BELGIUM: Outraged citizen interrupts swearing-in ceremony for newly elected radical Islamist Councillor

The new Muslim councillor has a radical Islamic agenda and has long been an outspoken proponent of Sharia Law for Belgium. The angry protester is told to shut up and and leave.

Right Perspective  Two Muslim candidates vowed to establish an Islamic state in Belgium based on Sharia law, after winning local elections in Brussels two weeks ago.

Air Jeddig L’Houcine and Redouane Ahrough (photo left and in above video), both from the fledgling Islam Party, handily won seats in two major districts of the Belgian capital Brussels, Molenbeek and Anderlecht, respectively. The election was October 14th.

“Islam is compatible with the laws of the Belgian people,” the two councilors assured skeptics during an October 25 press conference in a tea room in Brussels. “As elected Muslims, we embrace the Quran. We consider Islam as a universal religion. Our presence at the council gives us the opportunity to express ourselves,” Ahrough told reporters.

transcript of the press conference shows the candidates praised Islam as having “allowed the emergence of European civilization” while insisting their faith has evolved into something compatable with coservative-libertarian ideology. But an Islam Party campaign flier distributed during the election shows its ultimate goal is to establish the main tenants of Sharia law in their districts. The top three platforms listed were to establish Halal meals in cafeterias, government recognition of Muslim holidays, and allowing the hijab to be worn publicly.

During a political run ten years ago, Ahrough distributed a 40-point platform that included bringing back capital punishment, legalizing teen marriage, severity towards divorce, and a ban on mixing of the sexes in public places – all key points of Sharia law.

Not only did Ahrough not denounce his old agenda last week, he said it was still the same, with the ultimate goal of creating an Islamic state based on Sharia law in Belgium.


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  1. To sum it all up in this sorry instance in Belgium and the imminent death of European and national culture in the whole of stupid PC western Europe….

    There is an old tale about the man who one winter finds a frozen rattlesnake and takes him inside his home and lets him warm near his fire and survive. When the snake revives it proceeds to bite the man. As the man lay dying the snake says to him ” ..well you knew I was a rattlesnake when you took me in”

  2. To say that the belgians deserve it is very low… They never got properly informed and are indoctrinated from childhood. Just one of the blessings of marxism..

    There wont be any resistance, to many il informed dhimmi’s that wil defend multiculturalism to the death…

  3. Take note of all those white cowards that just sat there. The muslim lied through his teeth and everyone watched – sickening, except for that good man with a brain.

  4. Belgium and Britain are gone. soon the rest of Europe and the West. it’ll be fighting in the streets as shown in that video. the world will be in a Second Dark Age. only this time it’ll be darker than the first time around.

  5. This morning, I was haunted by the Pakistani Christian’s desperate pleas for our help:

    “Are you in the west not our brothers and sisters?
    You have forsaken us my sister…”

    I was close to tears. Our leaders have colonized our countries with many millions of Muslims and abandoned Christians, Hindus and Sikhs as prey for cruel, merciless Muslims in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Egypt…

  6. Second comment by the Christian in Pakistan on worldnetdaily article “Syria’s civil war a cover for killing Christians?” :

    Proverbs 21:12 The Righteous One takes note of the house of the wicked and brings the wicked to ruin.

    Are we not the Righteous??? And you in the west not our brothers and sisters?

    Psalm 22:1 My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? Why are you
    so far from saving me, so far from the words of my groaning?

    You have forsaken us my sister, we are being mercilessly crushed..”

    Linda India is taking a lot of Hindus but there are just too many.
    As for us, I personally have had my visa rejected by both the British and the US government. I had enough money. I had to go through the humiliation of seeing these bearded mullahs get their visas at both consulates!!!
    How does this work?

    What is wrong with your people??
    Did you know that a mentally challenged girl was put on death row after a mullah said she blasphemed against Islam! Every other month our people are burnt to death in their homes on this blasphemy pretext. Check the news.
    What is wrong with you western countries? Is this how Rome fell after everyone become a left winger and the Barbarians reached the gates…
    Its time for destroying their house of evil.”

  7. I am posting the comments made by a Christian on worldnetdaily article: “Syria’s civil war a cover for killing Christians?” The Christian lives in Pakistan and wants the world to help them:

    “Its the far left that binds your arms and feeds the Islamist to continue their killing and abuse of Christians in Muslim lands.
    Its time that the Muslims were portrayed as they really are evil, regressive and violently teleological.
    We in Pakistan are suffering dearly. They can pick up our women at will and force them to convert, the court system then protects them. they then keep them as second or third wives with a “lower Status”. We are unable to get jobs. Mobs come and burn our houses. The Hindus have it even worse. Thousands have migrated. Please help us.”


  8. God bless and many thanks to the brave, moral, ethical patriotic brother who stood up for the freedom and human rights of ALL non-Muslims in all Western countries!

    Join the European Freedom Parties and European Defense Leagues!
    Join EDL and British Freedom – Britain’s last great hope!

  9. Look at all those sniveling cowards lining up to have their throats slit, and silencing the only voice of reason in the room.
    There aren’t enough words for how sickening it is.

  10. I hope this brave man is not persecuted for his truthful statements . Freedom of speech disappeared some time ago, when political correctness became the new religion of dhimmi’s. It will be their downfall.

  11. What I see there are a bunch of dhimmis. They have already surrendered. If you don’t like the Sharia, then leave. That is what the lone protestor was told and he left. No one else said a word or left. Welcome to Belgistan.

  12. Belgium’s have just put an irreversible decision into the hands of Islam. There is no turning back any more and with every election they have, they’ll see a few more elected. With the breeding rate of Muslims 6 times higher than Belgium’s natives, it won’t be long before all the politicians are Muslims. 10 years max.

  13. The Belgians were interrupted in their love of all things fascist totalitarian and Jew-hating in 1945; they have found a new love; islamo-nazism. Just look at the faces of the middle-aged hags sitting there loving the muzz and contemptuous of the man speaking out. Can’t wait for the crocodile to rush in and crunch them all up!

  14. Obviously the cowardly Belgians do not mind condemning their grandaughters to the hijab, child marriage,and Sharia Law where a woman is worth half that of a man and is always a males property, her fathers, husbands or brothers..chattel

  15. Well the Belgians can never -ever say they weren’t told -this man has been very explicit and said Belgium would be an Islamic state-they are like lambs being led to the slaughter ,the only one that had his eyes open was the one they evicted from the meeting,the swearing in was a shambles,as their only allegiance is to Islam and sharia law -they do not shake hands with a woman or look you in the eye -they are shifty and -slimy -the Belgians are committing -genocide as they will be bred out by these scum bags-they deserve what they have asked for. -evil Islam and sharia.

    • Come on valhalla, no ones deserves this treatment, it’s a very bad combination when two parties, islam, and the progressive slave drivers out number those of better desires. It’s not all their fault for the demise they have been made to suffer under. But it is up to them to rid themselves of this slave mentality, that’s their to do with such as they may.

  16. Willful ignorance allowed Islam to progress this far, but how long will it take people in the West to wake up and deal with the problem as it requires?

    • Odds are never as a whole. My guess is we will disintegrate into territorial tribal factions constantly at war. That’s the blessing of islam, tribal warfare and devo to the dark age. We’re boarding a time machine set for the dark age. Aint islam grand?

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