RUSSIA: School bars Muslim girls from wearing hijabs (headbags) to class, parents fuming

The Muslim parents of a schoolgirl living in the village of Privolny, Stavropol Territory, say, “Today we sent our daughter to school on the school bus, but the teacher put her back on the bus and sent her home. She has been barred from classes over the headbag for two weeks now because of a decree issued by the governor.”

Interfax  “My daughter is in 3rd grade. Other children don’t wear headbags to school. There were three girls who wore headbags, they have now removed them,” the source said. The man said he has filed complaints with the prosecutors and intends to stand his ground. He also said his daughter has worn a headbag to school since September 1st.

In the meantime, the press service for the territory’s Education Ministry told Interfax these actions violate the school charter, which outlines requirements for students’ appearance. “They will be talking to the parents and the schoolgirl. If they don’t observe the school charter, they will be offered to choose a different form of education,” the ministry official said.

Russian Muslim Suicide Bombette was an infamous headbag wearer

In October, the Stavropol Territory’s muftiat reported on complaints made by some schoolgirls’ parents saying that their Muslim daughters had been barred from classes for some two weeks for wearing headbags. The incidents occurred at School No. 12 in the village of Kara-Tyube.

The issue of headbags was discussed at the highest level on October 18. Russian President Vladimir Putin said, commenting on this conflict, that people’s religious feelings need to be respected, but the fact that the Russian state is a secular one needs to be taken into account.


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  1. I wonder if Russia has an official head louse record for primary education schools? If it does I’ll bet the louse count went way down in their climate when headbags were banned.

    • mytlesue: Because they don’t want to pay for their own schools. They want YOU to pay for everything they need to practice their 7th century nonsense. It’s just like they were allowed to collect jizya (spelling?) or taxes from infidels.

  2. Hey Mufti Pedo, do your words also apply to other religions you and your inbreeds also insult and provoke (plus kill for) just because your cult religion says so? Do the ‘blasphemy’ laws only apply to your evil cult but is exempt for all other religions in this world? No wonder Muzzos are the most dispised religious sect of this world.

    I hope the Russians stick to their word and keep banning the headbag. It is only worn for the sole purpose by Bagheads to flaunt their supremacy.

  3. GO Russia. At least you have the guts to make the rules stick. Our political system and the media are living in fairy land with the heads up their behinds.

  4. Sharia law ‘punishes’ blasphemers (kafirs who resist Sharia) by sending out inbred Mozzies as vigilante killers.

    The mufti is giving a veiled threat

  5. The headbag is an insult to ALL women, declaring that women are PROPERTY.

    In the West, WE DON’T WANT SLAVERY.

    SLAVERY is a BAD word…but a ‘good’ word in Islam.

    The goal of Islam is to own slaves.

    • hadith Bukhari, vol. 2, book 24, no. 542 – (Mohammed said) “Horses and slaves owned by a Muslim are tax exempt. It is forbidden to capture a Muslim and make him a slave. If a slave converts to Islam, then there is a benefit in freeing him. But there is no benefit in freeing a non-Muslim slave. Islamic slavery is a blessing because sooner or later the slave or the slave’s descendants will convert to Islam in order to be free.”
      Several days ago a Saudi was offering a black, castrated slave for sale on facebook.
      One thing almost all of us have in common: Muslims enslaved one or more of our ancestors!

  6. Good for Putin…there should be ONE LAW FOR ALL!! muslims are NOT special, they need to assimilate or go live under muslim dictatorships…just sooo sick of thetr incessant whining!

    • Sorry, Aussiegirl, but immigration is the traditional first step in jihad (Mohammed and his followers were driven out of Mecca and Medina foolishly accepted them) and assimilation is forbidden under Isamic law; the Koran forbids taking non-Muslims for friends 10 times!

  7. Zombie indoctrination in the schools. Hope Russia holds tight. It really is a world wide push to dominate. What an awful, ugly, dark, cruel, joyless, evil, backward world they would make it.

    OT but I wonder when will obamacare start covering cliterectomies? Dance in the streets free mutilations of women. obama really is the messiah!/sarc off

  8. What? If Muhammad said that about those who cause disorder … in this case, it is the parents who are causing the disorder, provoking the state snake. And they must, according to their own prophet, obey the law. So what part of this do they not understand and what part of it does Mufti Albir Krgaov not get? It is nothing more than thug psychology.

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