Saudi man is selling his castrated black African slave on Facebook

The black slave trade is alive and well in Saudi Arabia, a place where one can still visit the seventh century, and not be in a museum.

Tundra Tabloids (h/t Susan K)

BNI has posted several stories about the ongoing African slave trade in Arab Muslim countries that seems to go unnoticed by the UN and most of the world. If the video first person accounts by former slaves didn’t convince you, here is an ad that was recently placed by a Saudi at Facebook:

ABDUL FOR SALE: Castrated black African slave

The Arabic blogger at Basees.blogspot has the following Google translation of the above ad:

The ad:

Peace be upon you …

I have a [male] slave I bought from an African country and arranged for his visa and stay till I got him to Saudi [Arabia]

His description:

1 – Black skin. Tall 172 sm. Weight 60 kilos.
2 – Castrated (excellent for working with a family as he won’t rape your wife or children). You can check him out with a doctor or yourself if you have experience in the matter.
3 – [His] health is quite undamaged and has no imperfections.
4 – Age 26 years.
5 – Religion is Muslim and [he is] obedient and will not disobey you except in what displeases God. Please, the matter is very serious and is not a joke.


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  1. Slavery is prove of the harm religion have done and Mohammad was just a imminent immoral criminal
    Accepting religion means denying everything we know aboutthe Universe. Sorry, I can’t do that. I’ll take established scientific theory over fairy tales.

  2. Facebook should be given a huge fine for allowing anyone to use their site to break American Law, the 8th Amendment to the constitution which was passed by a Republican congress on Janurary 31, 1865. And is crystal clear, Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punnishment for a crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States or any place subject ti it’s jurisdiction. Section 2. Congress shall have the power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.
    May be the problem with United States politics is that the only people now running for President, are so dummed down in school they can’t even recite the preamble, much less have a clue to what is in the Constitution.

  3. Ishaq:405 “It is your folly to fight the Apostle, for Allah’s army is bound to disgrace you. We brought them to the pit. Hell was their meeting place. We collected them there, black slaves, men of no descent. Ishaq:374 “The black troops and slaves of the Meccans cried out and the Muslims replied, ‘Allah destroy your sight, you impious rascals.’”
    Bukhari:V4B52N137 “The Prophet said, ‘Let the negro slave of Dinar perish. And if he is pierced with a thorn, let him not find anyone to take it out for him…. If he asks for anything it shall not be.

    So slaves were taken under islam ! for the bleedin hearts out there get YOUR facts right before you make a bigger fool of yourself than you already are

  4. It’s also mine to alert everybody here that apparently the draft Egyptian “Constitution” being pushed for by Morsi does NOT condemn slavery – in contrast to what was the case under Nasser, Sadat and Mubarak.

    In that way, both slavery AND female-genital-mutilation (FGM) will become legal in Egypt, then obligatory!!! [Worse yet, Morsi is pushing for a “referendum” to be held on December 15 – only two weeks from today!!! It’s so nightmarishly obvious that this is going to be rigged and he’ll likely get 90+% of the “vote” (just like Hitler engineered things)!!!

  5. The fucking world is completely mad isn’t it! Liberals preach about equality for everyone but whites, gay rights etc… Yet when you show them slavery they not only refuse acknowledgement but curse you for bringing it up. They have they’re token gay n token black friend but you tell them about Islam slaughtering both of these groups and they look at you like your a racist, lying bigot and deny it exist. Liberals outa all be beheaded. These Assholes are the reason this shit exist at all because they befriend and invite it all around the world. The UN is nothing but liberals, how funny they are reps for ” human rights” yet all around the world they have members of they’re filthy, corrupt entity that participate in sex slave trade and slave trade. We should feed em all to the rabid Islamist perhaps killing all the retarded ass liberals in the world will quench their thirst for blood for a few moments. I HATE liberals.

  6. Step right up. Step right up. How about a field niggah. She be biiiiiig buxom and good breedin stock,Previous breedin records unknown.Rumors say two daughters unknown father.Father rumored to be house niggah belonging to QSCAR WILDE.Who be bidding.

