Chinese entrepreneurs eye Israel for new partnerships

Obama can spit on Israel, but Chinese business leaders admire the Jewish state, including its emphasis on education, strong family relationships, leading entrepreneurship, breakthrough technological innovations, and most of all its incomparable success despite its size in a hostile neighborhood of enemies.


27 comments on “Chinese entrepreneurs eye Israel for new partnerships

  1. What ever is said we are now in world War 111 Notrodamus predicted that would last for 27 yrs from 1999 and if you think about it we are at war in every country in the world against Islamic takeover on earth they are operating towards this end and even when they brag what they are doing the main leaders, and how they are doing it still the majority do nothing like sheep keep on running this way and that in totally confusion and with the same amount of itelligence. Because the minority that do see whats going on and want to do some about it have little back up against a massive old world order coming back like the film Nightmare on Elm st the Islamists are growing each hr in strengh. It reminds me of the Jews in the Holochast Hiltler passing more and more laws to exterminate them first not allowing them to be part of German society, this time we westeners are now the Jews and passive govenments or ones like now whoms hands are tied by Labours past actions in the UK and will or can’not defy the EU. We are infact in prison in the west. Soon they will have their own Islamic party in every westen country and when the time is right and their is enough they will takeover parts of each of each countryb has a Sharia zone untill they breed enough to take each country by force it is simple this what they ay they are doing. Time has run out PC is thriving and we will not do anything in enough numbers the game is very nearly over.

  2. Well Well Well. I hope the chinese cement business ties with israel.Heavy chinese investment in israel would be a deterrent to muslim aggression.How do you like them apples Ofuckwit Maybe the russians would like to join the party?And Bonni you are right the chinese are nobodies fools

  3. I don’t know if it’s a good idea for the Israelis to get into bed with the chinese, they will steal all of Israels technology and sell it to every Muslime dirtball in the neighborhood.
    But seeing as how Obama has treated Israel lately , i can understand why they are getting close.

    Don’t trust the Chinese, they are wolves in sheeps clothing.

  4. Palestine best start being VERY careful once the Chinese start setting up shop there.
    The Chinese approach would be to bullsoze Palestine with tanks and turn it into a commercial development.
    The Chinses have absolutely NO concern or regard for islam whatsoever.

      • China actually very much wants the area Illegally Occupied…and they are very willing to permit Nationals in harms way so that a hamas rocket can give them license to turn Illegally Occupied Israel (palestine) into a Commercial area, and they will bulldoze everything there right into the sea.

        Be fun to watch… šŸ˜€

  5. I read an article some time ago about China being interested in Israel for commercial reasons.

    It would be interesting to see the leftist and muslim world’s reaction if China and Israel formed a military alliance.

    The website Global Firepower that ranks the top 55 nations by comparative military strength is in the process of adding 10 nations. Right now the US ranks #1 but I wonder if that might change.

  6. China is a totally corrupt totalitarian thugocracy. But, if the Israelies can work with them and benefit, I understand. But please, China has massive problems that require a huge police state to hold it together. Plus Russia has 3/4 of its nuclear arsenal aimed at China. Russia fought a war with China in the 1950s. China is eyeballing Siberia. Lotsa room and resources for 1.4 Billion people. Meanwhile the U.S. seems to be hellbent on pissing off all allies and making old enemies even more entrenched. America deserves everything it has coming to it.

  7. It is really, really good to see Chinese interested in doing business with Israel and to hear such praise for Israel. Thanks for this story, very much.

  8. Canada’s P.M. Harper also is working more and more with China. The U.S. is slowly being replaced…

    They say the future economy belongs to China and anyone in close links with it, such as Israel and Canada.

    This is fine with me since the E.U. ties to China are not all that strong. That same E.U. that ran over Israel last week.

  9. For centuries Israel has given outwardly and freely to conquering nations. They have never asked for or received anything in return except misery and criticism but still Israel gives out to the world. That is G-d’s way after all.

  10. Outstanding. Otherwise I fear Obamas vile self will attack Isreal. If the Chinese are standing with Isreal Obama wouldn’t dare. May he rot in hell

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