Muslims think by handing out hijabs (headbags) they can clear up ‘misconceptions’ about Islam. No, they can’t, because they aren’t misconceptions.

Fighting ‘misconceptions’ associated with Muslim headbags, Muslim students at California State University arranged a headbag handout to their colleagues to educate them about criticism and negative image drawn by media over the past decade.

On Islam  The event, held last Thursday on a rainy afternoon, was sponsored by students of MSA at California State University Long Beach (CSULB).

(That’s right, stupid Americans need to be indoctrinated with Muslim lies because Muslims don’t want us to believe the abuse and oppression Muslim women suffer in Muslim countries that we see in the news nearly everyday. But you get props for holding this event in a California state college where the lefties have brainwashed the students into thinking we are not really at war with Islam. Case in point…wearing a headbag made of an America flag should carry a prison sentence)

“The goal was to teach what Islam really is because there’s so much negativity going around about Muslim people who are portrayed so negatively in the media,” Amina Hasan, organizer for the Muslim Student Association (MSA), told Daily 49ER, the university’s news website, on Sunday, December 2nd. (How about starting with the teachings in the quran as follows:)

“We’re regular people just like anyone else.” (No, you’re not, you wear that bag on your head to display Islamic supremacism) Standing to welcome students, MSA (MSA-Muslim Students Association- is a proxy for the radical Muslim Brotherhood in North America, whose stated goal is the Islamization of the West) students suggested hijab handout as an attempt to educate CSULB students about Islam that has received criticism and negative press over years.

Hasan said that being a Muslim and wearing a hijab are oftentimes associated with terrorism. (Muslim suicide bombers often don Muslim headbags or burqas before they blow up innocent civilians)

“I always get stopped for a special screening at the airport, which can be frustrating,” Hasan said. (Not as frustrating as being on a plane headed into a skyscraper) For her, the hijab handout was an attempt to correct misconceptions about Islam. “People think we’re all terrorists,” Hassan said. (No, but virtually all terrorists are Muslims) “In one occasion … my luggage accidentally bumped into a seat and people screamed out of fear thinking it was a bomb.”

Hasan added that just after this incident, her sister overheard one seated passenger express his gratitude as Hasan and her sister made their way to their seats, saying, “Thank God they’re sitting in the back.”

Though there are no official estimates, the US is home to an estimated Muslim minority of six to eight million. (Those are CAIR’s overinflated estimates. There are about 2.5 – 3 million tops, although it feels like a lot more because all they do is whine and complain)

Islam sees hijab as an obligatory code of dress, not a religious symbol displaying one’s affiliations. (Is that why Muslims in America and Canada have killed their own daughters who refused to wear the headbag?)

This is what a disobedient Muslim woman looks like when her husband or father or brother doused her with acid for dishonoring the family

Accepting hijab from Muslim students, California Long Beach non-Muslim students appreciated the initiative for giving them a glimpse into veiled Muslim feelings. “I got a few looks on the train, and I was the only person wearing one,” junior health science major Ana Martinez, said.

Martinez volunteered to wear hijab on campus and didn’t remove the garment until she arrived at home, over an hour later. “It felt a little weird at first, but I got used to it. It even took getting used to on campus as people didn’t discriminate, but I still got stared at on a few occasions.” Freshman biology major Tatiana Avila also wore a hijab and said it was a great opportunity for other students to show support for a religion and culture that always seems to be criticized. (For good reason)

This is the mindset of leftist Muslim apologists in America

“It gives people a chance to experience what Muslims have to go through all the time.” (In that case there should have been a few honor killings on campus)

Receiving positive reactions, MSA secretary Alia Elasmar praised the event as a success, hailing open-minded ignorant California students. “We finished all three baskets of hijabs,” Elasmar said. “This campus has a diverse population and is more open-minded than most schools in Southern California.” (In other words left of Saul Alinsky)

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47 comments on “Muslims think by handing out hijabs (headbags) they can clear up ‘misconceptions’ about Islam. No, they can’t, because they aren’t misconceptions.