    • LOL. Talk about days on the plantation! 🙂

      Well, at least in North American slavery, the slaveowners kept slaves for breeding stock and they bred them like cattle so they could have a continuous supply of slave labor. Europeans and North American slavers were smart. And the fact that people of African descent live on in North and South America attests to that fact. They usually didn’t castrate their slaves. Even out of the worst things, something good came out of it.

      African people in America were part of a breeding program. But American blacks have benefited. The breeding program bred a strong stock. And American blacks are indeed a strong stock.

      Muslims, on the other hand, castrated all their male slaves. That is why there are so few black people in the Middle East. And the Muslim slavers would constantly have to return to Africa to obtain new slaves. The Muslims never were very far thinking.

  7. Step right up. Step right up .How much am i bid for this fine piece of black womanhood?Make a bid .She would make a fine house niggah.Her name is moochelle.Aword of caution my fine Southern gentlemen Do not let her near the kitchen.She eats like a horse.How much am i bid?

  8. instantfutures
    Say what you will but Christians are not advocating beating you, sodomizing you and then hanging you with your genitalia stuffed in your mouth like your muzzie buddies are. Christians are not on TV saying all gays must be killed and Christians may say what you are attributing to them, I’m a Christian and I’ve not heard it, but they will not gather enmass like your muzzie buddies and act on it. Think twice before you help destroy Christianity because it is the non muslim worlds first line of defense. Mo knows this and that is why Obama, his buddies in the brotherhood and every lefty in the world have launched a head on attack of Christinity.

    You are a fool and a patsy

    • It isn’t because of Christianity that we don’t have slaves anymore ! That is FAR from the reason !

  9. Hypocrisy of the left or does left mean hypocrisy? Not a word from liberal activists on the Muslim slave trade or Muslim occupation of Christian lands and persecution of Christians such as in Egypt.

  10. The British have been taught for years that they were a merciless people, conquering nations and instilling harsh laws, but the opposite is the truth. The British, once upon a time, were a great people – now they’ve sunk so low on so many levels, but I know this is the enemy within that is orchestrating the destruction of Britain and the British people have lost their way with God. This poor young male, only 26 and never able to father his own children – p*sses me off big time.

  11. This is not a joke and why does our gallant leader do something about. If not before this ends we sell him and his family to get back the money wasted under his watch. But think they know him in Arabia he can’t do his job now he would be a waste to them herding goats.

  12. Well, slavery is always alive and well. People enslaving people. There’s child-sex slavery, Most of this is white enslaving whites. Blacks are not the only ones enslaved. Slaves come in all colors, and out of the heads of all sick people thinking they’re superior over another.

    • Pat you are correct and sharpton and jackson are not ALL wrong [their ARE wrongs they bring to light and cause to get corrected ] but like all the other politicians the world over their main concern is their incomes; that is why in america there is ruinoius fracking taking place salt mining really deep underground causing nonstop sinkholes permanent water table polution , and all kinds of other big time mismangement long long before Obama ever took control [it aint just Obama] all these white and black politicians are being paid or paid off so they set utterly weak and toothless “standards [written by industry] and yes white slavery IS rampant AND very profitable and destroys millions yes millions of white women lives EACH year along with all kinds of other women,kids and race is NOT being addressed let alone stopped because of the cash involved..THINK..saudi= no voting [zero democracy] sneaky lying slave trading,inhumane punishments, vote rigging [brazenly] in other peoples countries.ect ect. and on and on.. yet THEY are not invaded or ANYTHING..why..they are rich the money protects them..they have bought COMPLETE immunity ..the ONLY muslim countries being savaged are the poor ones..and that for doing LESS against other nations

  13. Since the Quran is supposed to be the eternal word of Allah, well, slavery is halal for all time. Why do you think Obama doesn’t say shit about this? Because he has more Arab blood than African blood coursing through his veins. To be precise, he is 50% Caucasian, 44% Arab, and 6% black African (his father was 7/8 Arab, 1/8 black African). Obama’s ancestors were enslavers, not slaves.

