Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) accuses Obama of having ‘A bunch of Muslim Brotherhood Members as advisors’

That’s the only way to explain the Obama Regime’s horrendous decisions re: the Arab world.


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  1. Mr. Transparent of history. ROTFLMAO!!!! His entire organization is peppered with the Brotherhood. Look at his Secretary of State HAJI HILLARY, and her personal assistant HUMA. The daughter of the Female Muslim Brotherhood Leader. What a bunch of crap.

  2. Why shouldn’t the MB decide Hussein’s policies toward the MB and Islamists? After all, Iran is deciding his policy toward Iran.

    ‘A ruling handed down on September 13th by the D.C. District Federal Court has finally made clear what many have known for years–that the Obama Administration’s Iran policy was initiated and advanced by a group with illicit, hidden ties to the Iranian Regime and financed by the U.S./Israel- hating George Soros.

    In 2009, Barack Obama turned over virtually all responsibility and authority for foreign policy negotiations with Iran to Trita Parsi and his National Iranian American Council (NIAC). Founded by Parsi in 2003, the Washington-based NIAC is a powerful lobbying group that is “…widely considered the de facto lobby for the Iranian Regime in America.”’

    This is what an Islamist America hater in the WH looks like.

  3. Heard yesperday on ‘The Five’ that our Chief Muzz will take a 4 mil. dollar vacation in Hawaii for 3 weeks from late Dec. through the first week in Jan. Poor things, he & the Mooch in Chief are soooo overworked & abused by the meanie ol’ Republicans. He’s going to play ‘at’ golf & body surf. Where’s a shark when we need one?

  4. “God bless you Texas and keep you brave and strong”
    Brother Obama has been stacking out govt with his people for quiet a while. I have been saying for sometime that he is muslim brotherhood.

  5. When I clicked on vid I got message: This video has been removed by the user.

    And yes, the enemy is within the gates invited in by Obama, Clinton, George Soros and other anti-America freedom-haters.

    • Excellently said!!!! Wild Bill sure knows what he’s talking about: Obama truly needs to be booted out from the Presidency by hook or by crook!!!! I’m VERY suspicious that his uncaring attitude before he won this new “election” was because he knew that he had gotten things so well-rigged that enough people wouldn’t see through it!!!!

      [First, he and his fellow totalitarian pal György Soros ensured that Mitt Romney (possibly himself a secret friend of Obama, and possibly the same with Donald Trump) would run and win the Republican candidacy, ensuring that he could buy Romney’s election outright over better people like Palin (who wisely chose not to run!), Bolton (did the same), West (ibid.), Santorum, Bachmann and the others.

      Second, he then jury-rigged the vote by having his Somali “pure”-Moslems and no doubt others vote where they shouldn’t have been welcome anyway!!! We can also strongly suspect that voter-intimidation was also present.

      Third, he no doubt had state and federal computer-programmers play tricks with vote-counts!!!!

      Fourth – of course!!! – he ensured the MSM was well-fed with bribes (including no doubt Arab and other Moslem money) so they wouldn’t do their jobs. Those who raised the least suspicions (e.g., Gallup), he threatened with lawsuits.]

      Truly, his smiling like Satan in a good mood then and continuing to do so now should alert us all as to just how he THOROUGHLY corrupted things beyond all credibility!!! If he’s not impeached at some point, it will prove that the USA is truly DEAD.

      It’s absolutely high-time that American citizens take matters into their own hands: their journalists, politicians, civil-servants, academics, union-leaders, bankers, lawyers and other “intellectuals” are completely in the pockets of those who HATE both the USA AND the rest of the West including all Western civilisation!!!! This includes no doubt the Communists (and I’m certain that Pútjin plus the Chinese are both in on this!!) AND “dar al-Islam” (notably the Gulf states with their petro-money)…

      I’m also looking forward to the début of with such a ringing endorsement, one must make a serious effort!!

    • Our Merciful and extremely Kind and Compassionate God gave the DEATH sentence for kidnapping.


      Bible, Exodus 21:16 He who kidnaps a man, whether he sells him or he is found in his possession, shall surely be put to death.

  6. He’s right.

    BTW, Bonni, even though I hardly ever post comments here anymore (extremely busy lately), I still come here every day and read your posts. You have the BEST site on the ‘net. Thank you for your countless hours of research, giving up your time to educate others. You, my Dear, should be declared a national treasure.

