NETHERLANDS: Too damn bad, Muslims, Dutch scrap blasphemy laws

Now Dutch citizens can insult Allah or Muhammad as much as they want, and you Muslim crybabies can’t do anything about it.

AP  The Almighty will have to defend his own name from now on: Dutch parliamenthas accepted a motion that will scrap a law making it a crime to insult God. A majority of parties said the European Union nation no longer needs the law, which hasn’t been invoked in the past half-century.

The movement to decriminalize blasphemy gathered strength in the last decade amid a national debate about the limits of freedom of speech. The climax came at the 2011 trial of far-right politician Geert Wilders, when judges ruled he had the right to criticize Islam, even if his opinions were insulting to many Muslims.


69 comments on “NETHERLANDS: Too damn bad, Muslims, Dutch scrap blasphemy laws

  1. I see a time in the future,when moslems will be forced out of Europe.Iit is simple common sense,that when you are in someones house you dont set the rules.Period,The opposition to Islam is steadly picking steam.The West,needs to be reminded ,that Islam is not a religion but a political ideology disguised as one.

  2. Islam is a cult. The idea of Mohammad going to heaven on a pillar of flame is funny. Sharia law is in the United States. Whether sharia become the national law is up to the citizens. If you do not use your first and Second Amendment rights you will loose them. I never pass up a chance to offend a musli, allah or mohammad.

  3. Damn….they’re are other people that hates Islam

    .I would’ve never thunk it…….love your comments..I thought I was the only one that hated Islam…LOL

  4. one of my previous employers took our recreation room room off us for muzzies to pray in and gave us a a little shitty canteen that infuriated the hell out of us they had prayer mats and little cushions all over the gaff , but being a true hater of muzziedom the pillows were promptly brown striped and the mats smeared in the finest bacon and pork steaks that asda sold so every one of them murdering rapists that prayed it filled me with pride knowing when they bowed my head they where kissing my arse and praying to pork

  5. Oh my! BNI I am shocked by the animated hand gesture from such a dignified and refined young lady. :-)

    Your style would never work for me but I love your site and ban on PC.

  6. Well, it seems that Holland is the country to move to. America is losing it’s place as the heaven of the world. Thanks to the Muslim Obama and to those retarded Americans who voted for him.

  7. Islam is an ideology that is equivalent in many ways to Naziism. It is not a religion as they claim, since it is about destroying ‘other’ religions, which none of the others seek to do. Religion is supposed to be how people choose to serve God who is Love. Allah is the angel of light that was cast down – equal to satanism – or the opposite of religion. It calls itself a religion to use the rights afforded to religions BUT when its own irrational, immoral laws promote genocide of non-followers calling all others infidels – then it is clearly not a religion of peace as it claims. It even says in its own words that they can LIE to achieve their goals – so nothing they say to anyone including their most naive followers can be believed~!!

  8. Massive respect to the Netherlands! Geert is a saviour. Come on Brits, lets do something here not just follow suit but now lead it too! Kick the b’stards out!

  9. While it’s a step in the right direction, the Dutch have a VERY, very, very LONG WAY YET to go to Tipperary!!!!… This is particularly given how many leftists (including the royal family of Oranje-Nassau itself!!!!) the Netherlands is just crawling with…

    Still, anything that goes against Moslems and their entire way of thinking is welcome!!

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      • Bad luck you indoctrinated maniac Younis Paedooh. If you can’t live with the rest of the world and our derision of your pointless little cult, then crawl back into your cave and wank about your ludicrous fairy godmother allah and his faggot-boy muhammed.

      • The whole concept of Western civilisation not only ALLOWS – it ENDORSES the COMPLETE freedom for people to say what they want and/or NEED to say – REGARDLESS of what others may think, no matter how offensive it may be!!!!

        Whine, muzturd good-for-nothing, whine!!!! You and your ilk have richly earned OUR hate and contempt over 1,400 years because you only know to be insanely emotional without ANY reasonableness!!!!!

        You Moslem ragheads and bagheads can go to your “dar al-Islam” (57 countries – FAR TOO MANY as it is!!!!) AND STAY THERE!!!! Blessed will be the day when NO Moslems will be found anywhere else in the entire wide world!!! Yes, I GLADLY cast this into your teeth!!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM now, forever and unto ages of all ages!!!!!

