Our favorite Doctor of Common Sense explains why Liberals are just like Hamas terrorists

Common sense, indeed.

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15 comments on “Our favorite Doctor of Common Sense explains why Liberals are just like Hamas terrorists

  1. Because Sarah demanded Abraham ban Ismael and Hagar from their society and he eventually did and Hagar and Ismael suffered extreme hardships in the desert where, it is alleged by Islam, various miracles occurred that form some of the structures in Medina and Mecca. And didn’t Abraham try to pacify both women by letting on to Sarah that he was true to her alone while continuing to support Hagar and his son in the desert? And isn’t that the very best argument against polygamy? And isn’t the Islamic argument in favour of polygamy rooted in the old interest of Hagar and Ismael in trying to claim birthright as first son, even though Hagar was not married to Abraham? (It was Sarah’s idea Abraham impregnate her slave, Hagar, because she was aging and had not yet borne a son for him. But after Ismael was born, of course, Sarah conceived Isaac and the conflict began.) Too bad the descendants of Abraham can’t admit history and make peace, that the descendants of Ismael can’t admit they have no legitimate claim to Israel and the descendants of Isaac continue to share the gifts they inherited. After all, Israel is a democracy willing to extend equal rights to friends and allies…the descendants of Ismael can only win by admitting history. Except for the legacy that goes further back of Cain and Abel that speaks to the darkness that controls some hearts.

  2. Didn’t the Islamic hatred for Jews originate in the conflict between Sarah and Hagar over the fate of Ismael and the estate of Abraham? When Ismael was 14 years old and cut up at Isaac’s baptism? And didn’t God pacify Abraham, the father of both Sarah’s child, Isaac, and her slave Hagar’s child, Ismael, by promising he would make a nation of Islam but that the progeny of Isaac would bear his name? Isn’t the whole conflict rooted in old domestic jealousies?

    • It’s always good to read those who understand the core of this disease, called islam, envy makes people do dangerous things, as history is proof enough. You got it right on the mark. Best post of this article by my standards. Good Luck.

  3. Common Sense, yeah now there is a subject worth the effort to disguse and openly with the euro-trash-wannabe-lefturds. The common denominator with the both of these parasites ( the brothers from their hood, islam) and God haters( liberals in general) is one thing, they openly tout as something worth gaining for themselves and fellow travelers, a condition knows as “anal optical illusion”, a condition where their heads are so far up their asses, they can’t see the light of freedom they claim on the other hand to be protecting. But, hea, according to them we are the terrorist, those of us who understand the human conditions, the misery they force upon us, like a red-headed step child, abused the day long, without any mercy, compassion or relief of their positions for power over the average citizen they prefere to be slaves, and they the slave holders of humanity. I do however understand, like a child who never get their way, for various reasons, they keep on coming after the God fearn’, us bitter clingers of our Bibles, and guns to protect ourselves against their tyranny and still they are miserable, and hea, who wouldn’t be, they lack that thing called love for their fellow man, depraved of morals, denying the Love of our Father and the choice necessary to understand the difference, he openly gave them, free and still they complaine like a childless bearer of insanities.

    Personally, I know a few of them, no longer on speaking terms, haven’t talked to them for about four years now, and that is a good thing for them, it keeps them safe and comfy with their illusions of granduer, their disdane for the plebs, as they are sure to remind daily. I understand it to be more of jealousy, than, willful anal optical illusions, the condition which they refuse to grab a hold of and claim as themselves. Jealousy is a powerful tool for the most insecure among us, it gives them something to grab ahold of and stew on while preening about as if they are something special they claim to be but are not. They are secure in their delusions, and rightfully so, as a decendents of Ishmeal, they keep telling themselves they are the ones they have been waiting for, and for the rest of us, yeah elections, even stolen elections have consequences and there is not a day lately they don’t remind us all of their depravity, their lies, conceit, theivery, and a long list of open sewer pit mentality, known in their minds as normal human conditions.

    We are never going to be able to have an adult discusion about their state of mental affairs, that takes an adult conversation, it ain’t ever going to happen because we are dealing with child-like minded trolls of depravity. I am convinced as Mr. Savage suggests, liberalism is a mental disorder. The tought of even a 12-step program to deprogram these useful idiot full of themselves is never going to happen either, one has to admit there is a problem and as long as they keep up the illusions of We the Patriots being the cause, hell even a ten year old understands there is no there, there. Common Sense, we don’t need no stinkn’ common sense. Remind them to speak for themselves, there is no I in the herd.

    Going GALT


    • Ret. Marine, well said!
      Leftists and islam are two sids of the same coin Husband told me once. One opens the door for the other.
      Leftists are every bit the enemy as islamists and are to be treated as such.
      Look at what they’ve done?
      Private property confiscations.
      Persecution and Prosecution against anyone who slights islam–yet allow islam and muzies to get away with rape gangs and such atrocities.

      islam, PolCorr, Leftism…all are far too provenly inimical to be suufered any further tolerance.

  4. yup he would be the man I would pick to gaurd my campfire at nite while i get some shut eye can tell by the light in his eyes he knows what is what and who is who

  5. What the Lib-left hasn’t learned about Islam is that Mozzies DO NOT WANT TO COEXIST, because Islam is a SUPREMACIST DOCTRINE…predatory, stealthy, parasitic, anti-scientific, anti-rational, anti-feminist, anti-homosexual and COMPLETELY IMPERIALISTIC.

    The Lib-left has almost nothing in common with Islam but totalitarian, authoritative thinking…but the Mozzies are THEOCRATIC TOTALITARIANS!

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