After the NJ Attorney General found that NYPD surveillance of NJ Muslims is permissible and legal, now he gets sent out on a Muslim apology tour

I smell a fat boy with a soft heart for Muslim terrorists behind this. Disgusting that he would send his Attorney General to grovel at the very place where terrorists learn about jihad against non-Muslims for the purpose of establishing an Islamic caliphate in the West. Shame on you,’dhimmi’ Christie, you are endangering the non-Muslim citizens of NJ and NY.

Apparently, groveling to Muslims was part of the ‘deal’ fat boy struck with his Muslim BFF, Barack Hussein Obama, after SuperStorm Sandy hit New Jersey

Associated Press New Jersey Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa quietly visited a Newark mosque Friday that had been listed in a secret report by the New York Police Department, and he reassured worshippers that New Jersey officials do not believe certain groups of citizens have lesser rights than others.

Chiesa attended prayer services at Masjid Ibrahim, a modest, single-story mosque set up inside a ramshackle former commercial space in Newark. The mosque was among several in the report by the NYPD, which conducted surveillance of Muslims in New Jersey and elsewhere. “It is not tolerable here in New Jersey for us to have people treated differently in this state — period,” Chiesa said.

The mosque’s imam, Mustafa El-Amin

The attorney general’s visit was part of an ongoing effort by his office to repair relations between Muslims and New Jersey law enforcement after The Associated Press uncovered the NYPD spying. The NYPD has said its actions were legal and it has the right to travel to other cities in carrying out its duties.

Shafaqna  However, back on May 31st, after a review by New Jersey’s state attorney general into the New York Police Department’s secret surveillance operation targeting Muslim businesses and mosques in New Jersey, he found the NYPD did nothing wrong. The three-month probe, ordered by Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa (photo right), concluded there was no evidence to show the NYPD’s activities in the state violated New Jersey’s civil or criminal laws.

“Based on what we saw, their conduct was permissible,” said one of the officials involved with the review who was not at liberty to discuss the report publicly. “There was no evidence of illegal wiretaps or search and seizures. We’re not seeing any violations of law.”

In Newark, the NYPD cataloged every mosque and Muslim-owned business in the city — from fried-chicken joints to houses of worship located in private homes — in a 60-page report later obtained by the AP. The report identified the work as “a joint operation with the Newark Police Department’s Criminal Intelligence Unit” with the aim of identifying “the existence of population centers and business districts of communities of interest.”

Most of the properties listed in the NYPD report were Islamic cultural centers, restaurants and stores where members of Newark’s Muslim community went to pray, eat or shop.

NYPD officials have repeatedly defended the program as legal and justified, and have been backed strongly by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who maintains the NYPD can gather intelligence anywhere in the country it wants without any requirement to tell local authorities. Gov. Chris Christie, questioned at a press conference in Atlantic City, had little to say about the findings.