SPAIN: ‘Dhimmi’ Mayor wants to change ancient city emblem because it might be offensive to Muslims

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS GONE WILD! Mayor Francisco Delgado of Vélez-Málaga, does not want official documents to continue featuring an Arab Muslim invader pierced by a spear in his back, as accurately depicted in the the city’s historical crest, granted by Queen Isabel the Catholic in 1499.

Islam vs Europe  According to the mayor, the idea is that the image that will be created from this historical emblem places greater emphasis on the figure of the king Fernando the Catholic and suppresses that of the fleeing Moor (Muslim) conqueror  pierced by a spear in front of his horse, “among other things to put an end to xenophobic criticisms.” (Gee, the last time Muslim savages took over Spain, they had to do it by force. Looks like this time, the country will be handed to them on a silver platter)


15 comments on “SPAIN: ‘Dhimmi’ Mayor wants to change ancient city emblem because it might be offensive to Muslims

  1. we need to stop kissing the muslims asses in every country THEY invade……kick them out, let them go back to the s@@# hole they came from. Get the hell out of Spain…..scum bags.

  2. What does the King of Spain have to say about an ex monarch being denied her right to celibrate Spains glorious win over the moors.

  3. The spear in the back was because the muslim was running the other way. They are cowards and don;t want it shown to others. It’s embarrasing.

  4. which one does the mayor think he is the person on the horse if the mussies win he will be the person under the horse and see how that offends the mussies stealth jihad at its best .lets put a crusader cross in mecca so that christians wont be of luck with that one..prefer a cross-hair from a B52 bombsight .

  5. who cares if muslims are offended.! their ideology is an offense.
    According to the History Channel’s ManKind: the story of All of Us Moorish Spain was once a great center of learning and peace where everyone got much of that was true and the rest leftist propaganda?

  6. “because it might offend Moooslimes” Makes me sick at the PC gone a muck! That’s a digrace to your OWN country, everytime this happens! It’s called history dumb ass! Give me a break! OFFEND the heathens, they will certainly OFFEND you!!

  7. Don’t ya know that EVERYTHING a non Muslim does or says IS going to Offend a Muslim? That is their sneaky way if slithering into our laws and traditions until they own us because we will offend them if we open our mouth. In fact we offend them so much that very soon they will do their Honor killings on us, and why? because we offend them. If we all pretended to be Muslim’s we can get away with breaking laws. It wouldn’t surprise me if they start letting law breaking Muslims out of prisons because prisons offend them. They are sure a F%&#ing bunch of lying perverts.

  8. I’ve said this recently about the dhimmi Mayor of Milan in Italian, and i’ll say it again ‘en Castellano.’ “¡Muerte a todos los musulmanes y su dhimmi, colaboradores socialistas!”

  9. Spaniards have forgotten their history so they will be doomed to repeat it!

    After hundreds of years of pillaging, enslavement and rape, the Spaniards succeeded in expelling the parasitic, predatory DEATH CULT of Mohammed.

    It may take hundreds of years for Spain to again remove this retrograde backwardness. Islam brings nothing progressive or productive to any country.

    Islam always brings with it the Dark Ages and stagnation.

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