      • the west is a decaying decadent and doomed society. God hates all western nations. Abortion, adultery, divorce and remarriage, fornication, violent crime,child abuse, sodomite marrrage!, por industry , hollywood filth, Godlessness, corruption , greed, Islam is the tool that God will use to punish the western ”christian” nations for its apostasy. Including and especailly stifnecked subborn Israel and apostate ungrateful america.

        • So if we’re a dying decadent country, there are other countries that have as much money or more as we do. And I don’t see you threatening them with your doomsday comments. The difference between us and them is that all of them keep their dirty nasty little secrets locked up in a house behind a brick wall covered with veils.And why do so many “muslims” choose to move here if we’re so doomed.? To get away from people like you. In our culture, men that hate women so much the way your belief system works, tend to be questioned on their gender preferences Maybe there is a reason to all the violence towards somebody that gives birth to your children.

        • TonyKeyWest: If as your username implies, then what the Hell are you doing living in a place known to be an infamous vacation spot for homosexuals (Key West Florida), and one of the most popular ones in the world at that?

          As BNI stated above, you are an idiot with zero credibility.
          (Closer to an abject moron if you ask me.)

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    • Ever since I learned that it really bothers them, I always do my best to insult the muslim baby raping, wife beating, rape victim stoning, Homo hanging, little boy and farm animal molesting, lying, female mutilating, “honor” killing, acid throwing, donkey diddling, flea ridden, louse infested follwers of a halucinatory, murderous, mentally incompetent, pedophile they call their “Poppet”.
      Since this is another posting that won’t allow me to use the up arrow to scan what I have written, I hope I didn’t miss anything. If I did, please post it here. I’ll be sure to include it next time. Thank you. SweetOLBob

  12. WOOHOO!!!! Let ALL of Europe follow suit, and let’s all insult the hell out of Islam — never a more deserving ideology than maybe Nazism.

    Muhammad was a porcupig and so is his piece of crap ideology.

      • I am an American and I think you folks are some fucked up people. You treat your women and children like animals, your radical islamist sects, aka al queada, taliban, hamas, shish kabob etc. can’t get along with anything alive. It’s either your way or the highway, blow up, behead, be assholes is all that seems to come from you folks. You suck the life and commerce out of almost everywhere in the civilized world you amass in numbers. Have a nice day.

        • Islam has through the centuries shown itself as a fascist creed. The absurdities which you have internalised make you capable of atrocities. The sad fact is that you are so immerced in that shit through your five time prayer routine that you can make an honest objective apprisal of what you have become. But we can no more take that violent fascism that is your relegion. No more.

        • He actually lives in Qatar and is from Somalia. We don’t have to worry about him leaving from the West since he’s not in it, thank God!!!!

          We need to focus instead on a) stopping him and his fellow-people of his “ummah” from coming here, b) expelling all those of his ilk already here!!!!

          ALL MOSLEMS OUT OF THE WEST – and blessed even more will be the day when Islam, a true DEVIL-worship “religion”, will die as an ideology, period!!!!

      • younis nooh… thats to bad what you dont like… if you dont like what we say then go back to that hell hole you call home, and stop screwing our country… we dont want you bringing your 7th century way of life here and expecting us to live by it…

      • I’m not a Muslim and I like what he’s saying. Deal with it. What you fail to see that this is a boundary issue. I’ll explain the boundary issue this way – It’s not like I’m married to you and have to keep you happy. Life doesn’t always go my way either, tbh, and tbh x 2, I’m not interested in any you have to say.

    • You are quite right that NO ONE on Earth has ever been more deserving of insults and ridicule than the Pislamic a–holes, aka. muslimes!! And since you brought up Nazism, I believe I’d have to say that the muslimes even beat Hitler and the NAZIs in their use of deceit, innuendo, lies, rape, incest, murder and all manner of EVIL and debauchery!!….AMEN!!

      • Spot on assessment of a fake religion led by a reject who got his rocks off by raping nine-year-old girls because all the others — even in his own time — had ostracized him, and already knew he was a creepy sick bastard that should have been STONED, and we could really appreciate the line ‘everybody get stoned’ applying to THAT peed-o-phile….’

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