BUSY! BUSY! BUSY! Uncle Dougie of CAIR has been working overtime

From shaking down American businesses to demanding that police investigate any perceived Muslim slight as a ‘hate crime,’ to pressuring public schools to shut down for Muslim holidays, CAIR’s large army of  litigation jihadists don’t know whether to sh*t or go blind.


22 comments on “BUSY! BUSY! BUSY! Uncle Dougie of CAIR has been working overtime

  1. Deport ALL CAIR members and all bagheads ASAP. But forst, set up intern camps all over America and have a round up.

  2. Eat shit and die Dougie!! We do NOT want you or ANY bagheads and muslimes in our state or our country; and if you bastards can’t follow the same rules for doing bank business or ANY business then get your worthless asses the hell OUT of America!!…..And since Dougie is Canadian, just why the hell do we allow this POS in the U.S EVER!!

  3. Has anyone else noticed the crazed demented look he always has in his eyes? I sincerely believe if he had not joined islam he would have been a serial killer. Oh wait he joined islam so he is a mass murdering serial killer, at least by proxy.

      • Very unlikely. It would require repealling the 22nd Amendment. That would require a 2/3rds vote of both the House and Senate plus ratification by 38 States.

        • Shalom,
          Since when has Obama allowed a little thing like the Constitution to stand in his way?
          All it takes is an Executive Decree and a congress and judiciary unwilling to oppose him; he already has two thirds of it accomplished (the lack of opposition bits).

        • Very easy: have the question as part of a rigged election where the 38 states are “certified” as approving it, then ensure only Communists get in wherever you please so that Congress is over that two-thirds’ mark, use closure otherwise – and there you repeal your 22nd Amendment.

          Better still: Obama can declare martial law any time he wants, enforced (even against the US Armed Forces) by his slave-“Occupiers”, Islamic terrorist-agents lurking throughout the Americas, United-Nations “peacekeepers” sent by Communist régimes (Cuba, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua plus North Korea, China, Vietnam and Laos) and the rest – and then totally declare the Constitution “eternally dead” and anathema!!! As it is: he has been using “executive orders” as a tool to utterly bypass the Constitution and mock it in the process… [Among the terrorist armies of the world must be included the Talibs, Al-Qaeda and the Iranian “Revolutionary Guards” – 40,000 of which last are based in Latin America awaiting jihad orders to make North America, Europe and even Australia a living hell!!!]

          I wouldn’t put ANYTHING WHATSOEVER past these totalitarians: much as Communists, Fascists, Moslems and Nazis are supposed to be “RADICALLY different” from each other, they in fact will GLADLY bunch together to kill our civilisation throughout the entire West!!!!

          Much as I HATE AND DREAD the thought of civil war and quasi-civil war (where it will be a mix of terrorist plus rogue-nations), that’s what seems about to explode all over the world, with the totalitarian terrorists merging into full-fledged regular armies rejecting all conventions, striking anywhere at will, being as wanton as they want, aiming to create such devastation as what even couldn’t be rivalled by Jenghiz Khan and his terrible terrorism-science… Matters will be compounded once Iran gets its nukes (either by itself or with North Korean and/or Pakistani help): then, once they explode them in the atmosphere to ruin our communications networks, power grids, oil and gas pipelines, computers &c., they’ll mow all of us down that they can… Blessed are those who have managed to stockpile several years’ (say five {5}) worth of food, water and ammunition plus invent their own power-generators (water-mills, eventually even hydro + solar) so that they can be completely independent of ANY communities they don’t themselves choose to be part thereof… [If you’re even able to make your own gunpowder at least, it will be even better…]

  4. Apparently masturbation causes one to go blind……
    So one can assume that Dougie & his band of merry (gay?) men are wankers?!

  5. oh ‘ yea it’s dam near xmas time and no jack in the box to cheer up people instead we got ol uncle dougie the res dick in the box who pops up to bring cheer to muzzies ! we see what kind of world the low life lefties are handing out and some of us are thinkin out of the box away from prying eyes on how to bring the real jack in the box back , , count on it for all the good little boys an girls

  6. Allah is a fairy tale. Mohammad was a thief, murderer, and child molestor, and these nitwits made a what ever out of it.

  7. ” CAIRS large army of litigation jihadist don’t know whether to sh*t or go blind”

    As many justifiably suspect, they are doing both. Shitting on everyone ( army of litigation jihadists) while at the same time blinded ( their career path choice-hatred of non-muslims) by their ideology. I bet he is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo, proud of his ownself, actions and activities, I beleive he is just one more in a very long line blinded by deceits, hatred, lies (told often enough as known lies most believe to be their truth) a subversive of this Republic, and of course we can’t ignor his whine festativities daily. Why even pity these fools in many ways we can’t even begin to explain because if they have already failed in the true commitments of a universal faith, allah is not the same god as the bible, believeing in a pagan god, i.e. moon god of the acients, as their ali-alah, our biblical version of satan, why bother to convert them to something they hold nothing but contempt for in the first place. You just can’t fix stupid no matter how many times you club it over their thick heads of delusions. I firmly believe their are delusional in all of their own making, especially this bunch. While at all times preaching themselves as representing the ummah, or muslim community, most in that community acknowledges them as the theives of ali-baba, holding themselves as something to be worthy of respect, they have done nothing but lie their way ino a victimhood status, all at the behest of their handlers, the lefturds the world, otherwise known as “useful idiots”. Personally I wouldn’t piss on the son-of-ah-goat herder if he were on fire.

    Going GALT

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