Faces of the Israeli Defense Forces

Did somebody call it “Apartheid” Israel?

First Arab Woman in IDF



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  1. The wicked bitch of the west.Enjoy it whilst you can you duplicitous slag When our next elections come you will be evicted on your fat arse.By the way dear you are looking more like a five dollar skank every day No offense to five dollar skanks Bonnie i hate her for what she has done to my country

  2. For the benefit of the non Aussies, take a look at the difference between our Bogan Prime Minister and our well spoken, well dressed leader of the opposition!

  3. I only wish they would make our young people join the military, and make it compulsory for all our dole bludgers! Perhaps then they might wake up and see what a priviledged life they have been living. Australians have no idea, we have wrapped our children in cotton wool and filled them with entitlement and bred hatred and resentment, have a look at our Government, we have a screaming Banshi for a Prime Minister, great role model for our kids, an adulteress, theif, racist, lying bigot!!! She changed the meaning of the word Mysogyny in the Macquarie Dictionary, how about they change the word BOGAN to Julia Gillard! My 13yr old son knows all about Aborigines, Climate change and same sex marriage, how about they spend our money on History, Maths and English!

  4. One of my business partners was a Coronal in the 67 War and later in the Masad. We had many laughs about Entebbe. I have nothing but the greatest respect for the IDF

  5. Alas, to be 30 years younger …
    Could I just join long enough for a couple of those beautiful young ladies to beat me to a pulp? I promise, I’ll just sit there and enjoy every minute of it!

  6. Bonni, thank you for this uplifting article about our beautiful friends in the IDF. I pray for all of the Jewish people daily, for the peace of Jerusalem, the peace of Israel, and that all of the enemies of the Jewish people will soon be crushed under the heel of my Hebrew Savior, Jesus Christ.

  7. Thank you, beautiful IDF! You are fighting on the front line of global jihad for every non-Muslim! My gratitude and love to you all !

    The pic of the IDF girl and the dog is precious! Only G-d knows the thousands of times God has saved the lives of humans through dogs! It is God’s love for us demonstrated through dogs who many times have given up their lives to save the lives of humans. Is this why Islam hates dogs?

    Thank you, God, for your special gift of dogs!

    • AMEN, Ms. Rivera!!!! Truly, God Be Praised for dogs every last single day of our lives and a great deal more!!!!

      Beautifully said on your part: that’s why, ever since my pet bitchlet Molly came into my life just a little over 15 years ago (she was then around 4-5 weeks old), I’ve NEVER looked down upon dogs; particularly with their soulful eyes and basic gentleness!!! Even the few that up to then I had known as dangerous and ready to hurt me: I had noticed in their eyes’ look that if you could befriend them, you could be sure of their full understanding and unconditional love!!!

      Well now, Molly’s over 15 and slowing down appreciably; yet she still is the best thing that ever happened to me!!! That Border-Collie / German-Shepherd cross is somebody I’ll NEVER, EVER let go of as long as I’m granted life. God Most Truly Made dogs to be Mankind’s BEST FRIEND – and He Knew What He Was Doing when He Arranged for me to meet up with her and to sense her fear and vulnerability when she was so tiny – AND then for me to fall in love with her as she licked my hands, trusting and at ease as she looked into my eyes. [Then, when I saw her getting abused a few weeks later, it was an honour to take her in permanently at the end of 1997!!! Meanwhile, on December 2, that day she first came 15 years ago into this place…]

      [Of course, Islam hates EVERYTHING that’s good, period!!!! Be it women, children, animals (not just dogs or pigs – see how those accursed muzturds treat even the “halal” animals and other pets!!!!) and “infidels” – not to mention art, music, science and even Western medicine!!!! – Islam only wants, cares for and lives for WAR, EVIL, DESTRUCTION, DEATH and the MOST UNIMAGINABLE SUFFERING POSSIBLE upon this planet!!!!!]

      • People, some people, claim that animals such as dogs and cats have no souls…
        I think the proof that they do is self-evident. :-)
        All LOVE to Molly!!
        We don’t have a dog, yet, but as Hector’s here often and at times for extended stays, well pretty much the same thing. :-)
        I am VERY glad that Molly was found by you!! I did like that little telling of how you found her. :-)
        Border Collie/Shepherd cross…I’ve met a few B.C crosses and I have yet to meet one I didn’t like immediately!

        islam can hate dogs all it wants–but harming an animal in my sight will bring down immediate consequences.
        I have NO problems shooting a muzzie caught-in-the-act for crimes against a defenseless animal. They declared jihad, I’m just fighting it.
        And one dog is worth all of islam and it’s muzzies combined…and then some, as that islamic total isn’t nearly equal to the Nobility of Canis.

