Is there a Muslim terrorist-in-training in your child’s classroom?

Perhaps there is a future spokesIslamist for CAIR bullying your child in school. Muslims learn how to use our freedoms and legal system against us from a very early age. Don’t let your kids get blamed in the ‘Muslim as victim’ trap. And don’t let the PC lefties who run the school intimidate you. Threaten to sue if they refuse to control the Muslims in the classroom.

H/T Shirl in Oz


7 comments on “Is there a Muslim terrorist-in-training in your child’s classroom?

  1. Unfortunately accurate. The organization of liars has crippled our justice system in Canada where judges assess as credible gangs who lie in court to provide alibis for their criminal friends and who lie to accuse the innocent. Always carry audio-video equipment so you can record what actually happens in situations where provoked and then a gang shows up to be lying witnesses that it is all your fault. That is how terrorist organizations can control the police and the courts, by organizing both attacks and false witnesses.

  2. The answer to that question is without a doubt. As long as the Evil Trinity of BO, HAJI HILLARY and PANETTA are still around to push this crap down our collective socialist throats.

  3. That is Islam. This type of story is “common” in the Islamic world. Islam turns the ‘poor’ Muslims to Animals.
    As a Copt when I lived in Egypt, Muslims used to come to me and say, You believe in God, so say ‘la elah ella Allah and Mohammad is his messenger’. I followed my parents advice and used to say the first part only ‘there is no god but Allah’ and stop. They tried, by all kind of tactics and threats, to make me say the second part ‘and Mohammad is his messenger, but I, and soooo many Copts to this very day, steadfasted. You see, if we just say this second part, we become Muslims, if we deny it we would be killed as appostate.
    My point is, this is a very good advice, BNI. Let those who have ears to hear to hear.

  4. No surrender to the jihad.

    Jihad means removing the human rights and civil liberties of women and ‘others’.

    Mozzies want thought control OF THE WORLD.

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