WOO HOO! Australian woman under fire from the media for refusing to sell her home to Muslims

Former anti-(Muslim) immigration politician says she doesn’t want her country looking like the new Islamic Republic of England.

BRAVO Pauline, hope your fellow Australians will follow your lead. Now if only your country will start turning back ALL the Muslim boat people before they totally pilfer your resources and culture.

BNI Reader, Helen, sent in this link about Pauline. Check it out: GILLARD AND REFUGEES MUST GO. Pauline Hanson

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40 comments on “WOO HOO! Australian woman under fire from the media for refusing to sell her home to Muslims

  1. What they did to Pauline was a disgrace. Putting her in Jail was unbelievable. What this poor woman has gone through. What a warrior. She’s still standing and speaking the truth. We are so proud of you Pauline!!! I’m being brave too. I’ll write to Mp’s and cop the government harrassment and threats that follow. It’s every Aussie’s duty to take a stand against this infested lefty communism in our government. A word for some in the Islamic countries.. Read up on the brave apostates. They are threatened and persecuted too. Problem is, how do we know which ones are victims and which ones are imposters? Paulines right. OUR LAWS, OUR LAND, OUR CULTURE.

  2. Pauline Hanson shoulda been our first female PM not that joke of a POS gillard if she had there would be NO illegal immigration at all and she woulda turfed the ones that were already here out on their centrelink grubbing areses.

  3. I agree with AussieHels, and Steve in Australia. Pauline was good for this country before we were fed this multi-culti sh*t is working, here. It’s not working. Most Australians would like the White Policy to be implemented, again, but that would be so unPC. People don’t dare to discuss it. I say bring back the WHITE POLICY. Muslims will say they are Christians just to get in, otherwise. We have to do something, NOW. People will hate me for this post.

  4. God bless you Pauline!! I would rather see Pauline as the President of the United States than the muslime POS from Kenya that has usurped that position!! And for the record, I WOULD NOT sell my house to muslimes either, or ANY property!!…I see stuff like this and it makes me VERY glad that I AM NOT in the real estate business, and only kept my license ONE YEAR in the Late Seventies!!…I would NOT want to do ANY business at all with a muslime!!…..And if any of you muslimes or dhimmi dips find that “racist”, well SCREW YOU! ISLAM IS STILL NOT A RACE!!

  5. Wow! You Go Girl! Don’t give in to these Muslim Fuckwits! How dare they question your ethics! We need to clone you. I’m moving to her neighbourhood!
    Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi! :)

  6. Don’t criticise the interviewer. He actually asked the right questions, and gave her the opportunity to explain herself fully, without interruption. Pauline looked relaxed; even more so when the interviewer asked if she thought of New Zealand, as a country to move to.

  7. you are 100% right and we all agree with you , if they came here to live in peace is fine but to change our culture it is very wrong and if they want their Sharia law they should go back where they came from

  8. I liked Pauline and I thought that she would have been very good for Australia. However, the politians hated her and smeared her name at every opportunity….. in fact they crucified her. They were so scared that some people would actually back her and she could have ended up having some clout in politics

  9. Bonni Paulime was our last hope She was demonised by both main parties and our dhimmi media for voicing what most Aussies thought .She was even jailed for her efforts.I hate politicians for the scum they are.

  10. This woman is doing the right thing, never, ever sell your property to the muslims, I support her decision. Autralians, never give up, kick out all those muslims into the sea or feed them to the crocs.

  11. Well done Pauline. The rest of us can take a page from her book of courage on how to stand up for and to say what you are feeling. Too many of us are not supporting freedom of speech because we are afraid of what the muslims will do in terms of riots and so on. This is a form of extorsion. If you tell the truth about a muslim or burn a coran, it is your fault when they riot and go on a killing rampage. That is absolutely crazy logic. Not all muslims are terrorists but 95%+ of the terrorists are muslims. That is the truth and we must not ever allow our freedom of speech to be stopped from telling the truth about the evil islamic cult made up of muslims.

  12. Hell yea! Tell it like it is sister! I agree AussieHels, she does need to be your PM. Wish there were more like her rather than the usual Kool-Aid-swilling, P/C zombies of the Left, even here in the States!

  13. Screw the LAW. It is meant to keep good honest people down and give a upper hand to the EVIL of society. Bad law is bad law. Change it.

    • ICE, I don’t know why the media has their panties in an uproar, she doesn’t have to give a reason why she doesn’t sell her house to someone. No way to prove discrimination. Kudos to her for saying what a lot of other people wouldn’t have the guts to say.