        As you know, I owe Hector and Thomas my life. That dog protected me then as Family, and he is Family to us. Defended and backed-up as such in this muzzie-filled world.

  8. Amazing how there is some kind of beauty and hotness to IDF women soldiers. These soldiers fight for the preservation of their country. On the other side, you look at those palestinian turds that want to blow everything up in the name of “allah, fucking allah” they are a pretty ugly bunch. Actually uglier than Texas feral hogs.

    • That’s a damned slander to the fuzzy-wuzzy, misunderstood Feral Hogs!!
      Comparing those poor, innocent creatures to muzzies…
      Sorry, had to make the joke, but yeah, Hogs and muzzies…both huge problems.
      The hogs though, they’re just doing ehat comes naturally and were the result of human error.
      The muzzies…they’re wholly Un-natural.

      A choice between the two?
      I’d rather have the hogs to contend with ANY day.

    • Actually Allah like Israel that’s why Israel have a lot of scientist, rich man, intelligent etc. But now Allah have control by Muhammad and Gabriel. This two evil used Allah name to control Muslim. So sad…

      • You…I think I might like. :-)
        This is NOT an attack–Seeking clarification only;
        Gabriel I only know as a an Angel in the Christian faith.
        Please supply information as to context here??

        I do understand you dislike muhammad, that is quite clear! :-)

        • Actually, there were originally FOUR archangels (for BOTH Judaism and Christianity): Lucifer, Gabriel, Michael and Raphael. Out of those, Lucifer decided that he was superior to God and so turned into the Devil.

          The other three (Gabriel, God’s supreme messenger), Michael (the leader of the angels against Lucifer and his fallen-angels {demons}) and Raphael remained loyal to God Almighty Yahweh.

          Mrs. Wilkins, I definitely like what you’ve done with the Web-page you have on Facebook with the IDF – and yes, the picture of the lady with the Malinois (one of the 4 breeds of Belgian Shepherd dogs, the others being Laekenois, Tervueren and Groenendael) I like VERY much. Unfortunately, I found myself unable to register yours truly as liking it… [Does it require “Facebook friendship” to allow as much to happen?]

        • I really don’t know…I’m rather new to Fb myself…I count myself lucky I got the album done for the IDF and it looks good! :-)
          Likely so I suspect.
          TY again for the compliments!! :-)
          TY for the info on Angels and Canines. I knew Gabriel was a Major Angel and that Lucifer was the Fallen One, I was curious on the context of the poster’s reference to Gabriel as a force of evil (it seems to be what he’s saying) and was curious if there’s a context in islam or other religions where Gabriel is associated with evil. Religion is so massive it’s like charting the entire Ocean!! :-)

        • Ah, I forgot: a demon pretending to be Gabriel – likely Lucifer himself!! – was the one visiting Mohammed…

        • Hi Marlene, apparently the pedophile butcher MO, who thought he was THE prophet the Jews were waiting for, channeled that garbled mess called koran via Gabriel . The reason the muz can never make peace with Jews is because Big Mo gave the order for them to kill Jews for all eternity because not only did the Jews of Medina reject him as the prophet for Jews, but thought he was absurd. Big Mo was so humiliated he called for the first fatwa and it is for eternity unless islam is wiped off the planet.

        • Ty! :-)
          That much I do already know…and did a post on JihadWatch last night that (very insultingly) paraphrased mohammed-the-obscene as a spoiled bawling toddler because the Jews basicallt laughed at him and his mighty-muzzie-he-man-women-haters-club. 😀
          I call mohammad-the-unclean as I see him;
          A schizophrenic Narcissist with serious self-denial about his sexuality and an overblown ego coupled to rampant arrogance and megolomania.

        • Oops.. reminded by ADHDs post… right… he was told the spirit was Gabriel but it was most likely a demon or he was psychotic and heard his own evil voice in his head. A lot of the koran seems to make an attempt to re-write the Jewish and Christian bible to his own version.

        • Given the level of ineptitude and such regarding the sunna and hadiths reveal about mohammed-eats-left-handed, I would have to say that mohammad-the-obscene was hearing his own eveil self, and that satan had nothing to do with it.
          Even Satan has standards after all. LOL
          Yes, I do consider mohammed-the-unclean to be below Satan’s even laziest effort, but likely a source of amusement, and a human he likely chided and jibed the forces of Good about.

          ut I doubt Satan would sully and defile himself with the likes of mohammed-the-narcissist.

