First France, then Britain, now Germany has NO-GO zones where non-Muslims live in fear

In certain areas of Germany, many residents refuse to go out of their houses at night alone because of Muslim invaders who refuse to integrate and instead join gangs to commit crimes and burglaries.

They call them ‘Los Arabs’ and as their numbers grow, they become emboldened and often clash with non-Muslim residents, police, and journalists. Young Muslims claim they have no respect for working people who only earn about 1200 – 1300 Euros. They prefer to commit burglaries where they can make up to 20,000  30,000 Euros.



30 comments on “First France, then Britain, now Germany has NO-GO zones where non-Muslims live in fear

  1. WOW It is way worse than I thought but fear not the Republic of Texas accepts all freedom loving peoples regardless of ethnicity. But be forewarned you step out of line, millions await to correct you but if that don’t work…….Jesus is the answer this world needs period!!!!!!!

  2. Hungary, mentioned in the video, indeed has a rising nationalist party, called Jobbik. Incidentally, however, they are against Gypsies, Jews and evangelical Christians and are, in fact, tied to Iran, the Roman Catholic Church and the Christian Reformed Church. Jobbik is opposed by above-said organizations (Jewish, evangelical Christian and Gypsy organizations), the democrats and the socialists.

  3. The Africans and Muslims will just turn the entire western world in to their 3rd world hell hole. It’s already happening. I think it will be much sooner that the video says.
    Sad thing is, there is nowhere on this earth where we white people can go to escape the madness.

  4. England -France -Germany -Belgium -by allowing -unlimited -migration and sharia law that has been their -downfall-the writing is on the wall for us Australians as they are floating in by the hundred -weekly-so far Sharia has not been sanctioned although we know they are pressing for it continually-all muslims live under this archaic law-the government has allowed -discrimination as they have given into their demands -prayer rooms -45,000dollar curtain to hide the women from the perverted eyes of their- men ?not -ours,halal in our food without -our permission or knowledge-we are on the slippery slope -we have organisations fighting against their intention ‘s to Islamize us but due to suppression of the media we don’t hear much of what is going on -if we don’t start standing up and making our voices heard we will soon be going down the plug hole like the rest of them.

  5. maybe germany needs to bring back units of the Africa Korps to clean up the rubbish in the fatherland somebody with the guts to say enough is enough

  6. Damn BNI my last comment posted was much more moderate than what I originally wanted to post. I guess the g*n*cide bit might be a bit over the top, but as I know CAIR monitors this site, I want them to see that there are “infidels” out here like myself that are just as willing to resort to violence as themselves and that some of us hate them as much as they hate us.

    • NK, There are buzzwords that set off alarms, the gen word being one of them and the e*termin*te being the other. CAIR knows exactly how we feel about them. They got this site shut down twice already. Please be careful.

  7. It won’t be long before we have the same problem here in the US. I for one look forward to this. There is only one way to deal with Muslim cockroaches. Go fuck yourselves CAIR

  8. They aiready have no go zones in America. This is obamas plan, muslims take over this country and make it the 58 islamic state. What is sad is that those who support obama are the same ones supporting islam. Peace to all non-muslims who know what our government is doing to destroy this country.

    • Dearborn Michigan is one of the worst no-go zones in the US, as far as I know. And you are correct about Obama’s plan…it is painful watching millions of people cheer him on like he doing them a favor. Clueless. Enjoy what freedom you still have, it will soon be a distant memory.

  9. Hey i just wanted to let you know that even muslims are against the extremist jihadi muslim. The shia’s are more open then the bearded fucks who are in europe trying to take away your rights. Im just saying in this war the shias alongside the chrisitans such as it is in lebanon,syria and iran can live side by side. The problem is the ideologies of sunni salafi and wahhabi islam whcih teached to take the quran to the fullest. Those are the bearded fucks who protest all accross Europe and demand Sharia law. Lebanon is under hezbollah control yet christians and even jews live their because for them the beef with israel is all political not religious. For the sunnis its all religion based and their form of islam is the worst form of islam. The worst part is that they have mosques in the U.S which teach these form of islam. Hezbollah recently had a few clashed with these salafi extremists in lebanon. Its all more complicated then you think but in the end i would rather fight with shia hezbollah against an extremist salafi.sunni or wahhabi group.

    • REALLY?!?!??? How about the extreme brutality of the wholesale persecution of Christians in Iran??? Ever heard of Pastor Yusef Nadarkhani and how dreadfully he suffered??

