CANADA: ‘Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining’

Smiling Muslims in Calgary hand out roses with passages from the Quran to passersby, in an effort to whitewash the misogyny, bigotry, honor killings, homophobia, anti-semitism, Christian persecution, racism, forced child marriages, and more, that is inherent in the teachings of Islam.

Judging by the video, there are several Canadians who just can’t wait to drink the Koolaid.


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  1. Marlene Wilkins, A.I.R.A I like that name. Do you mind if I use it in my e-mail ‘Resistance’ writing against Islam? Is it okay to officially credit you as having coined that name? The more organisational names in checklist the stronger the image of the global resistance movement.

    • By all means, please do!!
      TY also for the Accreditation!! 😀
      Also, good point!

      I’m still getting used to signing this way…

      Marlene Wilkins
      Anti-Islamization Resistance Alliance

  2. Not being a religious person -all this God business doesn’t impress me -it has been a long time since-he- spake from a burning bush -long overdue for another -spake-still I respect the right for everyone to have their own beliefs -I could be wrong-I watched the video of the crucifixion of that poor man -what a terrible death and done all in the name of religion?well it;s not really a religion is it -it is a political ideology posing as a religion ,by male dominating -women hating -maniacs determined to destroy the planet with their hatred of everything that is not -Islam–“-When you take away the -humanity-you -kill your own -humanity-you attack your own -soul -because it is standing in the way”–Stan Goff-author.–Islam and it’s followers -muslims have lost their -humanity-back in the days of their -pedophile prophet -muhammad.

    • Valhalla,
      I suspect that religion aside, we all see the crucial points…
      This is a War again the ideology that will eradicate our Culture, Civilization, way of life, our nations, and our core Humanity.
      In this, Atheists stand alongside Born-Agains and Fundamentalists.

      islam is Anti-Human.

      Marlene Wilkins
      Anti-Islamization Resistance Alliance

  3. All one has to do is listen to the woman in the middle of the interview, she said what most people think, “oh we are all made by the same god” What a load of garbage,
    Allah is a pagan god and a lie picked up by muhammad, the servant of satan.

    Our God is the TRUE GOD, that’s all we need to know. We must tell others when we have the opportunity.

  4. Hi Marlene Wilkins, I just simply sign off most of my key communication with the following… Allan Ivarsson
    NSW Australia
    ‘Warrior Against Islam’
    Become a ‘Warrior Against Islam.’

    Warriors Against Islam is not an organisation; it is a universal spirit of being true to the ‘Free World’ always opposing ‘Totalitarian Islam’ rejecting its oppressive evil doctrine.

    Note: The words ‘Warriors Against Islam’ were coined by Australian ANZAC supporter Allan Peter Ivarsson in 2011 to identify the universal spirit of ‘Freedom Fighting’ resistance against Islamization of the World.

  5. The ignorant intellectually lazy people are always the first naive fools to buy the lie that Islam is Peace. What is needed with a rose is 6 page selection of ‘Satanic Verses’ in the Koran given as a handout.

  6. Albertans like to think of themselves as Conservative and strong, but it’s all BS
    When ya get right down to it, they are just as Liberal as Quebec and Onatario.
    But the rural floks in Alberta would have smelled this a mile away, where it would have been reffered to as “horseshit and gunsmoke” i.e smoke and mirrors.
    Muslimes don’t live in rural Alberta.

  7. Stalin was a charismatic man, so was Hitler, so it Obama, but they are all bitches of Satan. These people are only ignorant of the truth – they are not evil; they want to see the good in everyone, but believe you me, they will wake up.

  8. “Misunderstood faith”?!!..Horse sh–!!..The problem for the muslimes is NOT that us infidels DON’T understand; IT IS that we understand ALL TOO WELL just what Islam and its Pislamic supremacist adherents REALLY are!!….”Hatred”?!!… Can you say: Get away from me Asslifter”?!!

  9. I have always thought many Canadians, not all, are real pushovers and weak. wait till the Muslims grow in population, then they will see if they are really and truly tolerant or not. I respect Muslims like Zudhi Jassar but they seem to be a minority. Most the these useful idiots are totally ignorant about Islamic history and need to be educated. Of course if the OIC has their way that will become impossible.

  10. take a rose from a mussie dove and you end up a pigeon in a dandelion patch ! found in the book of no resonable reason for a muslim to be on this earth page 2 line 1

  11. Consumed with a zeal to conquer, enslave and destroy us, the Muslims are obeying the Quran to DECEIVE HATED INFIDELS. Barbaric mass murderer and huge slave trader, Mohammad, founder of Islam, declared:

    It’s way past time that groups of us start handing out flyers containing Quran commands to wage jihad, commit terrible atrocities against non-Muslim innocents and conquer our nations.

