SPAIN: ‘Dhimmi’ Mayor wants to change ancient city emblem because it might be offensive to Muslims

POLITICAL CORRECTNESS GONE WILD! Mayor Francisco Delgado of Vélez-Málaga, does not want official documents to continue featuring an Arab Muslim invader pierced by a spear in his back, as accurately depicted in the the city’s historical crest, granted by Queen Isabel the Catholic in 1499.

Islam vs Europe  According to the mayor, the idea is that the image that will be created from this historical emblem places greater emphasis on the figure of the king Fernando the Catholic and suppresses that of the fleeing Moor (Muslim) conqueror  pierced by a spear in front of his horse, “among other things to put an end to xenophobic criticisms.” (Gee, the last time Muslim savages took over Spain, they had to do it by force. Looks like this time, the country will be handed to them on a silver platter)