  7. This is correct. Islamic doctrine forbids Moslems criticize a ‘brother’ Moslem. That means if someone is conspiring to commit jihad against the US, no Moslem may rat out the jihadists!

    We need decision-makers and advisors who OWE NO ALLEGIANCE WHATSOEVER to our MOST DETERMINED ENEMIES. Moz governments are playing internal politics and that costs Western (and more specifically…American) lives. Advisors should be Islam EXPERTS who are not Mozzies themselves.


    Our politicians are playing political games with the lives of our military.

  8. I recall that Fox and Friends were forced to pull an absolutely accurate and tasteful political ad about “Hope and Change” the same day it was aired. Those who worked to produce the ad were reprimanded but did not lose their jobs over it. So much for First Amendment free speech rights.

  9. Bonni, just thought you’d want to know that my father in law, a Marine in WWII, in the first Marine devision in the Pacific theater, in the Battle of Peleiu. He was a highly decorated Marine, with three purple hearts. He passed away from us on Thanksgiving morning. My husband was at the firehouse in Breezy Point area when I had to make the call. Congressman Peter King was a good friend of his, he came to the wake to bring our family consolation.

    One from the greatest generation has passed from us, one of the last.

    He was just a month from turning 88. With him, goes our legacy. He was the Patriarch, just a real mans man. I just thought you’d want to know.

    Something incredibly empty has moved over this land and with his passing, the door seems to have closed behind him. I hope that our patriotic souls as Americans can stand as strong as the brave men and woman from the greatest generation.

    I feel we are standing at the precipice of something extremely ominous and yet no profound words are able to reach my lips. I feel like time is going extremely fast now too, it’s almost eerie.

  10. Louie Gohmert gave the commencement speech at Stephen F Austin State University in Texas when I got my Masters degree. He was honest, blunt, and brutal. He basically told everyone there that we were not going to have it all that good. Degrees did not mean that much in todays world. Don’t cry, knuckle down, and work our asses off, we might just survive. Love this guy. So many people in the audience looked gut punched. Liberal arts majors most probably.

  11. obama’s bin lyn’ to everyone, administration has muslim brotherhood as advisers, yeah no screaming eagle shit there gomer, you finally figured that out all by your lonesome did yah?, so welcome to our misery, yah think? Again, all we are hearing is the usual “beating around the bush” read” lip service with no intention of doing a damn thing about it. I DEMAND they get on with it and expose this obama’s bin lyn’ fool, fraud, prince of darkness to the entire Nation as a brother from their hood, islam, where he truely is and has been an affiliate, born into it’s tribe by birth( in good standing according to the Communist Party USA) of for some 30years of his life. Look at the connections, ( bengazi, Fast and Furious, Afgh ROE’s, Irag, election fraud with tax payers monies to boot, and that’s just recently etc. etc.,) try and convince me this is not so. One of his mentors in life, early on, was Franklin Marshall Davis after his white trash mother pawned him off, I suspect him to be his real father, one cannot look at a side-by-side of these two and come away with a different conclusion, he was a card carrying Communist Party member in “good standing” and a publisher of said works, while our so called media liars still try and cover up this bit of information, chased out of the mainland of these United States (his FBI file is a foot long) and resettled in HI, as the publisher of said communist propaganda, then along comes obama’s bin lyn’ to everyone to the states, after having been tenured and coached of all things ( yet so untrue) bad about the exceptionalism of the American way of life, he hooked up with another, although not a committed (not yet verified) communist, a fricken backstabbing muslim and personal friend of screwie lueie L. Farracon, later convert to black liberation theology, only to distence himself from advisor calling himself a christian to make his presence more palatable for the masses, the rev. wright, infamously known for ” no, no, no, not god bless these United States, god damn this united states” and still we have whores of your pursuasion, read” concerned only of their individual power within, and money generating abilities of self worth/interest, to hell with the American experience and treasure of being that of an exceptional way of life. More concerned with their personal system of sucking at the teet of taxpaying individuals, while playing lip service to the masses.

