Unlike Canada, U.S. has no plans to cut its $$billions to the ‘Palestinians’ (including Hamas) following U.N. vote

There are no plans to withdraw aid to the Palestinian Authority following the United Nations vote to recognize Palestine as an independent state, as Canadian Prime Minister* boldly threatened to do if Mahmoud Abbas went ahead with his bid for unofficial statehood status.

* chutzpah-on-steroids-canadian-prime-minister-strong-arms-palestinian-authority-leader-mahmoud-abbas

The Blaze  Josh Earnest told reporters traveling on Air Force One that the U.S. opposed the resolution to give the Palestinian Authority nonmember observer state status because the Israel-Palestinian conflict should be resolved “only through face-to-face negotiations, not unilateral actions,” according to the White House pool report.

A bipartisan group of senators had threatened to cut off millions in U.S. financial aid to the Palestinians if the vote succeeded.

Earnest said there were no other consequences under consideration that he could discuss.

The U.S. was one of just nine nations to vote against the resolution Thursday, including Israel and Canada. There were 138 votes in favor of the Palestinian push, with 41 abstentions.

After the vote, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton blasted the move as “unfortunate and counterproductive” and reiterated that direct negotiations are the only way to achieve peace.


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  1. For once our Muslim-in-Chief in the White House was on the right side and was against this move by the Palestinians but that aside, the whole issue reminds me of an old joke about Umbriago, an immigrant who got a job in New York cleaning and polishing a big statue. He would start on the head and work his way down and by the time he got the feet polished, patina would start to grow on the head so he had a full time job keeping that statue polished. At the end of the year, he walked into the office and said, “Boss! I’m a-gonna quit.”
    “Umbriago,” said the boss, “But why. We are very happy with you here.”
    “I know,” said Umbirago, “But this is America. I go into business for a-myself.”
    “That’s terrific,” exclaimed his boss, “What are you going to do?”
    “I buy-a my own statue.”

    • hhh, surely you don’t believe he was on the side of the Israelis? This was part of the deal he gave Netanyahu to stop bombing Gaza. He is orchestrating his promise to give the terrorists a state. This was the first step. His voting NO meant nothing. He might have also promised to Veto their demand for full statehood in the Security Council but that remains to be seen.

      Make no mistake, the Muslim in chief is always on the side of the enemy.

      • Obama didn’t want Harper to look better than him..that is why the NO vote from the USA. It had nothing to do with helping the Israeli’s….it was all for vanity and narcicism.

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  3. Palestinian Authority Using U.S. Aid to Help Pay Millions in Salaries to Jailed Terror Suspects, Report Finds…..August 04, 2011…..Fox News

    “The Palestinian Authority is spending more than $5 million per month in salaries for 5,500 convicted and alleged terrorists imprisoned in Israel — payments that defy congressional rules for U.S. funding to the PA, according to a new report from an Israeli research institute”.

    “the Palestinian Authority has been providing stipends to all Palestinians imprisoned by Israel since the administrative organization was founded in 1994.

    “That includes some people that I would consider terrorists and some people that I wouldn’t,” Ibish said, explaining that the money largely goes to the families of the prisoners – most of whom are detained for nonviolent offenses — to fulfill a sense of obligation.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/08/04/palestinian-authority-pays-millions-in-salaries-to-jailed-terrorists-with-help/#ixzz2DnzTBXEG

  4. and still we have useful idiots, claiming to be our fellow amerikan brothers and sisters, demanding proof their usurper-n-theif, obama’s bin lyn’ isn’t muslim? Good grief, the illness continues to spread. I confere dajjal, make it extinct, the only answer the plague of their breathing status among the sane.

  5. Peace can not be negotiated. Peace is a direct function of the extinction of Islam. Islam is permanent war. Make it extinct.

    Palestine means Israel. Palestinian means Jew. The land of Israel belongs to the Jews; expel and exclude Muslims from it and push them back beyond rocket range if you desire peace and security. if not, then go to Hell.

  6. It is my firm belief that Canada, under PM Stephen Harper, has become the defacto voice of leadership in the west. Blessed with a strong economy, a strong and stable banking system (as well an abundance of natural resources and one of the best trained small armed forces extant) Canada is poised to take an important role on the world stage..

  7. The freakin “dear leader” sure loves that Abbas, eh!!! Don’t see him pointing his freaking finger in his chest like he did Bibi! Such a disgrace!

    • Right again shaz; and I REALLY have to say that I would STILL like to have seen Ben Netanyahu rip that arrogant muslime ass kissing POS’s hand off when he poked him and shoved it up his arse!!….But I guess Ben is more civilized hhan the “Palestinians” whose asses Obama LOVES to kiss, and his ignorant dhimmi Sec. of State as well!!

  8. Let’s just print up the dollars and ship ’em over.

    here’s the lovely helen freedman of afsi(americans for a safe israel–afsi.org) on the rev. manning program discussing the apathic reaction to the un vote of america’s jews and christians.

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