FRENCH ‘RACISM’…no, it’s not what you think it is

The problem now is ‘Anti-White Racism’ in France, perpetrated mainly by Muslim immigrants from North Africa and South Asia. Not surprisingly, those on the Left deny its existence, in the mistaken belief that there can only be racism against a minority population.

They don’t call Muslim neighborhoods ‘NO-GO’ Zones for nothing.



9 comments on “FRENCH ‘RACISM’…no, it’s not what you think it is

  1. So that left wing comunist pig is saying you cant suffer frim racisim if your in a majority the excuses these pigs come up.with to deny what is happening makes me sick.

  2. That one guy is stupid,if Moslems call Christians and other white people names and threaten there lives that is called Racism period.

  3. Muslims never take responsibility. The one guy does not even speak French but it’s the native French’s fault he doesn’t have a job, The bald lefty is wrong racism is when one group abuses another group both verbally and physically based solely upon their race.

    • Hi AmericanMe,
      You put forward the same points I was going to raise. Until this Liberal Dhimmi west realises that racism does not just work one way i.e white against every other minority, then we are lost. We will then be the minority and then it will be too late, or we will have civil war on our hands. It will happen as sure as day is day. But every western government is in denial and too scared to do anything. The longer they put off the pain of sorting this, then the pain will only be bigger in the end.
      RIP the civilized world.

  4. Arab racism is a dirty secret. Arabs have a pecking order for their tribes: intermarriage is frowned on.

    Islam creates backwardness.

    This Cult of Intentional Ignorance can be stopped in its tracks in 20 years if we BAN COUSIN MARRIAGE.

  5. If the Muslim scurge doesn’t like it there then get the hell out and go back where they came from. If that happened here in the state where I live the cop’s would be finding many dead Muslim pigs with their heads blower off.

    • Amen Bro. John! You just put into words pretty much what NOT only I, but most of us were already thinking!! And IT IS past the time to get rid of some aggressive obnoxious muslime piles of dog doo!!…..The muslimes DEMAND the respect from us ” infidels”, and I have about as much respect for the bastards as a male dog has for his favorite tree!!….PISS BE UPON THEM ALL!!

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