  1. @Istanbul_Chick

    Obviously you don’t realize the history of the U.S. It wasn’t a racist comment. Just because we have Obama does not mean it’s still not white supremacy. Whites technically run the country. Whites didn’t hold slavery against the African Americans or have a complete genocide of the Native American race or try to conquer ever country in the damn world.
    Vagina head? Lmao what. Omg, dying. xD a hoochie mama is no different than a hijabi. Not any human is perfect. That’s judgemental, how rude of you. Modesty comes from within. What an idiot. Am I suppose to say thanks for excusing my stupidly? Lmao cool story. It’s only attention depending on the type of society you’re in hun. But your intentions is what counts. Why please society when you can please God? Society these days is filth. It’s everywhere. I think everyone should be concerned at how their children grow up in the type of filth advertised society we live in today. I doubt a little kid will call a hijabi a vagina-advertising whore. If the child does, then I guess that’s your fault for labeling. :/

    • Hey muzzie girl, why are you in this country if you think its so bad?Go back to one of your 57 Islamic hellholes if you don’t like it. One day we’ll have a real leader who will kick all you slimebags out.

    • Again, you typical islamic supremacist, how is white “supremacy, genocide, slavery, or imperialism” any different than Hispanic/mohammadan/African/Asian “supremacy, genocide, slavery, or imperialism.” Don’t think your typical muslim bullshit through very well do you?

      mohammadans “technically run” the 57 mohammadan majority countries in which non-muslims are beaten, raped, forcibly converted, do not have equality under the law or within the culture, murdered, intimidated simply for not being ass lifters. Again, supremacist twat-head, do pray tell how that is not much worse than “white supremacy in America where whites technically run it” yet all you supremacists have to worry about is “weird looks” and “misconception” and an occasional childish ham on quran outside your barracks you allege are “places of worship”? Talk about a grotesquely disproportionate comparison! Yet this is the typical go to excuse for you supremacists.

      Oh cupcake, thinking your vagina is on your head *is* the desperate act of an attention whore in a country in which women actually *do* have equal rights. It is also the attention whore grabbing act of a supremacist who thinks it’s better than the *GASP* white folks. It’s especially hilarious and pathetic when said supremacist attention whore is a fat assed *white* twit that converted out of desperation for attention. And yes, you supremacist cunts are attention whores just as women who dress like floozies. If modesty comes from within as you crow than why cover that vagina you clowns believe is on your head? Again, cupcake, you didn’t think your bullshit through very well.

      And yes, I judge, twat-head. All people you do. You just judged, extremely myopically, all caucasians. Of course, we expect hypocrisy from the ranks of mo’s bronze age arab-tribalism cult of supremacy, racism, misogyny, and hatred. There are no “misconceptions” about why you flaming c*nts wear them. There is simply you supremacist twats lying about why you wear them.

      I agree with BNI, if you don’t like Western culture, there are 57 islamic supremacist countries where you can walk about with that vagina on your head covered and no one will bat an eye. In fact, in some of those countries you won’t have a choice! To satisfy your pathetic need for attention you will have to expose that vajayjayhead of yours. But that’s okay, “hun”, modesty comes from within!

      Cucking funt.

      • Cool story bro. I live here because I can assimilate myself here without any probs. Real leader? You’re telling me you’d want someone actually LIKE middle eastern leaders these days? How hypocritical.

        Just because PEOPLE do not adhere to the religion correctly doesn’t mean that the religion preaches that. Leaders do not always represent a religion in the right way. It may seem like you believe the media a little too much?

        My comparison is pretty legit. An A+ student in Advanced Placement United States History. I know my stuff. I believe I said white SUPREMACISTS. Not all Caucasians. -facepalm- Gosh..lmao

        And my, my, what an example you are setting as you back up your argument. Take a cheel peel. And we’re the so-called hot heads. 😉

        Honey, if we took of our hijabs, there’d be no guys left for you.


