Lock up her Muslim terrorist ass

FRANCE: Caught on tape, the ‘illegally’ burqa-clad sister of Toulouse gunman Mohamed Merah has been exposed expressing pride in her brother’s acts, among which was the killing of three Jewish children and a rabbi, as well as three soldiers last March.

Now the sister is suing the TV station that broadcast the video of her making these remarks.


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  1. Islamists! What would one expect of this horrible culture of hate, oppression and violence!? The only question is … should it be justice by stonig, beheading or just punishment by acid in the face or mutilation? So many Islamic cultural choices…

  2. It would be great if more American women were like Istanbul Chick, your comments just made my night. I totally agree that all the trash must be taken out. Go fuck a goat Duggie, you fat paedophile fuck.

  3. In North Korea, whenever an individual is convicted of any crime not only he is locked up but all his living family – even if three generations. In the case of Muslim criminals this approach might be appropriate and realistic. Frankly, I would be happy to see a group outside the law to carry out assassinations of such individuals.

  4. It’s called -freedom of speech-she said it and has to stand by what -she said -but being a gutless coward as most muslims are and practice deciet -taqiyya-she doesn’want it repeated because she knows how disgusting and abhorrent what she said is to- civilised people -what kind of culture -ideology -rejoices at the death of -innocent -children ?–Islam.

  5. I hope her civil claim goes nowhere and that she is ordered to pay costs. If such haters know they can be observed and videotaped and those images broadcast and used to criminally prosecute them, they will have more and more reason to feel paranoid, to look over their shoulders, and to trust no one. Then an order can be made under mental health law to lock them up in a nice secure psychiatric prison.

  6. The sister approved the slaughter, so she is a terrorist threat, and should be deported to a terrorist muslim country where her views are accepted. Allow her one suitcase to leave with , confiscate all property and make her an example to other killer muslims who spout jihad against the West.

  7. When the War hits all of us have to be ready to kill the women as fast as the men. The Western culture has to adjust to this before all the Evil can be expunged from our societies. Remember the women are the teachers of the next generation of Jihadist and suicide bombers. If the women are not taken out then the hate continues. Generation to generation.

    • Ice, Killing the women is the hardest thing for a Western man to do, even if it IS necessary. We were raised to honor womanhood. Yet, times have changed have they not???

      • Don’t worry, Grouchy, there are plenty of kaffir women like me who will be more than happy to take out the vicious bagheads should it become necessary.

        I also have no problem inflicting well deserved bodily damage upon the mohammadan “men” like fat old unlce dougie, ahmed rehab, reza azzclown, along with their dhimmi lapdogs should it be necessary to protect my fellow kaffirs.

        Remember, uncle dougie, you traitorous douche: Your fate is in YOUR hands. You reap what you sow you fat little turd. Don’t forget, fatty, you and your ilk have made the claim that sodomizers and murderers are not the ones responsible for their vile actions because they were “provoked.” You racist cretins provoke me every day. What’s good for the mohammadan supremacists is good for us kaffirs.

  8. It’s so blatantly obvious that ANY of that ogre’s family who try to even half-condemn him but with reservations are NOT TELLING THE TRUTH!!! [They ALL are on his side, even if secretly. The crocodile tears are lurking below the surface…] The two Moslem men who were interviewed, I’d as gladly deport as the rest of his family – i.e., without the LEAST delay whatsoever!!!

    ALL Moslems OUT OF THE WEST, and ASAP!!!!

  9. She is only doing what is expected from muslims and what a good muslim should do, kill for islam. And the image of muslims will only get worse and is one of pure hate. Get your heads out of the sand and see what is really happening. Peace to all non-muslims who know that muslims and their so called religion is bad for any country and should not be allowed.

  10. The professor says ‘there are very few problems,’ when discussing muslims in France. Good to see that American professors are not the only ones with their heads up their asses.

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