    • Is it any wonder why obama has spent a fortune having his records sealed?
      The only account of his past is from his fallacious book, “Dreams From My Father,” a tome of lies, fabrication illusions birthed out of his demented mind.

    • Libs can’t have Cognitive Dissonance.

      One requires Cognitive ability first in order to have such. 😉
      They’ve all been PolCorrotimized…kinda like a Lobotomy, but makes the recipient insufferably smug and self-righteous.

  14. I did also Marlene! We need to say what needs to be said. UN threatened to monitor our elections, which was rife with fraud and corruption in favor of the present. Administration , but ignores this kind of human suffering! Please! Idiotic hypocrites.

    • *X2 Thumbs Up* 😀
      UN ever DARES to ‘monitor’ our elections up here, there’s going to be serious trouble because I WILL dispense with UN invaders as ‘Hostiles’ if some ‘appointed monitor’ tries telling me how to vote, they’ll find him stuffed through the slot into the ballot box.
      There’s a Line, and that kind of crap is SO far over it, I won’t bother saying a word because that kind of fascism must be met with the only thing it understands.
      A crisp slap across the chops, as a start…as compensation for their arrogance and presumption.
      I am under NO obligation to listen to or adhere to anything any UN flopwit drivels at me.

    • the black folks living in other countries, don’t vote here. Sharpton and Jackson need votes to stay in their well paying political offices.

  15. Tracy: The blacks in America are taught by their parents and friends to be predjudiced against whites. They say they do this because once upon a time, whites owned black slaves. Whites in america comply with this by feeling a liberal guilt (at least they say they do) for slavery as an institution in America. Therefore, racists like $harpton and Jack$on can make money off the white guilt.
    There is no guilt in islam at owning Black slaves. So there is no monsey for racists like $harpton and Jack$on to make.
    That’s why you will never hear a peep out of them about Black slavery in Saudi, or any muslim country.

  16. Islam calls for the massive breaking of God’s Laws:

    Bible, Exodus 20: YOU SHALL NOT MURDER

    Bible, Exodus 21:16 He who kidnaps a man, whether he sells him or he is found in his possession, shall surely be put to death.


    Bible, Micah 6:8 And what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, to love kindness and to walk humbly with your God.

    Jesus said in the Bible in Matthew 7:12 Treat people the same way you want them to treat you for this is the Law and the Prophets.

  17. Regardless of the race, religion, color or political system of God-hater EVIL SLAVERS,


    It is forbidden in Islam for Muslims to take other Muslims as slaves. This poor black slave may have been tortured into becoming a Muslim.

    In Mauritania, Muslim Arabs take Muslim blacks for slaves. Their suffering as well as the suffering of Christian blacks taken for slaves by Arab Muslims is HORRENDOUS.

    Slavery has ALWAYS been a part of Islam.

    Barbaric mass murderer and HUGE SLAVE TRADER, founder of Islam, Mohammad, married a six year old child when he was in his fifties.

    Mohammad murdered/beheaded seven hundred Jewish men because of the Jews enormous love for, and allegiance to our Wonderful Creator. The loyal Jews refused to follow another god and the new religion of Mohammad. The Jews’ wives and children were seized for SLAVES.

    Mohammad is regarded as the PERFECT man and role model for devout Muslims who follow their political system-religion. There is no love, mercy, or compassion for innocent humanity in Islam.

    The agony and terrible suffering of non-Muslims kidnapped and taken for slaves by Muslims continues to this day.

    • What about the Fundamentalists who are calling for the kidnapping of the children of Gay Parents? Will you fight against that too? Death sentence for ALL kidnappers, or just ones you don’t agree with?

      Because if you say take ’em all down, then i’m with you.

        • Like all that gay hardcore porn found on the Bin Laden laptop…LOL
          ‘the lion of islam’ was living in a closest in a cave.
          Our Gay frieds got a REAL good chuckle at that when I mentioned it to them.