        • Oh you snarky, smug little supremacist. So typical of a mohammdan supremacist. Don’t pat yourself on the back too much, cupcake, AP studies are not what they used to be precisely because of third-worlders like you. The AP students of today are on par with students who barely squeaked by the ACTs 20 years ago. No Child (or third-worlders) Left Behind has *drastically* lowered the scholastic levels of the U.S. educational system.

          Moreover, you have not assimilated. You are a typical mohammadan supremacist. The fact that your lips are moving and making a big stink about how waaaaciiiisssssttttt those big meanie WHITE folks are to you walking jokes is evidence of this.

          I never said anything about leaders or wanting mohammadan supremacists as leaders you oh so obtuse supremacist. It’s creatures like you who are responsible for the grotesque treatment of non-mohammadans. Your little red herring there doesn’t absolve you from your obscenely inverted moral relativism. Having weird looks is a far cry from rape, murder, intimidation, inequality, and abject abuse. So no, your comparison is not even remotely “legit.”

          Of course, you supremacists are too obtuse and smug in your sense of self righteousness it never occurs to you that people who have lived in mohammadan supremacist majority countries survived the experience and lived to tell about it. Media has nothing to do with the well-deserved hatred leveled at all of you. You, little miss snarky are one of 1.5 billion reasons you and your cult are hated. So unless you’re a newsreporter, the media has nothing to do with why you are hated.

          You did say “white supremacists” while you were whinging about how mean Americans are to you vagina-virgins. You then dropped the “supremacists” qualifier in the same run on sentence and whined about “whites” running America, and America’s involvement in slavery, imperialism, and genocide. Thus you yourself dropped the “supremacist” qualifier and condemned all white Americans. However, I don’t believe it was just a grammatical error on your part. It was intentional and being a typical mohammadan supremacist you’re pissed about being called out on it. Again, those AP classes are as useful as a mohammadan education: useless as tits on a bull.

          As for the religion of islam it is anything but. It is as obscene and grotesque as you. No matter how loudly you screech to the contrary nothing will change that fact. In practice the only “good” mohammadans are those who do not practice what your bronze age arab tribalism cult preaches. The proof of that is in the sunnah, hadith, and mein kuranmpf.

          Oh no doubt, little supremacist, if you took of your vagina cover, all the human with penises would flock to you. The smell, however, would run off all but the buzzards. Just like your cult.

  2. Many trial and error i did in wearing hijab, and now I am a 2nd year college student I realize the essence of wearing a Hijab. No one can teach you to wear it, time just come that you, your self volunteer to do so. And now I’m wearing it with all my heart and soul.. :)
    -Aziza Impao

    • So, tell us how it feels to be an advertising supremacist?

      Even the kkk clowns don’t advertise their supremacy by wearing their white sheets.

      Tells us, oh holier than us vagina virgin, what is the essence of bronze arab racism?

      Did time just tell you that your vagina extends to your head or did your vagina actually grow up to your head? Or did you volunteer for the muslim supremacist mustahab vajoncraniumectomy? Curious minds want to know.

      As you are a supremacist, cupcake, you therefore have no soul. That you believe you are a wonderful human being for being a bronze age arab-tribalist supremacist is evidence that you have no heart either.

      Besides, who needs a heart or a soul when her vajayjay is on her head?

      • lol the last word in your mouth should be supremacy. White supremacy is the ultimate unjustified supremacy. Curious mind wants to know, eh? 😉

        • Oh do pray tell why “white supremacy” is the “ultimate unjustified” supremacy?

          How is it any different than religious supremacy, Hispanic supremacy or black, brown, yellow or purple supremacy.

          Vagina-head, you just revealed YOUR racism.

          Your stupidity is excused though. One cannot expect much from a broad who thinks advertising that her vagina is on her head is any less an attention whore than one who wears hootchi-mama clothes.

