Contrary to leftist politicians, a majority of Germans do NOT consider Islam a part of German society

Too bad politicians don’t listen to the people, who have already lived through a fascist regime and know another one when they see it.


7 comments on “Contrary to leftist politicians, a majority of Germans do NOT consider Islam a part of German society

  1. Once they were 50 and 50.
    I wonder if the majority will rebel. It’s absurd that our countries will be sharia ruled with only 3% or 5% of muslim population.

  2. Well, I’d be happy if they would abandon their interests in overthrowing democracy and replacing it with shari’ah. If Islam had an enlightenment. If they loved their neighbours and practiced kindness and mercy. But sadly, I haven’t seen that. If they want us to tolerate them, they are going to need to learn to adopt our values. It’s as simple as that. And is that possible? Again, it doesn’t appear to be.

    Their fifth imam stories echo those of our (promised) messiah so it should be possible for us to establish common values on which to base a common society. But while Jesus taught us to give to government (Caesar) what is the government’s and to God what is God’s (separation of state and religion) and the Jews wait on God to reveal the Messiah, Islam requires Muslims kill for Allah, establish a caliphate on earth today, right now. Our faiths have entirely different ontologies.

    We in the civilized world may love goodness and truth but none of us is the Christ. We must not die for and/or submit to Islam.

    And we won’t.

  3. I am SHOCKED and APPALLED! What you mean that the mohommedist cannot assimilate into Western Society. Just remember the DARK AGES and ask if they can.

  4. The ‘Brown-Green Axis’ between fascism and Islamofascism actually began before WW I under the supervision of Baron Max von Oppenheim who continued the jihad in WW II as a stage-manager of the evil Haj Amin el Husseini. His nephew, Rahman Abdul Rauf el-Qudwa el-Husseini is better known as ‘YASSER ARAFAT’.

    Islamofascism is alive in ‘Palestine’.

    Why are the Leftards supporting FASCISM? (Maybe the Leftards are also fascists.)

  5. It’s NO wonder that the politicians aren’t listening to the people, given that they DESPISE their constituents!!! That’s extremely easy to do when they believe that they themselves are part of a Marxist “intellectual-élite” and/or a plutocratic rich-people’s society (among other things) who always know better than everybody else and that they can do whatever they want (no matter how harmful it is to their country, their people and even themselves!!!)???

    Here we MUST blame the ENTIRE concept of “élitism” of any and all sorts!!!! Be it based upon overall education (including number of degrees, diplomas, &c.), thought-stream, money, other possessions: the moment it rears its head, EVIL RESULTS!!!!

  6. Islam is the model for Hitler’s fascism. Consider the similarities, a narcissistic leader, a holy book written by him, Jew hatred, arbitrary, barbaric punishments, us-versus-them mindset, information control, thought control, genocide, political supremacism of a master race, a plan to take over the world.

    I’m certain BNI readers can identify other similarities between Islam and Nazism.

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