CAIR Slug goes on the attack when Zuhdi Jasser exposes his Islamofascist ties to the new Egyptian dictatorship

Ahmed Rehab of Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated CAIR defends the emerging tyranny in Egypt and calls Zuhdi Jasser a sock puppet for the Islamophobia industry.


19 comments on “CAIR Slug goes on the attack when Zuhdi Jasser exposes his Islamofascist ties to the new Egyptian dictatorship

  1. You are one smart gal there B. Never surrender, never submit, and never ever trust any of them, to do so would be to dishonor, well just about anyone who breaths.

    • AM, he’s OK, in that he mostly says all the right things and he vehemently opposes and is hated by CAIR, tells the truth about the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic terrorists, etc. He lends an air of credibility to the anti-Islam movement simply because he is a Muslim. Yes, he is still a Muslim, which is a problem. But he is a dreamer/reformer who I believe truly would like the quran to be re-written to remove all the hatred and violence to which he seems not to subscribe. Of course, we know it is highly unlikely that Islam will ever be reformed, so where does that leave Jasser? Nobody knows.

      I always add a mental asterisk whenever I post a positive story or video from Jasser, in that, one never knows what his real motives are. He has never said anything that makes me think he is not a patriot. He hates sharia law and never fails to say why it is so dangerous. He loves our system of government and our freedoms and he served honorably in the US Navy.

      That said, I respect him for his courage in speaking out against all that is bad about Islam and Muslim behavior. Very few Muslims ever would.

      Until he gives me a good reason to doubt his motives, I will support him…but never turn my back on him, if you know what I mean.

    (Those CAIR a-holes read this blog daily)

    I’ve never seen anyone so hateful, and so ignorant as Ahmed “Bacha Bazi Boy ” Rehab.
    Total f’ing doofus and turd.
    Gonna do a special photoshop of the bastard , and link to this.

  3. Oh boy, here we have “Mr. Rehab”; what a POS!! Ahmed Rehab is almost as despicable as our muslime-in-chief!!…Sock puppet?!…Yeah rightt! Ahmed! You know you have NO REAL and valid point to make so just shout down the opposition in the TRUE Pislamic manner!! ….Ahmed Rehab, what a despicable lying narcissistic POS!!….A TRUE MUSLIME; to the core!!

  4. I managed to watch part of this when it was on FOX, but got so angry I had to turn it off. It ended up being little more than a shouting match. Except for “creating controversy” and “showing both sides”, I thought it was basically useless. It would have been much more interesting, revealing and educational had they interviewed Jasser alone and the CAIR goon alone. That is, just let the CAIR goons talk. They’re too stupid to not reveal their true nature.

  5. This is all very depressing. We have an administration brought in by the greatest voter fraud machine in history and it is run by an African, perhaps by birth and definitely by heart, who is not only a Muslim at heart but a sympathizer with the radical elements of Islam. His opposition was a highly capable man of character who was held back by a party which has more morons than bright folks and the world, which has been reliant on America since WW II is traveling to hell in a hand-basket.

  6. ” calls Zudhi Jassar a sock puppet for the islamophobia industry”, wow too funny. I damn near spit my coffee onto the screen over that one. Good laugh.

    Mr. Jassar maybe this or maybe that, his heart felt intentions are only known to allah, are they not. he is afterall, another muslim slave to allah and having two muslims spar over the correct definition of hell bound is another story in the ongoing spiritual fight we witness these days. It is remarkable that they are sparing, being both of the same insanities of their tribal fued ongoing over a millinea, and will never ever garner an agreement of who’s muslim enough for the sake of others, let alone for their individual souls. They are both batshit crazy for turning thier backs upon the one God of everyone and everything in his creation. Call it an observation, not a judgement call, but, it would seem to the average person that when two bulls meet in the pen, there has to be a winner and I don’t see either coming out anywhere near sanity or winning the hearts and minds over lies.

    Going GALT

  7. That guy is one slimy looking creep. He gives me the massive heebie jeebies.
    I like Zudhi Jasser. It doesn’t bother me that he’s muslim. You will know them by their fruit; Zudhi is a fighter of freedoms.

  8. EXPOSED as a taqiyya artist.

    All news about Islam is BAD news.

    There is nothing positive about this FASCIST, MISOGYNISTIC DEATH CULT for braindead, killer zombie, supremacist Mozman jihadists.

    Islam’s slogan: “We love death.”

    Islam’s definition: “Leave your brain at the door.”

  9. Well, how dare a lowly kuffar do anything to make islam and it’s ‘best of men’ look foolish!!

    I REALLY want to see CAIR brought down…I resent having a bloody terrorist organization in the Americas!!

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