  3. lmao omg this is too funny. This website is a joke. Headbag? You’re telling me I’M oppressed? I chose to wear the hijab. Please get your definition right. I wear the hijab for modesty, as it says in the religion. Because make up and flaunting my body would draw unwanted stares. Why would I want that? I don’t need a man to define who I am. I know who I am, and I don’t need to show it. I want a man to like me for my personality rather than my body. Showing my body would mess around with my self-esteem. And you’re saying Islam is violent? Save it lol. You think taking verses of the Quran will justify your argument? You’re taking the verses out of context. Seriously, get your facts straight. Those verses were revealed in different time periods. Non-violence is the core teaching of Islam. I guess you media lovers seem to not get that. All you guys rely on is the media for your “facts”. Just because some of the adherents of a religion aren’t non-violent doesn’t mean the religion teaches violence. Sheesh. This website is a load of crap. Sorry. I pray you become open minded.

  4. “It gives people a chance to experience what Muslims have to go through all the time.”-Tantiana Avila, student

    OH! You mean self-imposed oppression, discrimination and violence?

  5. I would like to see men wear these hijabs and burquas. So when one of the Troglodytes attacks these “women” she retaliates hard and fast. That would put the fear into them.

  6. Open minded students at CSU?! Well, isn’t that special?!! They are so —-ing open minded that their —-ing brains have fallen out! But what the hell?! THAT comes as no surprise from a libtard University in the Land of Fruits and Nuts!!

    • Shalom,
      I’ll take it. Local ordinances require that all horses being ridden within the city limits be equipped with a “manure collection device”.
      I can always use another poop-bag to hang behind a horse.

  7. Dear Hasan, if you do not wish to be mistaken for a terrorist, then do not wear the terrorist uniform.

    Wearing a NSDAP or SS uniform in Germany will not just get you arrested, you will be viewed with suspision and distrust.
    Wearing the KKK uniform in America will not make you many friends.
    Why do we need to pretend that we agree with the fascist and anti-feminist ideology that insists women are at fault if men cannot control their own sexual urges?

    We emancipationists do not agree with the ideology, and we consider all women who, of their own free will, submit to wearing the slave uniform degreed by their fascist masters are worthy only of being despised.

  8. RE: Headbags. I use the term “Slave Rags” because it shows it as a vile practice AND shows that it is the person who is made to wear it is an oppressed victim.

    It shows a certain sympathy to the victims who are forced to wear it and that their fathers, husbands, other male relatives, their priests and their prophet are their slave masters – and everyone wants to free slaves.

    It shows that women who propogandize for such a vile thing are profoundly anti woman. Womens libbers would call these horrible women “Queen Bees” and slaves or African American political activists from the 60’s would would call them House N-words. They are betraying their own on behalf of their oppressors.

  9. EPIC FAIL hypocritical non Muslim leftie woman. THAT is a scarf like I would use for windy weather, NOT a Muslim headbag. Too much hair showing too, but she wont go that far of course and wear a real hijab/niquab/burkha (might make her look ugly )

  10. They aren’t misconceptions. VERY TRUE.

    Imagine the outrage in handing out poppies to Muslims who refuse to take part in honoring veterans on Memorial Day (in my opinion, cause enough to deport). Or even handing out a comb and a mirror to Muslim women so they can experience what beauty and freedom is like, because we infidel whores are so misunderstood?

    It is ALWAYS a one way street when it comes to Muslims and Islam.

      • Ohh I like that! British children are forced to become ‘Muslims for a day’ so why not force Muslim men to wear yarmulkes???

        PS I love Israel.

    • Yes…yes it is…
      A one-way OUT of OUR nations that OUR ancestots built that the muzzies are trying to steal.
      And it’s time more and more place started taking the initative and deporting the bastards in spite of the Fed laws and such.
      Feds lost the right to make and enforce laws when they started selling us out to the muzzies.

      Seriously, I’ve had it with them.
      islam = evil, life-destroying, sub-primate, despicable, slagwitted, inhuman, insane atrocious evl.
      BUT, NO way does even Satan get credit for such–the muzzies bear the burden of the evil that is islam that the practice THEMSELVES.

