Britons rejoice! Plan to build a gigantic Islamofascist indoctrination center in London appears to be dead

The latest proposal to construct a gargantuan-sized mosque in East London, which would become Britain’s largest place of worship, a monolithic, overly dominant, and incongruous ‘mosquetrosity,’ are set to be thrown out despite 25,000 letters in favor.

Evening Standard  The mosque, which could take 12,000 people — four times as many as St Paul’s Cathedral — would be as big as Battersea power station and become the HQ of Islamic sect Tablighi Jamaat. However, officers for Newham council recommend the plan is refused.

The sect, to which the July 7 bombers and shoe bomber Richard Reid have been linked, could now be forced to leave the Abbey Mills site altogether in Canning Road, near the Olympic Park, after a 13-year battle.

Alan Craig, campaign director of MegaMosque No Thanks and a former Newham councillor, said: “Now it’s up to the planning committee to follow the recommendation to reject. The building would be ugly, it would add nothing to the area and we have huge concerns about the group behind it.”

One corner of the planned mega mosque complex that opponents say would turn part of West Ham into an “Islamist ghetto”

Tablighi Jamaat first submitted plans to use the site, which has several prefab buildings, in 1999, arousing intense opposition from the start. In 2001, it agreed worship there would be on a temporary basis only, but when permission expired in 2006 the group continued to use the site.

In 2010, the council issued an enforcement notice but Tablighi Jamaat won its appeal last year and more than 5,000 people a week now worship at the site. The giant new mosque would have 40ft minarets, a visitors centre, a library and a 300-space car park.

The council’s special strategic development committee meets next Wednesday to decide. The planning office received 3,000 letters opposing the scheme. Only one per cent of the 25,000 letters of support were from people living in the local consultation area.

Critics claim Tablighi Jamaat preaches “separation and segregation”. The group maintains its main objective is peaceful missionary work.

The Anjuman-E-Islahul-Muslimeen of London UK Trust, Tablighi Jamaat’s charitable trust and the site’s owner, said it will appeal if the plan is thrown out. Newham council said: “Officers have made a recommendation for refusal, which will be considered.

“Our planning policies promote the development of the Abbey Mills site for a mix of residential, employment and community uses, to help create a new local centre near West Ham station and regenerate the area. It is not considered this application is consistent with these policies.

“There are also concerns about the size of the proposed buildings and impact on parking and traffic.”


22 comments on “Britons rejoice! Plan to build a gigantic Islamofascist indoctrination center in London appears to be dead

  1. Finally, some sense. Let’s hope it prevails. With all the money they will save from being denied the authority to build their mega mosque and accessories, Isuggest they spend the money to invest in Britain’s large population of welfare muslims who drain the economy. I recommend they invest in raising those welfare Muslims out of poverty .. maybe even send them somewhere else in the world to do business. That would be a better use of the money than creating a centre to attract more poverty and chaos.

  2. Is London suffering from some sort of weird national Stockholm Syndrome? Actually, it is more like those stories you hear of insane, depressed mothers murdering their own babies. England is doing this to her own people.
    It is absolutely and breathtakingly unbelievable!

  3. Huge monument to the dead and to the religion of the dead. Such an ostentatious display for a religion of the dead. All that money spent to build that huge mosque could feed hundreds of hungry children in Muslim countries that are torn by war and devastation. Somalia and Ethiopia come readily to mind, where that money could be better spent. If Muslims dedicated more of their time and money to helping feed the hungry and the poor and the destitute instead of building huge ostentatious buildings, they would be a lot better off.

  4. A mega mosque eh? I think its a great idea. 12,000 muslims in one place, in a single building? It kind of opens up possibilities. Let those fuzzy faced apes find out how we felt on 9/11!

  5. I believe that the cover of Pink Floyd’s “Animals” album shows the Battersea Power Station, with a pig-shaped balloon tethered between two of its smokestacks. I’m sure that today, that balloon would be called a hate crime.

