OH, NOES! Swastika found on front of Muslim building in Nice, France

Considering how close the Grand Mufti Amin al-Husseini was with Hitler before and during World War II, one would think they could have drawn a more accurate swastika outside their prayer hall.

IW  Early on Thursday morning a swastika was found on the front of the Muslim prayer hall in the Rue de Suisse in the centre of Nice. Ramzan Magamadov, the president of the city centre Muslim association that manages this place of worship, said he was “very shocked by this racist act” and has filed a complaint.



17 comments on “OH, NOES! Swastika found on front of Muslim building in Nice, France

  1. Why would they be offended? It’s like spray painting the Star of David on a synagogue or a shamrock on an Irish tavern.
    If you want to REALLY piss ’em off, paint a Star of David on a mosque with the words “Under new management” underneath. Yeah, I know, I’ve got a talent. It comes from divine inspiration….

  2. It is a vitally important part of Islamic war strategy for devout Muslims to always present themselves as “victims”.

    If someone accidentally drops a pork product near a mosque, Muslims actually call the police and demand it is investigated as a hate crime. It’s a good way of wasting infidel money and a good way to waste infidel time that is needed to track down Muslim terrorists.

  3. More Taqiyya and DECEPTION from Muslims – Masters of Deception. We have ALL seen the signs carried by Muslims that say: God bless Hitler.

    Barbaric mass murderer and HUGE slave trader, Mohammad, founder of Islam, declared: WAR IS DECEPTION.

    We all know that Hitler’s Mein Kampf is a best seller in Muslim Middle Eastern countries.

    The Muslims who worked eagerly with God hater Hitler and his vile Nazis were so excessively cruel and barbaric to their many victims that even Hitler’s Nazis were shocked.

  4. The NEW NAZIS???

    No! Mozzies are the ORIGINAL NAZIS!!!

    Hitler got ALL his best ideas from the TURKISH CALIPH: genocide, holy war, master race theory, Jew hatred, Christian hatred, militarism, brainwashing, harems, chip on both shoulders.

  5. It stands to reason, although the nazi’s were defeated in their own creation, the idea’s and perception of it intent never ended, only to live on for the decades to come, coming back with avengence, or so they believe. If one is knowledgable in their history, this type of act, the displaying of a symbol, is the very thing that refreshes the history and it’s purpose is to remind all of us, although the time has come and gone with restraints towards personal behavours it is not a timeless concept, neither is the intention of their disgust, symbols are a referencing point of all sorts of indignation towards one another, some more grafic then others, all meaning to degrade the subject of it’s intent.

    And again here we are, seeing these very visable symbols directed at one’s foe, or maybe, it was planted there to garner attention of a preceived harrassment, who knows, but we are almost certain they’ve done it themselves on to gather attention to a point of no interest, and just who gives a crap of their victim mentality, as if they have not brought the disgust upon themsleves, but that too is another question never being answered. but that only gives the intended the illusion of their preceived power over others with the symbolic gestures. Call it creating a mountion out of a molehill, and like all acts of deception, lies in plain site, it serves no one real justice, preceived or not, if never served.

    Yeah a BIG WOOP, boooo-fricken hoo losers, getting bored are we. Sure looks like it, maybe they are just late in joining in on the party of deception known to us a muslims enough, again who knows, who cares? Anything for attention of the attention hounds, right? Good grief get a fricken life already. yeah big woop as Petard’s quote above, we’ve all seen uglier graffiti painted over all sorts of stuff much worse in nature, have we not? and to think these demons of the flesh are signaling something new, pla…eeeeeze. Give it up already. Ignor these fools and like all other fools before them have learned, your squeek is not yet loud enough, but, do try harder, it might work someday to the point of pointing steel pipes fashioned into something a lot harder to estinguish, but that too is symbolic intil it becomes your reality. My guess is they crave this reality and if it is not their intention, well they sure as hell have a way of making points of return don’t they. To say this is in no way their history is to ignor a historical truth, but tell me when they have ever acknowledged the facts of their ideology, i.e. satan’s disciples, Ismeal’s decendence, ” and their hands shall be against their brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and the entire world’s hands will be against thee”.

    Going GALT

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