revealation/interpretation.

      *Waves ‘hello’ at CAIR*

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