Egyptian President Morsi fires a bunch of military leaders, then grants himself dictatorial power by making his decisions irrevocable by the judiciary. Obama seen nodding in approval.

Barack Hussein Obama has also fired several top military leaders… can a big power grab be far behind? Today, a senior member of Egypt’s former militant Islamist group al-Gamaa al-Islamiya warns that liberal politicians and intellectuals who oppose Mohamed Morsi’s latest constitutional declaration could face a campaign of targeted assassinations starting soon.

Breitbart  In a stunning move that many thought would require months or even years of diplomacy, President Mohammed el-Morsi has taken full control of the Egyptian government in a single stroke. In the span of just a few days, the heads of the Military Police, General Intelligence and SCARF (Supreme Council of the Armed Forces) were removed by presidential order.

al-Arabiya  Nageh Ibrahim, the ideologue of the Gamaa al-Islamiya, which took up arms against ousted president Hosni Mubarak’s regime in the 1980s, told Al Arabiya that his expectation “was based on an analysis of the political situation not on information.” He said recent escalation of violence in different parts of the country, including successive attacks on security forces in Sinai, attacks on Muslim Brotherhood offices and on mosques, point to a possible bloody reaction against liberals. 

Getting back to Obama, first there was the ouster of  Gen. Stanley McChrystal,  top general in Afghanistan. Then came the recent forced resignation of David Petraeus, CIA chief, over an alleged affair, apparently in an effort to avoid  the fallout that could have resulted from Petraeus’ testimony on the Benghazi mess.

In between the rolling of those two heads, Obama ordered the immediate removal of Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette  from his command of the powerful Carrier Strike Group Three (CSG-3) currently located in the Middle East. Reports on Obama’s unprecedented firing of a powerful US Navy Commander during wartime state that Admiral Gaouette’s removal was for   “allegations of inappropriate leadership judgment” that arose during the strike group’s deployment to the Middle East.   

This GRU report, however, states that Admiral Gaouette’s firing by President Obama was due to this strike force commander disobeying orders when he ordered his forces on 11 September to “assist and provide intelligence for” American military forces ordered into action by US Army General Carter Ham, who was then the commander of the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM), against terrorist forces attacking the American Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

General Ham had been in command of the initial 2011 US-NATO military intervention in Libya who, like Admiral Gaouette, was fired by Obama. And as we can, in part, read from US military insider accounts of this growing internal conflict between the White House and US Military leaders:

Several people have speculated that the firings were the result of rumors that the military might be planning a coup.