      That friend of mine who survived the gangrape took her life last night.
      She had an incredible future ahead of her; smart, intelligent and pretty. She’d planned on spening a few more years working at Daycare to get solid experience with kids, then setting up her own Nanny service, then having kids of her own.
      The ‘best of men’ brought the brakes to all that…filthy islamist slags.

      Here is what islam is and has done;
      She had her future stolen.
      The aftereffects of the gangrape, surgery and recovery left her in chronic severe pain.
      The disfigurement was so extreme that she gave up on working daycare and was ‘encouraged’ to do so because of concerns about how her appearance would frighten children.
      Here’s what her life had become…
      Wake up crying in pain, take high-powered painkillers, and spent the rest of the day blitzed, maybe taking thin soup now and then as painkillers tend to be rough on the stomach.
      She was an only child, so her parents are now going to be burying their only child this Holiday season…a child stolen by islam.

      I’ve lost 2 friends this year.

      I cannot state in any language how much I absolutely, utterly and fully Hate islam now.

      To all you islamists, and especially CAIR/CAIR Canada….
      This is YOUR fault. I Hold You Responsible for this.
      I and others see through your lies and obfuscations…and we will continue to carry the warning to all others.
      Get in the way and we will plough you under the permafrost.

      Leave the western nations now.
      Otherwise you will be shown the same mercy you show us.
      Ignore this Warning at your own accepting of the Consequences.

      You Have Been Warned.

      • Dear Mrs. Wilkins:

        I too, have had traumatic encounters with Islamslime and am very empathetic with others who have had similar experiences. I want to express my sympathies over the loss of your friend. This young woman had her life destroyed by one of history’s most inhumane and evil things to have ever existed- the muslim “religion.”

        This may not mean much in this, the immediate aftershock of such a tragedy… but once again my condolences to you and your husband on the loss of your friend; and to this poor girl’s parents. What an unfathomable sadness to bury your only child in December.

        Peace and strength as you shoulder this horrific burdern.

        • Thank-You very much Arjay for the kind words, sentiments and thoughts. :-) (HUG)
          I would ask what your encounters have been, but I do not wish to pry. The interest is there if you want to speak of such, from myself and others aslo I would imagine.
          As badly as I hurt, all I can think of is her parents, nice, normal people who’ve never harmed anyone–and the islami do this to their lives and likely pat themselves on the back for being big mohammedly-men.
          I lost a good friend, they lost their only daughter, and I cannot/do not want to lose sight of that, as it’s the main point.

          The damned islami handing out roses and hijabs…I hope they learn firsthand, soon just how wrong they are about this abomination of an ideology.
          They or others of the same ilk better not ever try it here–as far as I’m concerned this is spitting in my deceased friend’s gace and trampling the memory of her that her parents cherish.

          These shills for islam…they should be taken out and shot for treason, or better yet, handed over to some somali muzzies for a few minutes, long enough to Learn, not long enough to get truly injured, but battered a bit and bruised.

      • Marlene,
        the US senate was supposed to vote today on agenda 21. does Canada have anything like that in the works?
        Forced sterilizations etc etc etc IT’S untied nations plan to limit human population.
        should apply to all Muslims without exception.

        • That’s why (one of the reasons) we’re getting ready to go Sovereign if we have to. UN is strongarming all nations into A-21…
          Pretty sure there’s some kind of connection between the islamization and A-21…but I haven’t found proof to substantiate it yet.
          UN peacekeepers, if they try entering our city without Invite, Clearance and Unarmed WILL be fired on.
          We consider the UN to be an enemy power, and based on things…we can back it up, too.

          Besides, since when was it illegal to kill Genocidalists??
          Oh, right, we all have the legal Requirement to assist in our own extermination.
          They try moving on the Pagan community here and it’ll be an All-Out War.
          We were almost wiped out once.
          NEVER again and if we have to burn the UN to the ground as a lesson in why engaging in Genocidalism is such a bad idea, we bloody well will.

      • Oh dear!!!!

