Wild Bill for America pays homage to the Crusades. Yes, THOSE Crusades.

It’s about time we organized a 21st Century Crusades. Same enemy, more battlefields.



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  1. Wild Bill says, “I’m ready to be one of the New American Crusaders.”
    Well, Wild Bill, You Already Are One!!! As are Bonni, Pam Geller,
    Tommy Robinson, Glenn Beck, and most of the BNI loyal readership.

    Wild Bill inspires hope and courage, the “Crusader” in all of us.
    The hordes of islamo-facists might be legion compared to us but, as I read the Bible, God does some of his best work with the small in number.
    And, thank you Bonni for all your hard work. We appreciate and cherish you.

  2. Not forgetting ” ADHD ” that the pontiff in those days sent out men to kill all crusaders because they were not CATHOLIC,,Which also helped to end the Holy war.

    • That sounds like a bald-faced LIE!!! Most certainly NO pontiff wanted crusaders to be killed.

      The ONLY event that in some slight ways matches what you seem to describe is the Albigensian Crusade of the early 13th century, where the Church DID seek to exterminate a particular anti-Catholic and even anti-life sect known to history as the Catharists.

      Had those heretical wretches not been so harsh in criticising the Church and its weaknesses, Rome might well have left the sect to die of its own suicide…

      • The Cathers as you say got what was coming to them seems like ted has been fed on a diet of anti christian anti catholic liberal revisionist history lol the one bill.talks of in the video. Granted the crusaders commited some terrible acts but not as many as the enimies of the church would have us believe but what army throught history has not commitee some terrible act during warfare. When the lion heart exucuted the 3 thousand muslim captives at acre he was painted in a bad way all salahadin haf to do to save the lives of his men return the part of the one trur cross so it was salahadin hands the deaths are on

  3. Check out the History Channel’s “Mankind, the story of all of us” documentary. Of course, with regards to the first Crusade, the apologists paint the Crusaders as barbarians rather than defenders of Christian territory. They even trotted out Brian Williams to condemn them. The producers pay homage to the Arab achievements in science, math and astronomy (not mentioning that they were actually contributions made by the Dhimmis). They white-washed the savage Muslim conquests much like they white-wash Islam in public school textbooks. They must’ve gotten their talking points from John Esposito and CAIR. Morons!

    • i know. Brian Williams pissed me off. tonight nov 27 is the coverage of the biological weapon (plague) and the great Mongol warriors

  4. well if ol Wild Bill ‘s idea takes hold all we got to do is wait right here for them Crusaders to report in and form up under B N I , the heart and home of all real Crusaders those who are unafraid to raise voice in defence of truth with steel to back truth up.

  5. Wild Bill hits the nail right on the head,what the western wotld knows anout the crusades is what the liberal enemys of the church and christianity have spewd for centuries that crusaders were the evil oppresers and the mohamadans were merciful heroes defending there lands I suggest the book Gods Battalions in this book the anti western anti christian liberals lies are exposed.

  6. Yes indeed, it’s HIGHEST POSSIBLE TIME that we Westerners (especially the Jews and the Christians) organize a brand-new Crusade against Islam and ALL totalitarianism (be it Communism, Fascism or Nazism!!), PERIOD!!!!

    Ah, if only those 800+ years ago the French Crusader Duke Reginald of Châtillon had been successful instead of what he was, when he pledged – and tried – to lead a Christian expedition to Medina and “destroy the tomb of that accursed camel-driver” and thence Mecca, to “smash the Ka’aba in fragments to the ground”!!!!! IF he had succeeded, so much, much EVIL could have been spared for this world!!!!

    [Instead, he failed and his men took the place of the goats usually sacrificed for the ‘Eid al-Adha and ‘Eid al-Fitr festivals. He escaped, but Salahuddin (Saladin) then waged war and beat the Crusaders out of Jerusalem after his victory at the Battle of the Horns of Hattin – at which he personally murdered the Duke…]

    Either way, Wild Bill has put it MAGNIFICENTLY!!!!!

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