9 comments on “Slaves of Allah come out to support President Mohamed Morsi, the new Pharaoh of Egypt

  1. Morsi is off to a good start. He has declare himself Pharaoh and now he has slaves to build great monuments to himself. /sacrasm

  2. That is how stupid those “people” are, to call dictatorship, democracy in action and do it so the world can see it and expect people to think, ” well I guess they’re right.” But then again liberals do believe it, another example of really fkin stupid “people”.

  3. They saw no violence at this demonstration because this was a programmed demo by the M.B. which gets violent only when the other side demonstrates. What Egyptians should do with Morsi is what the M.B. did with Anwar Sadat.

  4. Another Islamic dictatorship is born!

    Hail! President-for-Life Morsi! Victory Hail! Oh Mightly Slayer of Pluralism and Equality! Down with women and ‘others’! UP WITH INBRED KILLER ZOMBIE JIHADISTS!

    Adolf Hitler got most of his supremacist ideas from Mohammed and the Turkish sultanate.

    More cousin marriage! Less thinking.

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