  9. Barry Soetero aka Barry Obama has been quoted as saying that Israel should go back to the 1967 agreement on boundaries and then “flip” or change responsibilities or something(Not Clear here) ?? Either way, if it takes away from Israel, that is NOT good! Palestine has NEVER been a recognized state of any kind. They are “thieves” trying to steal land a culture from someone who is entitled to it.
    If Palestine/Palestinians can’t get along with anybody, they can go to another country that will take them cause they are “Arabic”(Problem is NO ONE wants these “Palestinians”)

    • ‘Occupied Israel’ (O.I) I am no longer going to refer it as ‘palestine’ as that credits them with legitmacy, and I won’t do that.

      O.I. is Israel turf, and if the O.I. infestors keep it up, Canada will be forced to take a stand.
      I doubt VERY much that the O.I. muzzies will enjoy facing Israeli trrops with Canuckian backup and support.
      Look at our War Record.

      Obamination as usual is blathering on his trpical meaningless drivel meant to appease his muzzie leash holders, hoping to get a pat on the head for being such a good dhimmi.
      I do like Obamination’s voice–what a shame such a fine quality is in the possession of such a despicable rat-bastard svoluch.

  10. Sweet! Thanks for posting this BNI! IDF girls are hott!! Not only that, but I would rather have 10 female IDF soldiers with me in combat over having 200 cowardly muslim soldiers any day and not for lustfull reasons either. They’re simply superior soldiers. Muslim soldiers suck that bad. Especially the Arab ones. Many a Western military adviser has testified to the near total ineptitude of the Arab soldier. Arab muslims are accustomed to viewing themselves as a militant, jihadist warrior people, superior to all because of their supremacist religious pretentions. When islamic hegemony was strong in the Middle Ages, the non-muslim dhimmi paid his tribute (jizzya) to their muslim overlords. The dhimmi, especially the Jew, was thought of in terms of being a weak, lowly group of shop keepers and money lenders with no warrior attributes and/or inclinations.

    In 1948 and several times after, the Arabs got slapped hard with their noses rubbed in the dung of their own deceit and pretentions by these so-called “lowly, inferior Jews,” who proved themselves to be the smarter, stronger, superior warriors after all. Battle tested before the world’s eyes. Muslim pride just cannot deal with this reality, so they live in denial of it and demonise the Jew in the court of world opinion. I believe this to be much of the reason for contemporary hatred of the Jew by the muslim, along with their theological, quran-informed opinions (muhammad’s) of Jews. Does anybody remember the initial onslaught of Operation Iraqi Freedom? How Saddam’s forces crumbled and melted quickly, even as good ol’ “Baghdad Bob” made his insane “Americans dying by the thousands at the gates of Baghdad” broadcast? The muslim world was astonished and greatly demoralised over the Iraqi defeat. They just couldn’t comprehend what went wrong, a testament to their intrinsic stupidity and conceit. Anyway, the Hebrew warrior overcomes the muslim warrior every time, and the muslim never figures out why, and likely never will.

    It’s got to be their inbred stupidity and their wigged-out joke of a religion.

    “The Religion of Piss…………..Pig Piss!”

    • Randy…
      muzzie ‘soldiers’ need minimum 2 armed men to handle a scared, trapped-on-a-schoolbus 14 yr old girl who was Unarmed.
      Close-range, point-blank…and they still bungled it, and I;m glad Malala made it through, she didn’t deserve to be attacked, and certainly not by sub-primate monstrsities like the infamous talibananas.

      ….the ‘mighty-muzzies’ are a laughing stock and if it wasn’t for sneak attacks and suicide bombs, they’d be totally ineffective.
      They’re laughable, pathetic, and a total JOKE…best joke Obama-money can buy.
      Because nobody else is stupid enough to sell themselves to that slopwitted driveller.

      muzzies can’t figure out basics like tying shoes, that’s why those sad little gamma-males out there dress like refugees from a live-in care facility for the mentally challenged.
      And yes, the mentally challenged can run rings around the muzzies any damned day of the week, and overall are quite nice, in my experience.

      muzzis go into conflicts thinking ‘allah will bless us with victory for we are the best of men’.
      A housewife, with her mate on crutches, managed to engage the ones involved in the cafe` incident and the only harm i suffered was when i backhanded the first one, and slightly bruised a knuckle on impact with a tooth through my gloves.
      allah sure didn’t have their backs that day…

  11. Con grats BNi for busting the 30 mark on hits and for takeing on a ton of flack ! you keep this old war bird on the air an we will land on our safe home ground someday with a smile as big as is on these brave freedom fighters who defend the star of the east

  12. The IDF are some of the best warriors of our time. Israel is on the side of justice and right and they will prevail because they are fighting a just cause for freedom. Indeed, they are fighting for freedom for all non muslim countries. They are leading the cause for freedom of speech, freedom of religion and so on. God bless Israel. We must continue to lobby our government to support Israel at all costs. We stand up for and speak up for Israel no matter what.