        Was this lady who killed herself the one who got so terribly battered that she couldn’t allow herself to even be seen by children??

        Either way, please accept my humblest possible condolences for this absolute TRAGEDY!!! This is so utterly NEEDLESS and never needed to have happened: one more statistic (in the eyes of somebody as psychotic as Stáljin!!!) against Islam…

        Mrs. Wilkins, I entirely agree with your holding ALL Islamists (though I would go further and hold absolutely ALL MOSLEMS) responsible for this MONSTROUS EVIL!!!! Furthermore, if you’re forced into seceding from Canada upon these grounds, I’ll be totally upon the side of you and your community – and may LOTS of other Canadian communities start rising up against this ideology as well as ALL totalitarianism, of whatever name it happens to be!!!!

        God Bless and Be with you, your husband and this poor woman’s parents, other relatives and friends in this ultra-dark time.

        • POSTSCRIPT: The only Moslems who eventually COULD be absolved of such responsibility are those who CONVERT AWAY from Islam – and who as part thereof blaspheme and publicly renounce it in such a way as to ensure that if ever they fall into Moslem hands, their lives will be over!!! [In other words, they’ll have to ALWAYS fear other Moslems being ready to kill them on the spot!!!!]

          Also, all such who do WILLINGLY undergo that process would have to be on probation for a good long time-period – I’d suggest not less than TWELVE (12) years!!!!

        • Yes, the same woman. I just got in from the Service for her.

          Thank-You for the condolences and words ADHD, they are appreciated! (HUG)
          I am done with any kind of even remotely moderate stance now, and here’s why.
          For some time now I have made the distinction between extremists and non-extremists.
          Calling for Muslims to stand with us and add their voices to ours.
          As we all know, most ‘moderate’ muslims are merely quiet supporters of the more extremist types–they know the zakat goes to funding terrorrism and other islamist activities.
          In not speaking out, instanding quiet, the ‘moderates’ are every bit as guilty as the fetid obcenities in human form that destroyed my friend and left her in such a state she really had no option but to take her life.

          There’s a handful of personal friends (Muslims) I will keep, but every other islami on this world is my enemy and the enemy of everyone I love.
          That’s pretty clear now.
          I hold CAIR Canada, the muzzies handing out flowers and lies, and all the rest of the Apologists, Denialists,Leftists, PolCorr-worshippers, and related ilk responsible for what happened to my friend as well as what’s happening right now to countless other people across the globe who are experiencing the same, or worse, right now.

          I do hope that more and more small communities, cities, townships take a stand and some headway gets made in truly beginning to expel this atrocity-exhibition of perversity and obscenity called islam.

          Thank-you again for your words and sentiments on all points. It’s appreciated, somewhat more than would be normal as Husband is away on business until Saturday, so I am enduring this somewhat alone for the time being.

          To any muzzies or muzzie-lovers reading this (and this includes YOU CAIR)
          I know what you’ll say ‘it wasn’t muslims who did it.’.
          Delialism, Taqqiya, & Apologism. In other words…Lies, nonsense, and obfuscation.
          We all know it here.
          More and more people will know it too.
          We will see islam made Extinct, Expunged from the face of Our world after exposing it as the falsely-cloaked fascist system it is.
          Give up and leave the Western Nations now, Europe & the Americas.
          In choosing to stay, you accept the consequences of what you’re bringing down on yourselves.
          We won’t tolerate you anymore.

        • Marlene, I am glad you have finally come to realize why honest Muslims always say there is no moderate or radical Islam. Islam is Islam, and Muslims follow the violent teachings of their holy books either actively or passively, but they all believe in the same thing.

        • I now see that Clearly–before, it was like glimpses through smoke, I could see it, but not well enough to really say how I did.

          Now, I see exactly how the ‘moderates’ are solidly to blame and complicit with the more active islami in their silence and playing at being Civilized when in fact these sub-primates are merely ape-ing us and are demonstratably not civilized in even the smallest degree, so repugnant that one cannot even call islami ‘savages’ as there’s many things islami do that savages just won’t..