    Many people won’t take a flier, so handing out a flower WITH the flyer is a good idea. SAVE OUR COUNTRIES! SAVE OUR PEOPLE!

    • There’s plenty of info available online that’d make for truly thought-provoking flyers.
      What’s needed is some kind of symbol for our entire Resistance movement to make it immediately identifiable.
      Something simple, easy to remember…

      I’ve said this before, we have to use the islami tactics ourselves, turn such directly against them. Get in their ugly sub-primate faces and make folks aware of the truth,
      We too must practice legal ‘jihad’ (an element of our Dahijzh), but at the same time like the slags above, we must make everything ‘pretty’ and such so folks will accept it.

      We can also call ourselves CAIR if we wish…
      Council of Anti-Islamization Resistance.
      If CAIT tries suing, we just ignore it…the courts have sold out, therefore, we are under NO obligation to heed traitors or such as in becoming so biase, they have lost any credibility and capacity in motivationg heedance to legal pronouncements.
      They send out Cops to break up our demonstrations, we arrest and detain them then ‘repatriate’ them unharmed.

      If the islami bring violence to us…well…

  12. Good God! These people are just like o-bastard voters. Give them something shiny for free, and they are immediately, your biggest fan!

    • Shalom,
      Most westerners can not be bothered with reading the texts of their OWN religion; why would you think they would take time from their busy schedule of television and video games to read the books of someone else’s ideology?
      Ignorance is far more pleasant, peaceful entertaining and comforting than reality.

      • The hope of the future lies with the growing number of well educated, erudite atheists – we have read all the holy books and know where the bodies are buried.

        • As have and as do we Pagans.
          We know an enemy when we see one, and many of the bodies buried were of us.
          Religion aside, this is about saving our Culture, our Civilization, our Nations from the unwashed, cholera-dripping swarm of islami.

  13. me thinks there needs to be a counter-brainwashing group handing out grim reaper toys with some of the many verses in the hell-book that condone murder, rape and all the other lovely behaviours that come with islam, as well as some of the graphic pics showing the true piss-lam, sorta like the warning pics on cigarette packets.

  14. I wish I’d have been interviewed by the reporter. I would have told him that what they were doing is a form of Taqqiya, trying to lull us into a false sense of security, and that when their numbers are greater, we’ll be persecuted. I’d have told him of some of the quotes that aren’t attached to those roses. You know, about beating your wife, about the deficiencies of women, about slaying the non-believers, etc.

    • Sure you would have crankywhitewoman, as many of us would have also, but, the question really is, are they really prepared to hear the truth even if the interviewer was to post it, my guess is, no, their realitiy is nothing akin to ours. But, as many of us expect, they will meet it head on without a clue as to why but, be reasured it will be blamed on us though because their realities always needs someone to blame because of course it was never their own fault, right?

      • Well said Ret. Marine!
        They can go right ahead and blame us, as I must put this following question to u all;
        Do we really care what the sheep-faced would-be dhimmis have to say at this point?
        We work, we’re hated for it, targetted for it, attacked (online and off) and our war thus far is to catch those ones and few whose minds aren;t totally moribund with PolCorr and will do the checking for themselves and bring themselves around to the reality of the situation.

        The shhimmi, at the point we’re at now, aren’t to be hated, despised…they bleat only what they know and do not as yet know better.
        The islami though…my parents taught me a trick that’s saved me many times.
        How to ‘see through a smile’.
        And I can tell you right now those ‘smiling’ islami on this vid…what lays beneath that smile all of them wear is empty-eyed and ugly.

        Let them hate us, let them do their worst, it won’t stop us. If anything, it’ll make some folks all the more curious about WHY in the face of such hostility we are so resolute.
        As islamization spreads, we’re laying down a ‘minefield’ basically…when the inevitable riots and crap start, all these shhimmis will flash back on what we say—and realize we are right, we told the truth, we warned them.

        islamization itself will drive them en-masse to our banner and the Resistance will explode in growth.

        islam is doomed in the Americas, the muffars just dont realize it yet.
        Yes, CAIR will try it’s games…and we can ignore them. I don’t know about you, but I do NOT answer to Terrorists.

        Marlene Wilkins
        Anti-Islamization Resistance Alliance

  15. Just drink the Koolaid.

    We know what’s good for you. We have all the information.

    Just follow orders.

    Don’t think for yourself.

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