    Gee, ya think? This piece of satans sleve, posing as a leader, has had ties to the muslims, being born into the tribe himself, he cannot in their eyes ever betray this one fact, a fathered son of Ishmeal, i.e. arab, lies, all lies and nothing but, spewing from both sides of his ass, he has convinced a rather large segment of our culture of his coolness, like my father once voiced, about as cool as a mountian breeze coming out of a camels ass type of cool, in other words, “he’s so full of shit, it all stinks to the high heavens” and anyone paying attention must be in awe over how smoothly this con-flim-flam-african man-child has furthered his agenda of breaking this Nation down to size, his mental size, below average at that. Yeah right Gohmert, concerned are you, so much so, you and friends while reaching behind each others asses for your share of the wealth distribution scemes brought to the public on a daily basis, are doing what was it again, ooh yeah a big fat nothing but talk. Talk is cheap in case you haven’t heard, you cheapen it even further by talking nonsense every time a mic is brought up to that face of yours, and still you have no balls to do anything but talk. You may have many beleivn’ your sorry excuse of being paid for your worthlessness, I not fooled in any of it. You are no different then this prince of darkness, obama’s bin lyn’ to everyone, and you people are wondering why it is that gun sales are running off the charts in this Nation, so much so they can’t even keep the pace. Let me fill you in on something that seems to not penetrate your D.C. bubble, we are no one’s fools, we are clearly seeing a pattern of neglect. illegal and immoral abuse coming out of the district of corruption, we understand how corruption has ruled your very lives every waking moment while you continue to be disrespectful of our lives, the National interest and well being, and we are f***n’ pissed like you can not imagine. So go ahead and talk some more while the rest of us are gathering the ncessary tools to combat your tyranny, making preperations on how to deal with you, your so-called friends and your illness, better for me and screw thee attitudes, you people are evil and it has not gone past millions upon millions of os, maybe the mass amount of useful idiots people like you surround yourselves with, those of us who swore these same Oaths, WE unlike you, we intend upon honoring it, we are awake and doing what we are doing for a reason, a day of reckoning is headed in your direction, my advice for all of you whores of satan, there is a shit-storm headed in your direction, take that unlikely as you may as I am sure I am not the only one with similiar thoughts in mind I’m just brazen enough to articulate it in the open…..and don’t you ever, ever claim we didn’t warn you of the consequences we are witnessing on your so called side, you allowed all of the fraud to once again ( what have you done about it-yeah as usual, fucking nothing) place the prince of darkness in office for four more years of his version of hell upon this Nation, betrayers one and all, prove me wrong, or can you?.

    It’s one thing to bamboozle others into thinking your one of the good guys, but the failures of all of you to rein in the wickedness (obama’s bin lyn’) and corruption (unConstitutional and illegal actions brought on by this demonrat party with your/their friends reaching across the isle, RINO’s, read: NDAA, ACA, PAtriots ACT, just a few right off the top of my brain pan group) of the entire system proves beyond any shaddow of doubts, you are in on it corrupted as a whole, and you fail daily to bring any semblence of (justice) to honor your given Oath to Protect and Serve. I’m calling it first, BULLSHIT, you ain’t gonna do a g-damn thing about it and you know it so stop with all the talk, until actions are discernable and taken. I’m calling your bluff and blunder, you ain’t all that, just another fool like the rest of them, like all of us, everybody got to die someday, better to die for something, it’s what We The Patriots of these United States do ( freedom, liberties, and rightiousness) rather then for nothing ( wickedness), it what your type do. We’ve been yelling at you from the tops of our mountians for far too long, while you’ve ignored us, slandered us before the eyes of the entire world, talk shit about our cause (personal freedoms) now, a word of advice. Take note if you really are that concerned, and remember, you mutts approved of his message so you are in fact, accessories after the facts ( usurptation of the office of the Presidency still has not proven he’s even a Art. 2, Sect.2 qualified through election fraud-corruption and theft of our treasurary) and susceptable to the same rules of laws as the rest of us are, no man is above the law in this Nation-period. God will NOT be MOCKED, neither will We the Patriots. Disrespectably signed: member in good company and standing, EOFB, Evil ( read: old white dude) Old Farts Brigade. rant over. Go ahead B, take it down if it pleases you, I’ve got it off my chest now, I’m just posting what everyone else is thinking. Thanks for the venue. Your friend, admirer of all things good and right, fellow Patriot, true to the cause of freedom and liberty for all, equal and just. Jonathan B. Smuckatellie.

    Going GALT.

  12. This is old news. Obama’s first appointment was a fanatic Muslim woman with head cover as a ‘religion adviser’. How sumb. The Muslim Brotherhood is the most vicious criminal inhumane body that ever existed, and “our” prsident is surrounding himself with them!!!! His plan to islamize America is very obvious from day one. AGAIN, thanks to those retarded Americans who voted for him.

    • You should all come and take a tour of Mass General Hospital in Boston
      Burkhas everywhere!
      Coming at us through healthcare I suppose?

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