ARIZONA: What a surprise! Suspect in custody for the bombing of the Social Security building is a MUSLIM

The FBI has confirmed that a search warrant was being served on the Coolidge home of a Muslim man, Abdul Latif Aldosary, 47, who was taken into custody as the suspect in bombing of a federal office with a remote-controlled IED 20 miles away.

Court records show Aldosary served prison time in Safford four years ago for aggravated harassment against his then employer Hunter Contracting in Gilbert, and he is currently involved in an assault and disorderly conduct case in Casa Grande. The blast was caused by a device that detonated at the rear of the building, according to Agustin Avalos of Casa Grande. Sources close to the investigation say it appears an accelerant and some type of plastic object was used in the blast.

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23 comments on “ARIZONA: What a surprise! Suspect in custody for the bombing of the Social Security building is a MUSLIM

  1. No prison garb, orange or any other color. Stand them against a wall and ask for volunteers. Me, PLEASE!!!!!!! That would be serving my country in the best possible way. I’d even be good for the bullet. two, if I was a little off that day.

  2. Had you or I bombed this social security office, we’d be vilified until the sun explodes. Can’t wait for the “Well, Timothy McVeigh bombed a government office, so white, Christians are just as bad as Muslims” crowd to start whining.

  3. Shalom,
    Move along, move along…
    Nothing to see here…
    Now if it had been a jew or christian who bombed a government building; THAT would be news!

    Top two frustrations (news-wise, that is):
    !. the willful ignorance of those who do not want to accept reality.
    2. the complete removal of any links to islam when the followers of islam uphold and live up to the teachings of islam.

    Can you just imagine the uproar and non stop media blitz that would be happening if this guy had a Tea Party bumper sticker?

  4. This is so ironic on a number of levels. The U.S. is being flooded with so called ‘refugees’ from the same Islamist Arab Spring Hussein bin Obama and the Left has engineered. And these ‘refugees’ have no job skills or means to support themselves, all they have are the typical skills of Muslims: killing and raping. Sohow will they live here? The same way they do in Britain and Europe: public assistance, entitlements, etc. Yet this Islamist from Iraq wants to blow up the place that gives him free money. But if conservatives want to control entitlement spending out of concern for the nation the Left accuses them of ‘Islamophobia’ and racism. It is nucking futs.

    • Actually, no I can’t say what I’m thinking. But, it has to do with the jihad of wasted resources and how much it costs to incarcerate these vermin. There is a much, much cheaper and quicker solution.

  5. Send this story to your local news. Again and again until they tell you to stop send it.When they do that keep the pressure on them by sending other home grow terrorist of Mohammed to them.

  6. Whats wrong were they not giving the poor parasite enough money for him his 5 wives and 50 little terrorist bastards in waiting lol

  7. Jihad!

    Koran 9.5 “Kill the non-Moslems wherever you find them. Take them as captives, besiege them, and lay ambushes for them with every kind of strategem of war (betrayal and trick, like IEDs).”

    All jihad is glorious. NOW, meet the 72 bubbas. “Good night, dear.”

  8. and now what will they do with this dirtgad, why send back to the cell where he belongs, right? WRONG, that is not the correct response to his type, already proven he has an axe to grind, i.e. kill the infidels whereever he encounters them and not fit to live among civilized society, his type are an actual threat to civilized societies. Here is a though, we should and could affix a steel ball with a chain, about one hundred pounds in nature to his ankle, assign him to a clean-up crew tending to pigs, which should be their only sourse of protein, for half a day, the other half of the day to gardening for their subsistence living, eaking out his own living because we are not responsible for his actions, he is. I guess it is in only a dream world so-called men of this nature, self destructive at the same time doing the bidding of satan, would and should be put to their deaths, but, oh hell no they are going to be coddled, protected for their actions against the evil white man. Why, these poor brothers from their hood, islam, have the full support of the useful idiots, of course so sayth the useful idiots, until it is one of theirs ( no great loss anyway) being the victim of his type with knife in hand cuts off their head while shouting their fav response, aulafuckbar, of course why it’s a different story then, right?. I’m grateful they scouped this demon in the flesh off the streets, it saved him from the fatal consequences of running afoul of our type. say hello to Mr. CDP Kimber, you have the right to remain silent-forever.

    Going GALT

  9. Historically, I wonder who the firat person in the government was that allowed the first muslim into our country. He or she should be vilified along with their whole family!
    I believe that ALL muslims not converted to the the cult are inbred to some degree and will sooner or later have a cerebral flatuence attack that leads to violence of some type. If they don’t use firearms, they come at you with a sword or knife, all the while screaming “Alley Snackbar”, or some other nonsense.
    It’s just a question of time. muslims: Tick – tick – tick ……

    • There’s a better one, Bob … tick, tock, m*th*r f*ck*r …
      Along with their “sudden jihad syndrome”, we need to start having “sudden supersonic hot lead syndrome” …
      Oh, sorry, I meant to say “fluffy little bunnies and meowy little kitties” … I wouldn’t want to offend anyone …

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