MUSLIM WHINE FEST over France’s growing disdain for Muslims from both sides of the political aisle

The interviewer is Tariq Ramadan who was banned from entering the U.S. for his radical Islamist views until Obama came to power. This discussion focuses on the French headbag, burqa, and street prayer bans as well as the rise of the anti-Islamization movements that are gaining wide support from the people.

No need to watch the entire 25-min video, the topics are pretty much defined in the first few minutes.




































18 comments on “MUSLIM WHINE FEST over France’s growing disdain for Muslims from both sides of the political aisle

  1. Islam is not French. France was called the eldest daughter of the Church. Only now do the French remember. Without their historical identity, they have no standing against the conquering Ummah.

  2. MOst muslims are converts and have low self esteem and are poor and uneducated.When one is told to depend on one book written in 7th era you can understand what kind of knowledge he or she has. Name any islamic nation where any other religion is protected , When no islamic nation gives any rights to christian or Hindus why they demand rights in their nation You nave r see muslim criticize the islamic nation being barbarian to another religious followers.
    muslim want to be under one identity islam .He can never be american, indian or british .

  3. As BNI stated, this ragheaded Azhol was rightfully banned from entering our country to spread his hate until the other ragheaded Azhol came to power.
    Now we have 4 more years of the second Azhols “diversity” allowances for terrorists brought on by his gifts of phones and food stampsto worthless sucks.

  4. They offend western sensibilities in every possible way — and then, they are insulted if someone steps up and tells the truth about their offensive ways. In general, they make no effort to integrate and they have established “no go” zones for westerners in general and for french people specifically — and then they whine and bitch that they are not accepted, and make every criticism a reason for violent protest.

    Their goal is not to integrate and become constructive in French society. It is to gradually undermine french (and European) culture gradually and impose their 7th century views in the 21st century. Sad but true. Moi, je supporte les francais dans cette situation. Les Musulmans devraient vivre leur vie et leur culture dans leurs propres pays et laisser les francais tranquilles!

  5. I hope that this is the thin edge of the wedge of giving muslims the message that they are not welcome in France, Europe and the whole western world. The savages can go to one of the muslim controlled countries where they would be well received by their fellow savages. Keep up the good effort France. Well done. LePiene.

  6. There are groups popping up everywhere in France now. I see the websites and FB pages. They are becoming less and less politically correct. The ‘Identitaires’ movement helped a lot and there’s more branching out throughout France.

  7. ooooooohhhh! Veil banning! And how does that compare to the genocide perpetuated against copts in egypt and christians in nigeria, sudan, kenya, indonesia, iraq, etc.. And what about the attacks on jews in europe? And the genocide against jews in israel?

    Colonization?! What about the colonization of spain, italy, india, afghanistan, etc.?

    These verbal-vomit spewing whinebags need to go live in a muslim hell hole.

    • ” these verbal-vomit spewing whinebags need to go live in a muslim hellhole”. That kinda misses the entire point of them colonizing the western fronts. They are fleeing these same hellholes to infiltrate and penertrate the western societies for one reason, global dominance, or put another way, spread the word of islam to further the subjigation of all non-muslims whereby creating their so called glorious past of the ottoman ( the last known caliphate) empire defeated in the early 19th century. We are witnessing the sucessful overthrow of these same totalatarian societies now, being replace with the initial assemblies of islamist, or muslim enough new leaders, with I might add through the deception of our own so-called leader at the helm of power, obama’s bin lyn’ enpowering and financing the whole mess, all in the interest of forming once again the ummah, or muslim enough world wide communities, like it or not they intend upon forcing their ways upon us. It’s not a matter if we accept, acknowledge, or otherwise approve of their message, like their liberal/progressive counterparts, and associates in their dasterdly deeds here in our own Country in the mix to help it on it’s way. Wanna do something about it, I am afraid the only answer to which plagues us is to elliminate the entire lot of them. Sad to comprehend but necessarily true to defeat them.

  8. I hope the anti musoim movement grows by leaps and bounds in the European countries. They have coddled and paid through the nose for these bird brain Islamic barbarians.
    They have behaved very badly in countries who have taken them in, given themmoney, houses, and practically turned on their own citizens to help them out. No population should ever have to put up with what these morons have demanded.

    MUSLIMS BROUGHT THIS MOVEMENT ON THEMSELVES, for behaving badly in someone else’s home.

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