      • And also the “Dome of the Rock”!!! Once BOTH that “Dome of the Rock” and the Al-Aqsa Mosque are destroyed, the next step should be to rebuild the Jewish Temple, with all the ornaments and things described for both the First and Second Temples!!

        However, I’d ALSO burn the “Palestinian” flag, followed IMMEDIATELY by the wholesale expulsion of those “Palestinian” Arabs from both Gaza and the West Bank (Judæa-Samaria) into their proper land, Jordan. THEN Israel should formally annex the above-mentioned territories – and throw all those deeds straight into the teeth of the UN and all those of the left plus Islam!!!! If ANYTHING is then done to Israel, I would then favour the retaliation including the nuking of Mecca and Medina. [To Mrs. Wilkins: I can agree about not using nuclear weapons otherwise, but THOSE TWO CITIES truly deserve it and need it – if nothing else than to prove that Islam is as false a “religion” as any could ever be!!!!]

  6. Apartheid and supremacism with total gender segregation…what a plan!

    The West has to stop importing JIHAD…the civilizational struggle to remove human rights and civil liberties from women and ‘others’.

  7. really hope council really decides to say no and doesn’t cave i understand the area needs to be developed but which way? shame on the previous owner for selling to muslims

  8. It’s not over yet. The article says the planning department have recommended it be refused, but the committee then decides whether or not to. If it’s refused, then they’ll appeal, and they could win…so there is potentially still a big fight ahead. Hopefully not.

  9. The God-haters are holding signs “Islam will dominate the world”. The screaming, hostile woman holds the sign “We are all Hizbullah”. A nice place for their mosque would be Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia a nice place for the Muslims to move to. Please stop living off British taxpayers. Go and live off super oil-wealthy Saudi Arabia.

    Islam will NOT dominate the world. God will rule. NOT Islam.

  10. Wouldn’t it be simple to deny Islam from over-throwing your government by denying Islam what they believe is their right to dominate the world? Islam dominates no one, Islam is Islam nothing more then that, every civilized nation knows Islam wants to have its way but, that is not going to occur, Islam will just have to go home and enjoy there culture away from the civilized world..Why not live among those that love Islam and behave with hatred toward all others as one unite joined at the hip, if you want to murder someone you have 1.5 billion Islam lovers who would love to be murdered by another Islam lover, but don’t think for a moment that non Islam people will say, hey, you over there, come and murder me…that is not how non Islam people think, we enjoy life and unlike Islam which lives to die to be in paradise, go for it in your own back yard, no one wants nor needs Islam that is not into Islam…simple….

    • Thats so true, Iftikhar Ahmed…so let our western civilisation give YOU muslims the same privileges here in the West that muslims give to THEIR minorities in Islamic countries. NONE! we have measured your Islamic civilization as you suggested and you have been found wanting!! nothing like hypocrisy, is there?

    • Yeah, BNI, these minority Islamist goons have the “privilege” to rampage in the streets, terrorize and assault people, and rape their children, doncha know?

      Or is this Ahmad person sympathizing with the native Britons, who are now becoming a minority in their own country?

      Yes, indeed, it WAS the natives’ privilege to vote THUMBS DOWN on this women-hating cult indoctrination center. Clearly those who did so are the most civilized people in the land.

    • EVEN so, that these minorities’ ideology is criminal? The Koran is full of kill, rape and destroy the infidels’ possessions. This is CRIMINAL in the civilized world. We know here, but I admire your courage, Ahmad.
      Please, don’t talk to me about civilization, Islam does not know the meaning of the word.
      I am Coptic. Do you have any idea what the majority Muslims are doing to the Copts of Egypt?? I am sure you know. They are killing, raping their girls, destroying their churches homes and businesses among many other discriminating acts, and that almost on daily basis.
      I advise you to leave the extreme hate of Islam and come to Jesuss, I promise you that you will feel peace you have never felt before.

  11. Wait for the final nail in this project. And remember, Tommy is still in jail. Same group of people are involved. I’ve lost a lot of faith in the Britons.

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