Egyptians thank our dear leader for his support and financial aid that helped to install a dictator who is far worse than Hosni Murbarak ever was.

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  1. My guess is that we (We the Patriots) will continue to suffer at the hands of these liars, the obama’s bin lyn regime until one day it will start with the announcement of some not making it home for supper. It will come in spats, it will continue, it will get louder and stronger as others begin to realize what is really taking place, while at the same time listening to the main scream liars pronouncements of bizzar incidences taking place in all kinds of areas, and as if on clue, don’t know what to make of it other then to announce again they are surprised at the latest.

    What is it we can do about any of this, not a damned thing and the sad part is we know it. While I hesitate to announce further perdicitions, I can say with certianity, we ain’t seen nothing yet by way of the corruption we witness daily. The many of the few will sit there like the good stooges they are, vote the correct way and still suffer at the hands of the few, the foreever pissed off, and the mad as hell gang while they continue with the destruction of the very institutions that once made them proud to proclaim the title of an American.

    I understand the frustrations we face together but, truth be told, we’ve been sold lock, stock and the whole shebang down the river by those professing to be the fundamental transformers of this land we once caledl the home of the brave and the land of the free. Narily a vioce in opposition, even if so, called a “nut case” by accounts to the very ones who pocess about as much common sense as a field rat, about as much gunpsion as a night crawler, and the intellect of a stone. But, hey we are just racist right. Since when did it become racist as to our concern of the corrupted, I guess when the “iwon” dipsticker fooled these same field rats along with their nightcrawler friends and the rock they picked up for their entertainment for the evening. Sounds about right, does it not? So I ask: what good does it do any of us while we complain, let out our frustrations one bite at the time, what good indeed. We are dealing with people with no-love of Country, destroyers of the public trust, liars, theives and murderers of humanity, as if this is something new to us all. Doubt it. It only gets worse as we continue down this road to destruction of our institutions, values and traditions. But, yeah we are the racist-right?

    Let it be said, well some of us anyway, why we are no one’s fools, trust in this beast and suffer at it’s hands because it is no surprise to anyone with a brain a powerful enough beast who hands out pleasures to the idiots above the rightous is also poweful enough to take it away, at any time it deams necessary. And what good will it do them even if they too complain about it. Now, instead of ” just” worring about the powerful beast and it pension of giving and taking as it pleases, they will have to deal with the few voices screaming from our rooftops at the top of our lungs, STOP you DAMNED FOOLS, what the F are you doing while being dened the very thing they continued to vote for, all of our freedoms taken away as some please, talk about some payback, wow, are they in for one hell of a surpise, what they failed to realize are those among them who saw this beast headed in their direction and made preperation for the ambush. Let’s just all face the facts here shall we, the only thing we are going to be able to do is provide for the ones around us, who, like the rest of us, saw this beast headed in our direction and made preperation for it. The rest of them, they are going to have to provide for themselves, if they are able, we should hold no reservations as to their individual plights, we don’t own it, they do. The law of Nature stipulates, only the strongest survive, and we shall indeed, not because we were that much smarter then they who sold their inheritence to the devil, only because we reconized the devil in the first place, and again made preperations to meet him head on with no fear. Stay strong people with faith, common sense, and prayer, it is ours to rebuild because the only thing they ever learned was to destroy.

    Going GALT, starve this beast.

  2. The same is Obama doing with the “palestinians”: there is a part of palestinians who want get brid of the islamic dictatorship represented by Hamas and Hizbolah (Syria).
    Those palestinians are pro-Israel and have a right to live in peace but Obama and the EU and the UN are selling the democracy and freedom of some arabs for a gallon of gasoline.
    This is socialism !! this is Obama and his voters ! this is the EU !! this is the UN !!
    a sad image of how degenerated can be an international organization.

  3. Obama has another vote for caliph when Islam re-unites: the WikiLeaks on his watch enabled the “Arab Spring” to overthrow independent Muslim leaders who had been cooperating with the West, isolating Israel and crippling the US economy should make him a shoo-in to lead the new 57 nation, nuclear-armed caliphate!

    • I listened to this earlier today. I agree that Muslims can never be true Americans (Canadians, westerners) because of their religious duty to abide by Sharia Law and replace infidel laws with Allah ones. We see this truth in history and in the present…one would think with all the government studies, they would have figured out that importing Muslims means the end of our way of life as we know it. I guess the left vote is worth sacrificing freedom for. Idiots, cowards, liars. Muslims are evil to their inbred core and do not belong among us.

  4. LOVE THIS!! hope those retards in Obama Admin see this so they know that the whole world sees Obama for what he really is! the funder of Islamic SHARIA dictatorships, Check out his history with Kenyan muslim cousin Odinga, whom he promoted and campaigned for in Kenya elections , What was cousin Odingas platform? to Install SHARIA into Kenya( which is 95%christian) ban christian broadcasting, and promote ISLAM as the nations religion….so no surprises here, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, but you won’t read all the facts about Odinga from the US media, because the US media are Obamas Bitches

  5. Oh the Arab Spring, how wonderful. No comment from Obama, too busy stealing your money and freedom while laughing about it on the golf course.