          As for the whole slavery thing and why there’s no outcry…
          Well, after all it’s the muzzie’s world and whatever they want to do is ‘OK’ so long as it ‘keeps the peace’.
          THAT is how effed-up our world and Western society is from the one-two punch os islamists and Leftists…
          If you’re a muzzie obscenity, you can sell a slave openly on Fb and NO one 9aside from us) is going to say a word.

          Mustn’t ruffle the muzzies, of lordy-lordy no, mustn’t criticize our mighty-muzzie massa’s!!
          I am SO fed-up with being looked down on and treated as a 3rd Class Citizen by our own bloody nations and the way they pander to the muzzie sleaze.
          Oh, right…by Modern Standards, because I’m White and Female I’m not even 3rd Class. I’m just a sold-slave waiting for a rape gang to have fun tearing me apart.

      • I have NEVER EVER heard of anything so SICK. Who ARE these wierd scary people? What strange and EVIL cult do they belong to?

        You did not even give a link to this. Why didn’t you as no one has ever heard of this.

  18. The captured black slave was sent into the world by our Loving Creator God as a GIFT to his parents. Proud parents who possibly dreamed of the wonderful and good things their son could achieve in his lifetime. Parents who would love their son forever and looked forward to grandchildren.

    Muslims stole his life. Stole his youth. Stomped on ALL of his dreams. Ruthless, selfish Muslims destroyed his life. He is forever separated from his loving family. Castrated by cruel Muslims so that he will never know the joy and love of a woman. Never have a wife. Never have children. The tears never stop inside. The slave is alive. Yet he is dead. A silent death by Islam.

  19. LoL. It is not islamophobic so his account is not deleted! We need an new Abraham Lincoln who is arise and liquidate slavery world-wide in any kind and all over and by all means. A planet infected by mohammedan degeneration is useless and a danger for all universa and the whole cosmos.

    • It never ceases to amaze me how so many race baiting politicians and media talking heads can so ignorantly and stupidly support Islam and racism ( TRUE racism regarding hatred of whites).

      In light of the last election in America and the UN’s statehood status promotion of the PA, an Islamic terrorist organization, I am no longer amazed.

    • Insanity reigns… But so does our Lord Jesus! Help will come, hopefully soon Lord Jesus! Job 25:19 my redeemer lives and will walk upon the earth!

      • Until the cavalry arrives, we have to tend our own problems and do our own works in fighting this islamist nightmare.
        There’s NO guarantees when The Return is going to happen, thus it cannot be relied upon strategically.
        Right now, it’s up to us.

    • It is true and many blacks in africa and especially america are totally clueless about the virulent and malignant like danger of muslim people and their massive hypocrisy with all that nonsense [from malcolm X about blacks going to meeca together with arabs] about shared religion, piety, ect. black nigerians and others trying to purify their towns and areas by torturing, slaughtering, intimidating dictating [yes like slave owners] and robbing of ALL freedom their own fellow black people; so arabs can be comfortable quitely jerking them around,enslaving them [owning and controling most every shop and thing of value in the blacks countries] and taking full advantage of their guilibility….the whole time from the 60’s and before and until now arabs are viciously racists and deeply contemptuous against blacks. all that current murdering they do to each other is like what hitler did to JEWS..most of whom were whiter than hitler was; if hitler was gonna [and did] wipe out jews the way he DID..what do blacks think arabs or muslims will do to THEM? after they finish with each other?…..go figure..brainwashed mixed up blacks embracing islam in order to thumb their nose at Christianity..because some whites were cruel slave owning jerks and many others were racist discriminatory goons..I say KEEP your Christianity..avoid and protect your self from racist stuff BUT don’t hop from a white frying pan into some lying islam muslim skillet

  20. And to think the some blacks hate the whites
    Cause of slavery. Well at least the blacks were
    Freed in America in the mid 1800s. I think blacks
    Have displaced their hate and anger. They seem
    To love Muslims and think nothing of the
    Modern day slavery going on in the 21st
    Century by the Saudis. Go figure.