      • And yet again is suffering: poor Pastor Nadarkhani was re-arrested ON CHRISTMAS DAY ITSELF and is being forced to serve the rest of his sentence at the barest minimum!!!! Almost certainly they’ll murder him in jail, especially as now they arrested his lawyer and condemned the latter to nine years in prison merely for defending Pastor Nadarkhani!!!!!

  10. Stop the TREASON! End Muslim immigration immediately! The Quran teaches HATE, VIOLENCE and MASS MURDER of NON-MUSLIMS.

    Koran 9:5 “Kill Jews and Christians wherever you find them”.

    Traditionally, Muslim conquerors have given non-Muslims three choices:

    1. Convert to Islam.
    2. Pay the jizya – the blood ransom tax paid to Muslims for allowing non-Muslims to live.
    3. Be put to death.

    Treasonous Western ruling elites have imported many millions of Muslims into our countries to enable Muslims to OBEY the Quran command to wage jihad against us and conquer our nations.

    In response to non-stop Muslim violence against non-Muslims, wicked Western ruling elites continue to massively import Muslim infidel-haters into our countries in order to increase Islam’s war against us.

    Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39)

    Join the European Freedom Parties and European Defense Leagues
    Join EDL (English Defence League)
    Join British Freedom – Britain’s last great hope!

  11. France, Britain, Germany, Russia, Australia … all voted for a Palestinian state in the heart of Israel.

    Islamization in those countries is God’s judgment on them. Let them go for it. How can you save someone who loves the devil?

  12. After a thousand years history is repeating itself. The worldwide push by islam for domination will end in bitter defeat.
    While the politicians moralize & pontifcate, the rich flee in terror to a safe haven it will be the people who will defend their lands.
    Our generation may not live long enough to see it but it wiill come.
    Teach youtr children.

  13. Enough with all that crap! Time to turn the tide around and refuse to NOT go as you please on YOUR turf, as more and more of us are doing here.

    Ponder on this from Sun Tzu for a moment:
    “All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.”

    Which is exactly how it needs to be done, and when you think about it, no that difficult to apply, as you’re the ones with brains, not them. Remember that you are dealing with a bunch of absolute cowards when on their own, and even in packs, incapable of engaging in a “clean fight”, as in empty handed, that you can be sure of. And of course, in their supreme arrogance, they not only place themselves above our laws, they also have the nerves to paradoxically use our laws to protect themselves and always portray themselves as victims. Well enough of that, and if stooping down to their level is what it takes for the message to sink-in that who’s boss is NOT them and never was, then so be it. With that in mind, as they do, travel in pack and always remember that you are on YOUR turf, so time to stand your ground and go on the offense, because they have a hell of a lot more to lose than we do; they are the ones engaged in a massive deception, not us.

  14. Islam is the ultimate in the Looter / leech mentality. But I have to wonder, what will happen when the productive people refuse to produce any more??? Will they turn more cannibalistic than they are already??? Who, then, would be “The Last Man Standing” ???

  15. It is high time to start getting rid of the bad Muslims. This can’t go on like this. Our liveli hood is being ruined. I didn’t think they could ever nail Germany but it seems that Germany don’t have the Hitler kind of people no-more. What is Merkel going to do about this Muslim jihad?

      • God Almighty FORBID!!!! Moslems DON’T understand or care for ANY conciliation or “appeasement” – only the maximum use of the cruellest possible force!!! When they riot and make their demands (including when they “pray” in the streets), the correct way to deal with them is NOT with kid-gloves but THE POLAR OPPOSITE!!!!!…

      • Wrong! I am not some libtard. I am a member of the European Tea Party and the CSU political party.
        Your statement is pure bullshit.

        I am an American and I have been living here in Germany since 1994. I speak the language and know the system. Yet I am still an American.

        I would suggest reading the constitution and something like the bill of rights of Germany. Once you have done that please let me know.

        Germany does not cater to every religion. We also dont have a very loud minority screaming against christmas and weak willed conservatives cave in. Instead there is a small amount of respect.

        Please get back to me after you have read the German constitution.

  16. ….and as always, the Leftist politidhimmis ‘don’t see a problem’.

    It’s tantamount to standing in a burning house and claiming all’s fine and dandy.

    This is why our leaders that seel out to islami interests are NOT to be listened to, heeded.
    They Are Traitors.

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