BRUSSELS: That was then (Christmas tree), this is now (Politically Correct avant garde tree)

Thousands of people have signed a petition against an abstract light installation replacing the traditional Christmas tree in Brussels City Centre. The mayor’s office said it was part of a theme this year of “light.” 

BBC (h/t Dave J)  More than 11,000 signatures have been gathered in the online petition and a Facebook page attacking the new feature has been launched. Critics accuse officials of opting for the installation for fear of offending non-Christians, especially Muslims, who are predicted to become a majority in Brussels by the year 2030. (Not all Muslims are offended, but apparently no one took the time to ask):

We know we are living in a country with a Christian culture, we take no offense over a traditional Christmas tree,” says Semsettin Ugurlu, Belgian Muslim Executive

Traditionally, a 20m (65ft) pine tree taken from the forests of the Ardennes has adorned the city’s central square, the Grand Place.

This year, it has been replaced with a 25m (82ft) construction, though smaller real Christmas trees still decorate the square, a spokesman at the mayor’s office said. The city’s website said the new “tree” was one of five “light” installations around the Grand Place this year, offering visitors the chance to climb to the top and enjoy “beautiful views” of the city.

Tourism councillor Philippe Close at the mayor’s office said the aim was to show off the “avant-garde character” of Brussels by blending the modern and the traditional, to produce something new and different.

Brussels hosts one of the most popular winter markets in Europe and many are worried that the contemporary construction is incongruous with the 17th-Century buildings that surround it, the BBC’s Maddy Savage reports from the city. The light installation has even been nicknamed The Pharmacy by some who say the glowing cubes resemble the green cross symbol you find outside many chemists around the world.

Credit for above photo: SatNavandCider

Bianca Debaets, a Brussels councillor from the Christian Democratic and Flemish party, said she believed a “misplaced argument” over religious sensitivities had moved Brussels to put up the light sculpture. “For a lot of people who are not Christians, the tree there is offensive to them,” she told reporters. Erik Maxwell, from Brussels, told BBC News: “We think the tree has been put up for cultural reasons.

“A tree is for Christmas and Christians but now there are a lot of Muslims here in Brussels. So to avoid discussions they have just replaced a tree with a couple of cubes! I am more traditional, I prefer the usual tree. That’s better for the Belgian people.” A recent estimate in the Belgian newspaper Le Soir suggested Muslims made up 22% of the population of Brussels and its region as of 2010.

Parts of the Belgian press have been keen to suggest that the tree is an example of “political correctness”, designed to be more appealing to non-Christian religious groups than a traditional fir tree, our correspondent says. However it seems likely that the media storm is influencing public opinion rather than reflecting it.




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  1. As a people, we have a desire to live at peace with all of our neighbours. When it comes to beliefs the Christian, and those of nominal faith, tend to view all religions as being tolerant and teaching love, just like Christianity.

    Unfortunately there is a version of Islam that is virulent and totally intolerant. (“Kill the infidel wherever you find him, but if he recants (becomes a Muslim) let him live.”
    Nothing but Sharia will suffice for this type of Islamic follower.

    I must make the point here, that Islam is an IDEOLOGY wrapped in a religion (Muslim). It must be seen and treated as an ideology otherwise they will succeed, by using our tolerance of religious freedom to undermine our way of life.

    It is an ideology, as Communism is an ideology. As Socialism is an ideology.
    Promote this view of Islam because it is the truth, and we will make headway against these people, this cancer! And vote for officials who will act on behalf of Christianity and need I say, COMMON SENSE.

  2. This year, here in our comfy little maybe-warzone, the decision to go full-ahead with Christmas decorations was made, after support from the Pagan community and Natives came along.
    The Main tree will be done up as always (it grows in the Park and aside from being laden with lights and decorations once a year is left in peace but tended to. It was planted a long time ago AS a perennial Christmas Tree.)
    It will also be guarded to protect vs. vandalism.

  3. Okay, now that is just plain ugly and stupid. A tree adorned with lights is a sight to see. When muslims look at Christians hiding their Christmas traditions, it just empowers and disrespects us more. Why not actually plant a tree that can be used for lights each year. Trees are lovely to behold, especially a beautiful, tall spruce or pine tree trimmed to perfection.