    Seriously, who in their right mind believed the Muslim Brotherhood wouldn’t do this??

  6. I just got off a HuffPo thread trying (I know, I know, what were you thinking?) to explain to some brain-dead liberal (redundant) just how truly Obama fucked up the ME, going back to O’s Cairo ‘New Beginning’ speech in 2009. The real question is whether O is naive or calculating. I’m leaning toward the latter.

    • Reason, do not ever underestimate him. He is not naive, and everything he does is precisely calculated to fit the Saul Alinsky/Muslim Brotherhood agenda. I am pretty sure his biggest contributors are Arabs.

  7. They’ve been in the streets for the past week or so over there (Egypt) and NOT one word from any of the MSM?? Unless I missed it?? But NOTHING from Dear Learder about his Bro’s in the Hood!!! And how Morsi FLED the palace there today b/c of the demonstrations in front of it and in every other city in Egypt today. NOT one word! Did Fox carry any of it? Yes, OPOS, YOU own this along with Hilltard! It’s what Ovomit wanted but I don’t think he counted on the ” Egyptian people” who are NOT going to put up w/Morsi’s Islamic/Sharia shit! Now if we could Only get some brains in this country to do the same thing to dear leader before we’re destroyed!

    • Shaz, yes Hannity had Brigitte Gabriel on tonight with a Muslim who was arguing that there is nothing radical about Morsi and the people who are demonstrating in the streets aren’t against sharia law but just some “nuances” to the amendments in the constitution. Hannity actually did a pretty good job of invalidating the Muslim’s arguments as did Brigitte, of course. FOX has had regular coverage of the riots.

  8. This photo sums it up well. I agree with Linda Rivera not one more dollar to help Muzzie countries- cut them off from the Western World; let’s bring it on ‘Federation of Free World’ versus ‘Federation of Islamic World.’ Toss all Muslim nations out of the United Nations or resign from UN.

  9. Not one more dollar to ANY Muslim country or organization.

    Not one more dollar to Hamas-Gaza-PLO Palestinian Authority Muslim Terrorist OCCUPATION FORCES.

    Stop FORCING non-Muslims to finance Muslim terrorists!

    Never forget. Palestinian Authority Muslims CELEBRATED with great joy and delight the cruel slaughter of our cherished 3,000 on 9/11. THOUSANDS of INHUMAN PA Muslims danced in the streets, passed out sweets and fired into the air.

    Muslims celebrated 9/11 in countries around the world.

    • I TOTALLY agree with you, Ms. Rivera!!!! Furthermore, I would recall ALL Westerners out of dar al-Islam IMMEDIATELY!!!!

      Also, my suspicion is that if something were to happen to Obama, not a few people worldwide would actually rejoice. [Granted, enough would not only mourn but riot and worse…] .

      Either way, the sooner all ties between the West and dar al-Islam are broken, with all Westerners being OUT of the Islamic world and all Moslems being out of the West (and that simply can’t happen soon enough!!!!!), the better it will be for ABSOLUTELY EVERYBODY!!!!

      [As to this story: indeed Morsi is infinitely worse than Hosni Mubarak, let alone Anwar Sadat – who at least did transcend his religion and beliefs to bring himself to go to Israel and finally negotiate a peace-treaty that has still survived after over 30 years in the face of all the odds… I also give him credit for helping and giving refuge to Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, the late Shah of Iran, in his last days – in complete contrast to the despicable Jimmy Carter, who betrayed one of our staunchest allies ever and who was bringing his country well along in its development and culture, another man who was not tied down by this Satanic religion!!]

      • While we’re at it, it could be said that the Shah was too merciful with at least one of his sworn enemies, Ruhollah Khomeini. Somebody more ruthless and genuinely cruel would have seen to this “ayatollah’s” murder in the same way that Stáljin did with Ljév Brónshtain (Tróckiy) – not that I’ve absolutely ANY love for that monster Iósif Vissariónovich, but he sure knew not to trust somebody who had definite charisma, evil as he too was…

      • ADHD, behind the scenes Mubarak was a friend to Israel and vice versa. Israel trained a lot of their Army. Mubarak was the one who pushed Israel to attack Gaza in 2009. So did Abbas, for that matter. I posted those stories here back then.

    • Linda, the president invited the Moslim brotherhood into the white house and gave them 2.5 billion dollars. and had Hillary help them with an IMF loan. (which never gets paid back)

    • I can’t help thinking of that old saying on this one: “Be careful what you ask for; you just might get it”!! They wanted a muslime ruler; and NOW that is what they have!! And the sign that ballsy gentleman is holding in the above photo says it all!!

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