DESPICABLE! Global media coverup that the 3 soccer players who beat Dutch referee to death were Muslims

Even worse, most reports don’t even mention that the country of origin of the players is Morocco.

Photo of murdered Dutch linesman at right.

Islam vs Europe posted this coverage from the Guardian:

Richard Nieuwenhuizen was doing what he loved: watching his son play football and helping out his local club by running the touchline as a volunteer linesman. On Monday the 41-year-old father’s passion for football cost him his life.

Prosecutors announced on Tuesday they were charging three players, two 15-year-olds and a 16-year-old, with manslaughter, assault and public violence for alleged involvement in a vicious attack on Nieuwenhuizen after a youth match between two local clubs, Buitenboys and Nieuw Sloten. The players, whose identities were not released, will be arraigned on Thursday at a closed-door hearing.

Prosecutors released no details of a possible motive and the Buitenboys club chairman, Marcel Oost, said the reason for the attack was not certain.

BNI reader, Diane H, sent me one story in the Dutch media that finally does identify the players as Moroccans, though adds that violence at soccer games is not a “minority” problem, trying to minimize the fact that Muslims account for a majority of crimes in certain areas of the Netherlands.

The 3 arrested thugs “Algemeen Dagblad” are Moroccans.  According to a report of the Interior Ministry from November 2011 40 percent of Moroccan immigrants were arrested, aged between 12 and 24 years within the last five years for crimes in the Netherlands, convicted or indicted. In districts with a majority population of the juvenile marokkanischstämmigen already achieved 50 percent. It demonstrates the utter failure of multiculturalism.

Blogger  Tundra Tabloids  has this via BadNewsFromTheNetherlands: “It was a racist murder.”

Marcel Oost, Chairman of the SC Buitenboys, the club to which murdered linesman Richard Nieuwenhuizen belonged, said that almost all players of the Nieuw Sloten team shook his hand after the match. Only the three Moroccan players of the club threw him on the ground and started to kick and hit him on the head and neck.

Indications that this may be a racist murder have been hidden by almost all of Dutch media. Journalist Joost Niemoller wrote that if a Moroccan linesman had been killed by three white youngsters, the same media would have published many articles about white racism.



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  1. It is NOT a Muslim problem. It’s a racial problem. Do you really think that white Muslims would gang up like this?

    the “anti-Muslim” trap is created (around end of 1990’s) to make us shut up about the racial problem. I am a Christian, but to be honest, I would rather live in my own country with 100% whites and the majority racially aware Muslims, than 100% Pakistanis eating traditional food of my country, listening to traditional music of my country, etc, etc, and all having converted to Christianity. I am not saying I want the former, but that it’s better than the latter.

  2. DISPICABLE, no, actually this is the usual, it is the norm for these cowards. They can’t have the truth get out, even though anyone paying attention to the 20+thousand ( worldwide ) attacks since 911 know the truth of the matter, they are the very definition of a dhimmi, their cowardice regarding this inncident or others as to not offend these murderers of humanity. least they too get put in the line for desposal themselves, be-headings and all of the glorious undertakings for the sake of allah. Think of all of the payback that would insue, hey they can’t have that, the idea is to economically take down capitalism and freedoms through the pocket books of the sucessful and courageous free thinkers and doers, this cult and it’s fascination with death, destruction and mayham is just their version of , hey lookeee here a shiney object, pay no attention to that while they continue to devestate the economies all around them, for the ends justify their means, right.

    Anyone surprised at the amount of cowardice coming from the world governments, or the screaming liars of the public disinformation outlets, it shouldn’t be any surprise at all. They’ve got to get everyone in the same line in order for the take-down to occure, with minimun sweat off their asses, right? Do you reallty they have placed well over two billion rounds of lead on order for target practice, do yah? They sure as hell have a surprise in store for them, while they believe we are as stupid and mislead as they (useful idiots) are, talk about a true definition of arrogance. The TRUTH, That is what they really fear, we know it, they know it, and they can’t be having the whole world reconizing it as their false fronts, stories, least they be preceived as the cowards they illistrate to us daily with their lies, half-truths and misdirection to the masses. Here, as in this typical incident of not exposing their shock troops in action, aluaacfuckbars, islamist, they almost have everyone thinking it is useless to fight them, some of us know better, many more are on board with our resolve, dedicated to the fight for equal justice for all, not kowtowing to their demands, all they can do is keep their sheeples ( low information voters) from accessing the full truth of their agenda or once they have that light ( of finally reconizing the full truth of their agenda) go off in the center mass they claim to be a brain, they too will abandon this outrageous bullshit coming from these fricken traitors pie-holes and that is a reality they need not suffer at any cost as illistrated by their lies, got to keep the sheeples fat and happy for the slaughter, right? yeah good luck with that approach scooter, when the last thing on your mind is the flash at the end of a barrel propelling a little piece of lead at the rate of 3240fps, maybe then they might understand our reslove to never again allow them the ideas leading to the hundreds of millions who have already perished from this earth all beacause of their plans or by their self proclaimed virtue of an utopia on this earth, to be realized ever again. “payback is best served cold” But, their usual covering up of the truth, that standard practice for these cowards. That should be pretty obvious to everyone by now.