    • The only universal law which is an anti-slavery law is the law of the occident/west(European origin).Before the Europeans invaded in Africa you had a lot of different slavery-laws or the sharia-slavery law.

    • Blacks would be angered when the “N” word was used. Many black converts to islam are unaware that the Arab muslims refer to them as ” raison heads” and do not have too much respect for them.

      • They are also unaware that the black slaves that were sold to plantation owners throughout the West Indies, Europe, the Caribbean and N America were sold to the slavers by ARAB MUSLIMS who rounded them up in Africa in horrifically brutal raids. That’s historical fact.

      • major. No prejudice here. For the most part just stating the facts. I don’t know if your too blind to see what’s happening or if you are in denial.

      • No, they can’t, and as Fb is complicit and this is public knowledge, the idea is to get them to yank that account.
        Slave Trading on Fb!!
        Also, Fb tracks Digg, Reddit and such, and before I posted it on Fb, I spread it across Digg, Reddit, etc.. 😉
        Soon, Fb might just become a bastion against islamization…more and more anti-islamification types like us are setting up shop on Fb. 😀

        • Marlene do you still have a copy of your FB post? I would like to post it on my FB page too along with a copy of the 8th amendment.

        • Also, as Fb is now Public…they start going Censor, and I can send out some info on such through all the social networks and create a drop in their stock prices. Investors can be so touchy and emotional…

          Fb can abide and uphold the Innate Birthright of Freedom of Speech or they can literally pay a hefty price for engaging in PolCorr.
          I can do it.
          I WILL do it.
          With all the Leftist crap going on these days, what’s going to stop me?
          This is a War. I’m fighting it as such, as I said I would.

  21. When does SLAVERY end in Islam? The end of the world is to be announced by the SON OF A SLAVE.

    Islam means ‘SUBMISSION’ a euphemism for SLAVERY.

    Slavery is the goal of all Mozzies…to have 70,000 slaves in paradise.

    • The “end of the world” is the defeat of Islam as a political entity.
      The Brits almost did it, but the soft-headed azzwhole Carter allowed Islam to take hold in Iran, and now it’s rising like some kind of mutant bread.

    • Oh my god, i suggest you get your facts straight before posting comment. Islam means “SUBMISSION TO GOD”. Slavery is completely and utterly banned in Islam., and as for “Slavery is the goal of all Mozzies…to have 70,000 slaves in paradise.” i guess you’ve either just made it up or your a realy sick person.

      • Wrong. The exact meaning of islam is submission. Period. Full stop.

        muslim supremacists expect us to infer that it means “submission to an imaginary arabic sky fairy.”

        Nor is slavery “completely and utterly banned in islam.” Completely and utterly banned would require that that your imaginary arabic sky fairy issued the prescriptive and completely clear command to “do not take others as your slaves.” Instead you are told that it’s “best to free a slave if a slave asks for freedom.” That is ambiguous at best.

        mein kuranmpf also gives advice on how to treat slaves and sex slaves. Why would a “complete and utter” BAN offer advice on how to treat something that was “completely and utterly banned.”

        Moreover, Uther did NOT ban slavery. He simply ammended the rules for treatement of that which you claim was “completely and utterly” banned. uther the loathesome gave you evil shits amendments such as this nugget: “no female slave should be forced to marry an ugly slave if she does not wish to.” Explain again how and WHY such rules about something that you (falsely) claim was “completely and utterly banned” are necessary?

        The only sick folks here are obfuscators like you who get angry and violent when people don’t swallow your egregious lies.

      • Please clarify — are you employing taqiyah as an Islamic tactic, or just witlessly parroting a nugget of taqiyah? Oh well, never mind. Anyone as Islamic or as witless as you couldn’t be trusted for a straight answer anyway. Please disregard request for a reply. The answer is obvious.

  22. I wonder what Uncle Dougie’s bid was. Facebook routinely censors ‘islamophobes,’ but thinks nothing of participating in the islamist’s slave trade.