          ‘moderates’ are the support mechanism, no more, no less.
          If nothing else, at least I see it now, a Lesson paid for by my friend at a very dear price.
          One I have learned fully, so at least in that small way her suffering and Final Act were not in vain.

          As you say, as R. Spencer and P. Geller state also…there’s NO such thing as a ‘moderate muslim’.
          …and this is a War.

          But of course, I might just be ‘misunderstanding’ islam, right? 😀
          The ‘perfect’ religion…
          Perfect only in that it is universally despised and held up as an example of Extremis of perversity and abomination.

          My Adahahsz (Inverse ‘Shahada’)

          “I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except The God, The Font of Life, and The Gods & Goddesses descended from them and Muhammad is not The God’s Servant and Messenger but an Abomination, false Prophet, the vilest of the Unclean & Obscene.”

          Open Letter To All islami;
          Angry? Pissed off? Hurt? Deal with it.
          I have done to your shahada what your fellow islami and yourselves in your complicity of silence did to my friend.
          How do you sub-primate muzzie Pestut’Skaya like the taste of it?
          Gonna run blubbering to CAIR? Please do…
          We’ll be dealing with that housekeeping problem soon enough.
          Leave the Civilized nations while you still can by choice.
          Or we’ll deport your inbred carcasses to whatever hellhole is convenient to us as a cost-effective dumping ground.

        • MW, being a good jihadist isn’t just about fighting. Financing/supporting jihadists is just as good and we know that some part of all charitable contributions that muslims make to mosques and islamic charities goes to holy warriors.

        • I’ve mentioned that before and again very recently that all the ‘good’ muzzies know damned well where the zakat goes and what it buys.
          These days, I see it all as Clearly as you do.
          They all lie, except when they make threats or are trying to kill us. By financing the more ‘active’ muzzies, they are as guilty as they are, I agree 100%.

  11. Woof woof and meow!

    MSA was, at one point, listed by Canada as a terrorist organization. Of course, they change their names so often, it can be hard to keep up and the corporate name for MSA may now be a numbered company for all I know, even if the numbers are in Aramaic or Arabic. I believe the reason it was on Canada’s list of terrorist organizations was because it raised funds to support terrorist activity. It is so easy, of course, for such an organization to re-structure its books then launch a legal challenge to get its name removed from the list but make no mistake about who this organization is and what it does on our university and college campuses.

    Before I was driven from my job by three thugs police enforced for who attacked me one night as I left campus where I worked, I belonged to the Campus Ministries. We booked a room every Wednesday from 11 a.m. until noon and it was booked by the MSA from noon until 1:00 pm. Days after the 9/11 attacks, Muslims began bursting into the room around 11:30 a.m. and noisily opening their lockers, taking out their prayers mats and praying. We invited them to join us but they rudely refused and claimed to need the room while we booked it because they had noon hour classes and needed to perform their noon hour prayers early so they wouldn’t miss any of the noon-hour classes. Hmmm.

    It was difficult to walk through the halls where the MSA always had their recruitment displays without one of them shoving photos of bloody people in your face and demanding you sign a petition to oppose Israel. They were huge on campus and because security enforced for them, I felt the Jewish students were at risk. I spoke out against a campus police officer who openly bragged she wanted to genocide all the Jews and it was after that I was attacked in the parking lot by 3 hooded thugs. One of those thugs was a man police knew was involved and whom police had earlier told me spelled his name the same way as “the famous Ukrainian terrorist”. But did police arrest him? No, they told me to shut up and leave town. Oh yeah, and that it wasn’t safe for me to return on campus without a police escort. Like I could afford that, as a mere lowly online instructor. So, they drove me from my job.

  12. Hey, girls! Welcome to slavery!

    Wow! What an opportunity!

    After fighting for equality, LADIES, TAKE A GIANT STEP BACKWARDS…

    …all the way to the 7th century! Wow!

    (Inbred and delusional!)

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