  13. my love and prayers go out to all the brothers and sisters in the ” IDF ” , may the “GREAT GOD” bless them with the peace and love that only “HE” can give !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( p.s. and destroy ” ALL” of their enemies !!!!!!! ) Obadiah 1 : 18 )

    • Annie, Mother Jones won’t even allow me to post their stories here. I did once and got a letter from their lawyer telling me to cease and desist. Might I suggest going to the search box here and type in “Starving Palestinians” for several posts about how well fed, well-clothed, well-housed they really are in Gaza. If you have a problem finding them, let me know.

      • Okie-dokie…
        I don’t effing care what they’re lawyer has to say.
        He can play a few rounds of;
        ‘fuck off or I’ll bury you and your practice-mates’ with our Lawyer if it comes down to it.
        He’s a friend of Husband’s…nuff said right there I think.
        Also, I don’t make a cent off anything I do in this War, actually it costs us a bit.
        Therefore, I fall under the ‘Fair Use’ Laws and ‘mutha jonez’ can go drink Drano.

      • Here’s what I just posted there on that article Annie posted the link for.

        Well well…the Israeli hate-brigade is still in-fashion here I see.
        Sad little dhimmis…
        Nodding your Leftist noggins in lickspittle salve fashion to the words of the Leftists and the muzzies holding their leashes.
        You slagbrained dipwits need to visit something they had back in the day called a ‘Library’, where one can find Pre-Revisionist Historical info.

        This waste of toilet paper, this ‘book’ is a disgrace to Literature and Human intelligence, as well as history itself. It’s a collection of hard-core propaganda, Leftist browbeating, and muzzie sympathizer drivel.
        ALL of you have done nothing but demonstrate that you know not one damned genuine fact about the Israeli situation.
        Also, look into the ‘plight’ of Palestinians, look at the reality of the care they recieve, the food, clothing, etc..
        Then after yu finish feeling like sub-primate morons you’ve been behaving as, think about it all and decide what you want after that.

        Check The Facts Independently.
        Both Sides.
        Then Decide what you Believe.

        You end up looking a LOT less stupid and don’t end up as easy prey for people like me.
        Oh and mother jones, yeah….gonna be reposting this as and where i like as a demonstration of the kind of racist, anti-semitic crap-site you run.
        Fair use laws, I don’t make a cent off my sites and blogs.
        Tell your lawyers to sit on their hands.

        Now, I have some re-posting to do… 😉

        • NP, You and annie are quite welcome. :-)
          I tried to copy the info off the site…no-go.
          So, I fell back on doing a review of the info there and calling on folks to warn others about the genuine Racism and anti-semitism there.
          I’m sure that the message I left is gonna stir some trouble, and thats what I want–I want them to get good and mad so they break out of Leftist-brain and start Thinking.
          Because if they try coming after me with revisionist history and leftist idealism, I’ll scrap them in about five seconds flat.
          Waking people up…it’s NOT easy, but it’s got to be done.

  14. Man, oh, man…If I were a young man again I would be in Israel and training with the IDF. Unfortunately I am past my prime and would be worthless to them with the exception of possibly in the health care field. But alas, I feel I am too old. Too bad!

    I encourage all young men and women to help Israel by going and asking them if you can jointhe IDF. What a great and rewarding career that would be. Cute chicks for the boys and handsome, and physically fit Israeli men for the girls, too!

      and you will know why I am blessed to be counted among such good friends.
      ♥ ♥ ♥
      Daily I send Light and Love to Israel and to those I know as my good friends.

  15. These pics are so wonderful to look at. Especialy look at this last girl soldier eyes, they are so full of life! Just another reason why muslims hate Jews and Christians, we love life and laugh alot. Have you ever seen a muslim thats truely happy? Truely smiling or laughing? Never

      • Muslims follow sunna: “to obey and imitate Mohammed in all things for all time,” and hadiths or biographical references to Mohammed smileing or laughing are extremely rare, like the head of a hated kafir being thrown at Mohammed’s feet, or a wounded kafir’s genitals being exposed. “The prophet” they revere and imitate was one sick puppy! Can imitating and obeying a madman produce anything but madness?

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