    Going GALT, starve this beast, now.

  3. RELIGIOUS MURDER, Not racist! Muslim murders of non-Muslims are RELIGIOUS murders. It is profoundly evil that global media and governments are far more concerned about covering up for Islam than they are for PROTECTING victims and future victims of the religion of hate and mass murder. Eternal shame on global media and governments.

  4. What is further disturbing about this story of a racially motivated anti-white murder… was the circumstances and location of the crime. From what I am reading here… a soccer game had ended and as per custom OF CIVILIZED ATHLETES, the two teams of players were shaking each other hands after the game.

    Sportsmanship in action- shake a hand; win or lose. Instead this middle-aged man is immediately attacked by 3 muslim teen males (who obviously were physically equal in body proportions to this man- or even “bigger than him”). How do I know this? Well, from what I know of Islamadoodles…. THEY ARE BULLIES and if they weren’t at least his physical equal the COWARDS would never had tried anything.

    No the “further disturbing” part. That sports field obviously had other adults and physically fit teens RIGHT THERE AS THE CRIME BEGAN! Why didn’t THESE OUTNUMBERED ISLAMADOODLES have their asses tackled and incapacitated immediately by the dozen(s)? other players on that field?

    What are the other details? Did the adults and other teen players let the Islamic players leave the field? Were they arrested in the locker room? Why didn’t any referee, player or “soccer dad” take the nearest hard object and CRACK A MUZSCUM SKULL?

    It would horrify me to be in a public place and surrounded by able-bodied bystanders and have NO ONE intervene. Honestly, folks if at least one non-Islamist would have tried to fight those punks… WOULDN’T there have been a rush of the soccer team to come to the defense of their fellow soccer dad?

    Where are the Dutch MEN? The fact that there is no mention of police arriving to find these 3 worthless sacks of shit immobilized, bleeding and having 5 strapping soccer youths sitting on their backs a piece… disappoints me.

    What is the sollution? Are any sporting events in the Netherlands now supposed to have armed security guards at every soccer or hockey game?

    As the holidays and New Year approaches; how sad that this poor murder victim’s family will not be celebrating, but mourning. My thoughts are with them. As for the murderers…. I am assuming Dutch law treats minors “differently” just like in the States. Which means these Islamscum will probably not even be punished. Sickening.

  5. Whitewash of the highest order B there calling the crusades the most grotesque undertaken by our species lol at.times I know it was brutal but the mohamadans were every bit as brutal leftist seem happy to airbrush that from history shame on them

  6. Off topic B sitting now watching mankind the history of all of us Reza aslan is he noy one of those cair pigs why are the history channel want his opinion also the natrator is the notorious hater of Christianity Stephen Fry ten minutes in and the Saudis cudnt have put out better PR programe anyone got a contact for the history channel ?

      • Bonni, I read this article a few days ago and there was no mention of the killers being “Asian” and their names weren’t mentioned, but in my heart I knew they were Muslim, and lo and behold! Hideous, vile scum of the earth!

        • Billy, please don’t call them ‘Asian.’ It is very insulting to real Asians – Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, etc. who hate being lumped together with Muslims. This is the British idea of Political Correctness and it stinks.

      • The History channel does lean left, sneaky hard left if you listen carefully. This permeates in all the discovery information that is affiliated with the History Channel. It is skewed in such a way as to make you FEEL guilty of what your ancestors did or did not do. Changing the parameters of the real historical facts is the goal. Thus bringing a change to the actual environment and social meanings which is different than what it was at the time of the actual incident. Just, as the higher scholastic institutions of this nation skew the thought process of our youth today. Always use modern morals to judge the past and that which are slanted to achieve the desired results for the current LIES.

  7. Most people now feel like throwing up when they even hear the word Islam, Muslim or Shariah.

    Show me one thing that Islam has brought other then death, destruction and mayhem. This vile scum will someday be wiped from the face of the earth.

    • Not if our puppet pres has anything to say about it, I bet he (Barry) if that is his name, will be moving them Muslims in by the Drone full by thee end of his term…

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