      • ABSOLUTELY!!!!

        As Ms. Pauline Hanson herself said: the Australian Parliament is taking away fundamental rights that she and her people take for granted including freedom of speech, freedom of association, freedom of religion as well as of worship!!!!

        SHE is the true Australian who deserves – far from being hounded as an ex-prisoner!!! – to become Prime-Ministrix IN PLACE OF that traitress Julia Gillard and her fellow-collaborators of the Labour and the Green Parties!!!

        I just LOVED hearing how she dealt with that obviously less than favourable reporter – BRAVA!!!!

        [PS & NB, In Italian, “Bravo” is said to MEN, “Brava” to WOMEN.]

        • @ADHD – unfortunately at the moment Pauline is not active in politics, she was set up and treated terribly by the devious Left and Right parties. I did read not too long ago that Pauline has been contacted by many people begging her to try and run for a seat in Parliament. The Lefties and the Right saw her as a threat back when she was the leader if her party called One Nation, her popularity was increasing. I have read her autobiography and heard her side of the story as the Dhimmi Leftist media as usual fed the gulliable public a lot of misinformation.

          Its such a shame Australia would have most likely been one of the few countries in the world with very little Muzscum.

      • Because it’s ‘expected’ now in Western society to ‘comply’ with ‘multicultural interests’…in short submit, shut-up, and be good dhimmis.

        That is where our society has gone towards, and what we must bring it back out of.

  14. Ahhhhh BNI you found some information on Pauline. Its a shame she got pushed out of politics by both the Lefties and the Right. This woman warned us Australians some 15 years ago to beware of Muslim scum coming here and if course she was labelled the most overused word of the millinum “racist”. Shes not a racist she is a realist. I remember with fond memories of how much she use to upset the Lefties and get their panties in a twist.

    She should be the red head running our country not that other red head “Obumma” groupie.

    Im not ashamed to say to other Australians on BNI that I was a fan of Pauline and if any of you disagree then you were just like all the suckers out there who ate up the crap written about her by the Leftist Dhimmi media.

      • Pauline Hanson sounds like a GOOD woman and she welcome here in the USA anytime she likes , there is one thing President obama is a muslim …….. Maybe she could come here and help us get rid of that Nigeria idiot !

        • @ BNI – haha… knew you would be able to use that photo. That was taken when Obumma was here this year. She was carrying on like adolescent school girl giggling away and making go-go eyes at him, a total embarassment to our country.

          Mrs Obumma better watch out Dhimmi-wit Juliar (yes I spelt her name that way because thats how most of the voting public spell her name) will move in on her man!

        • Hey John, let her know this im sure she would appreciate it. Pauline attempted to move to the UK (why she was selling het house). She went to the UK and not long after left in disgust. You want to know why? I will give you one guess. Yes the invasion of Muzscum and she publicly admitted those were the main reasons for coming home and warned Australia to be careful.

      • we cant get a lot more like her the idiots running this country are just that idiots.the greens are filthy retarded muslim lovers and the rest just kiss the ass of the UNHRC.what we really need is pauline hanson along with our signature removed from the REFUGEE CHARTER.

    • Yeah, she had my vote too, I was just worried she wasn’t strong in other sides of politics…but then, that would be nothing new from the ones we have in power now..Yeah, damn shame..alot of people thought she was nuts…I thought she had a plan..*sigh*….she obviously wasn’t as nuts as they all said……

    • lollllllllllllllll pauline is absolutely right. The diggerswho fought for this country must be rolling in their graves.We have the same types of politicians who argued with winston Churchill that adolf hitler could be reasoned with. try reasoning with savages.we need a complete change cause 95% of the politicians in this country are idiots.these idiotic politicians should read the koran then tell me its a religion of peace. and some of these journalists are dumb as shit.this one certainly is

    • Yep. It is not a religion of Peace. Everywhere there is Muslims there is war and aggression.

      I do not want Sharia and islamisation of Australia and that is were we are heading.

      We need to pull our fingers out and vote for politicians who are going to fight for our cause. Like Vicki Janson who is running for the Senate next election in Aus.

      The moderate muslims will fall into line and the extremists will take over. (eg. Egypt)
      We are already scared to speak out for fear of being targeted.

      Not to mention all the other crap going on like being politically correct.
      and we have to say “happy holidays ” instead of “Merry Xmas” etc etc.

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