Is ‘Hijabi’ Hillary Clinton drunk?

Or did she really say,”the Jews must demonstrate that they understand the pain of an oppressed people?”



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  1. What oppressed people? To call the Palestinians oppressed she must be either a straight out liar or a muslim. (Same thing) Seems there’s just no end of leftist/marxist/muslim-hugging idiots who can’t wait to see the most successful people on earth, who have done more for humankind than any others, wiped off the map; in favour of the most useless, dirty, lazy, devious, lying, murderous rabble on earth.

    The Palestinians are wanted by no one–their own muslim brothers want nothing to do with them, and certainly don’t want them infesting their own countries. They are where they are, just to be an eternal thorn in the side of Israel, and Mrs Clinton supports that, and so does her equally traitorous husband–the murderer of the Serbs.

  2. Bonni; I am looking at a brain transplant here. Traitor Clinton is just over the top in all ways. She needs to be recalled and charged with Sedition and Treason of the Highest order. If found guilty she should be hanged Publicly.

  3. She has got to be the blindest, deafest and dumbest “smart” public figure in the world to say such a thing to the Jews of all people on the earth!!!

  4. Chaarles: Hillary isn’t a muslim. She just has a muslim squeeze. Hillary is just an opportunistic, foul mouthed, grasping, vindictive, female canis familiaris of no specific recognized breed. Such creatures will bite the hand whether it is feeding them or not and are often rabid. muslims SLI* are dangerous for a bevy of entirely different reasons.
    SLI* Small Letters Intentional

  5. So this is now the official stance of the USA and almost all of what is left of the free world. This Irrational pacifism in the face of all logic is very similar to the 1930s, however it’s not fashionable to lay the lessons of history in front of modern events, at our peril.

  6. Does IT not understand that this life is like a snap of the fingers compared to the eternity in hell IT’S going to be in when IT finally rots ITSELF to death with all the evil within.

  7. If the obamanation doesn’t become our permanent “dear leader” after his second term and hillary runs, no doubt liberal jews will vote for her.

  8. She has become Muslim! Look at those dark Satanic, eyes.
    Almost all Muslims have them – no emotion, no feelings whatsoever, just a dark empty void wherein lives Satan’s demons. And she despises Jews and Christians!
    Oh and and Hillary, well past time for that head bag!

  9. I think she probably does have a drinking problem. Her appearance and demeanor have deteriorated markedly since Weinergate, when her relationship with MB mole Huma Abedin came under public scrutiny.

  10. Why not turn the tables. How about if Israel starts lobbing rockets into Gaza on a daily basis. Lets hope Hillary is visiting Gaza when one of the rockets lands perhaps on her dumb head.

  11. Fucking hillary whore! How the hell does this weak, no-nothing whore get the position of SOS??? Oh yeah, obama picked her. Next will be Susan Rice or Kerry or some other weak America-traitor coward. No wonder the world arms itself and laughs.

  12. An example of liberalism in the advanced stage. The mind is nearly gone. A sad thing to witness for sure but shouldn’t she be relieved of duty and put on disability for the safety of the citizenry?

  13. I was looking for her press release saying the hussein obama admin would give their full support to Israel in all things they need. I wondered how long it would take for this marxist bitch to show their true intentions of supporting the palestinians and not the Israelis. If anyone has that press release link, will you post it here please?

  14. Hillary needs to DUMP the jihadists on her staff.

    This is egregiously stupid! And monumentally uninformed about Jewish history, Jewish ethics, Jewish attitudes!


    The Dems are NOT your friends!

  15. Does this Biotch NOT know how much “goods” are taken to gaza on a weekly basis from Israel??? Does she reallllly Not know; but of course you never HEAR about this in the news, oh heaven forbid —

    • I think you’ve got it dragon; she is NOT only drunk but the stupid dhimmi bi—- is very much in need of an exorcism to drive out the “jinn spirits” she caught from hanging out with her dear muslime “Palestininian” pals!….

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