PAT CONDELL mocks ‘Islamophobia’ Awareness Month

Classic Condell contends that “Islam is the problem and Islamphobia Awareness month should more accurately be called Islamic Cultural Terrorism Awareness Month…The concept of ‘Islamophobia’ comes from the imaginations of aggresssive Islamic supremacists who have paranoia on a permanent hair trigger and see violence as the solution to criticism.”

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16 comments on “PAT CONDELL mocks ‘Islamophobia’ Awareness Month

  1. The accusations of being Islamophopic and homophobic going on today is like a mass hysteria, reminds me of the mass hysteria of 16th century Salam when people were being accused of being witches.

  2. Somewhere in a darkened closet, Uncle Dougie lies curled in the fetal position, rocking, and moaning with clenched fists, dreaming of his Bacha Bazi days.

  3. How refreshing and empowering to hear this courageous messenger speak the simple truth. FOX news, please consider to bring him on board as an analyst. Your ratings will sky and concerned Americans will know the enemy, and will be grateful just like this former Marine, God fearing American, and student of Diplomacy.

  4. Such an articulate man; his poetic and bitingly accurate satire is both educational and entertaining. Also, inspirational. If people like him continue to speak out and be aired, surely the rest of us will soon enjoy freedom to speak out without fear of reprisal in the form of threats of sodomy, exclusion from public space, and other forms of cultural terrorism, in addition to the official misuse of tax-paid-for resources like police who threaten to wrongly imprison — then wrongly imprison — people like me if we don’t “shut up about what’s happened”. All I ever did to get treated so poorly was to respectfully request police keep accurate records of my reports of local terrorist organization soft targeting of civilians that happens coincident with 9/11 and other terrorist date anniversaries and with every escalation in conflict in the middle east. Like recently, when the conflict in Gaza escalated, gangs began to block my way again. And many of them aren’t even Muslim; they are leftist off-duty union members. (Although there are some very wealthy, influential and connected Muslim professionals in this town.) All I’ve ever done to get thrown in jail and terrorized as I have was to respectfully request police and other government agents keep an accurate record of my reports. Don’t get me wrong. Not all police are complicit, although all who want to keep their jobs make at least a pretence of complicity. Two officers, in different cities, told me they keep two sets of records — one for the official record and one at home to rely on in the event they are ever required to tell the truth…like, God willing, at some future equivalent of Nuremburg…

  5. This man is a much better communicator than “Uncle Dougie”, the mouthpiece of choice for the posturing, lying, propagandizing KKKair. It must be because of the truth that Condells words sound so good.

  6. At times, mostly, his man makes more sense as his postings come out then do most who claim the title of being a leader. Real talk to real people of concern is never a waste of anyone’s time, live and learn, best medicine around. Too bad for the demons of the flesh, i.e. muslim enough, but then again I seriously doubt they ever listen to him, or heed his messages as is evidenced in their daily rituals of death, destruction and mayham. Keep them coming Pat, maybe one day all will heed your messages. We can only pray.

    Going GALT

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