  4. I went to a carol’s by candel light last night with my grand children and their parents -they loved it , there were thousands there ,it was a lovely night and I thought -this is what the muslims are wanting to stop ,they come to-our countries and we -allow them to have their ramadam and their festival of -eid in which -thousands of poor animals are so cruelly slaughtered -they start objecting in their -arrogance to -our christian traditions -how dare they,they do dare because of the slimy weazels who suck up to them for either political votes or monetary gain or some other advantage known only to them.There is -too much talk and not enough -action -let our politicians know we do not want our culture and it’s traditions changed for a culture that is so backward and inferior to ours.

  5. What is the point of it resembling (at a stretch) a tree then ? As if Belgium has the money right now for such excesses apart from anything else.
    Put the tree back ! This looks like some sort of alien invasion !

  6. now that is Disgusting! “because of fear of offending Muslimes???” Are you kidding!? who the hell cares if they’re offeneded, get over it! They don’t have to look at it!! QUIT the PC crap, enough is enough! You sure as hell can’t build a church in their cesspool countries, are we NOT offended???? You don’t hear us screaming do you?? God, they make me sick!

  7. When how and why did ‘Christmas’ become the new ‘C’ word?
    Seems to be the height and definition of the word ‘intolerance’.
    Just another example of the fact that nobody that promotes ‘diversity’ actually wants equality. No, they want ‘preference’.

  8. That cubic tree is hideous. No matter what the motivation, whether they actually just wanted to try something new and different, as they say they did, or whether they wanted to be politically correct and not offend Muslims, the cube tree is still ugly. No wonder why people hate it. The traditional tree was a lot prettier. Sometimes that avant garde stuff is just grotesque. They should have just stuck with the traditional tree.

  9. Seriously I don’t understand this hatred for Christmas, if anything Christmas trees, like Santa Clause, symbolize the secular and commercialized version of Christmas. Most Christians have no problem with the pagan iconography found in Christmas trees either.

  10. Mr. Magdy Khaleel is a courageous writer fighting the spread of evil Islam, but sadly, he is using politically correct fiasco.
    Morci the MB is much worse than Hitler and Mussolinii. The MB members are the MOST dangerous, hateful and criminal in world’s history. Obama is supporting Morci. He (Obama) is the main cause what is happening in the ME. We Americans will get the ugly consequences of re-electing him. Just wait. Thanks to those retarded Americans who voted for him.

    • The obamanation did not win his re-election, he got it by illegal means and fraud. In every state where photo ID’s were used he lost,many people reported voting for Romney and when they posted it changed to a vote for the obamanation. The sad thing is nothing is being done to bring this TRAITOR AND HIS ASSOCIATES to justice. Any lie he spits from his mouth, there are those that believe, and with the muslim brotherhood protecting him, we here in America are in big trouble. Teddy Roosevelt had the right idea, but we have become a nation run by a bunch greedy, ass-kissing idiots who think of themselves and not the people of this once great land

  11. fucking cowards. they are starting right in the capitol of Europe to dismantle thousand years of Christian traditions not even starting small slice by slice take over by little steps until its too late. no straight into the take over. this will only wake up a lot more people to what is really happening in Europe this i hope will backfire on the cultural hating liberal bed wetters these fucking bastards annoy me christ what a shower of cunts they are sorry about my french but these slime bags oh

  12. It makes sense. The Muslims have focused on Brussels to be a majority Muslim city; it is no coincidence it is the center of EU bureaucracy. Now that the demographics fix is in, it’s time for the infidels to fold. Apparently the only thing the infidels can muster in response is an online petition. Scary! How about bomibng that hideous stack of light boxes?

  13. Use some of the tactics of the mohommedist’s and see how fast it becomes a Christmas tree again. Christians you need to really get the point across to these idiots. Politicians are cowards.

  14. This is horrible.

    Although I have never agreed with ripping out of a forest a tree that took fifty years to grow only to display it for a few weeks (White House tree), there is no reason whatsoever to forego the symbol of Christmas cheer by replacing it with that ‘ugly’ structure.

    They could have put a high-quality recyclable and reusable set-it-up yourself tall tree with twinkling lights but NO… let’s hope the citizens let their voices be heard loud and clear.

  15. What a grossed-out UGLY contraption. Replace it with the traditional Christmas tree you despicable slaves of Islam!
    Why are the world’s non-Muslims cursed with such weak, spineless appeasers who are incapable and unwilling to stand up for the rights of our non-Muslim people-indigenous Europeans?

    As these despicable weaklings refuse to protect non-Muslim rights they must stand down and allow the European Freedom Parties and British Freedom (Party) to PROTECT OUR RIGHTS!

  16. simple lefhtist garb, the fascinms returns again to europe by lefht and islamofascists….III world war will to kep our freedom…

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