Egyptian-American writer says, “Morsi’s shocking power grab is exactly like Hitler’s and Mussolini’s”

Awaiting his turn, Barak Hussein Obama can hardly contain his exuberance at hearing the good news.


9 comments on “Egyptian-American writer says, “Morsi’s shocking power grab is exactly like Hitler’s and Mussolini’s”

  1. obama has been acting like a dictator all right. circumventing Congress usnig executive orders almost at every whim. what is ti up to now 90?

  2. Outsiders meddling in Islamic affairs always take great risks. And if the meddler happens to be black, then the risk is greater because all Arab Muslims are terribly racist and despise blacks.

    Even though Obama may consider himself a part-time Muslim or a Muslim-at-heart (as opposed to his on-and-off act as Christian-of-convenience) and throws around a few Muslim expressions learned in his early training, he walks on thin ice because Muslims are smarter than Americans; they don’t trust Obama. He claims to be their benefactor in the non-Muslim world but he killed one of their icons, Bin Laden. It would be a great irony if Obama were to be assassinated by a Muslim, and if he isn’t careful, it might just happen.

    • Lets only hope the Muzzos do infact turn on him.. “thanks for all your help but you are of no use any longer bye bye!”. I would jump for joy if that happened, as in Obumma gets shafted by the Inbreeds he so openly supports. I would jump much higher with joy more than I would have if Romney had won the election. Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing the Pro Muzzo supporters/Lefty Dhimmis and Vommies get shafted by the Muzzos themselves whatever way its delt by the inbreeds themselves. Poetic Justice at its best.

  3. George Soros is a Nazi WAR criminal…Soros was a Nazi youth that would turn Jews and Christian in to Adolph Hitler and the jews and christians would be exterminated… George Soros will admit it and he’ll tell you he’s NOT ashamed of what he did, that he would do it again! George Soros was a nazi youth…Once a nazi always a nazi

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