DESPICABLE! Global media coverup that the 3 soccer players who beat Dutch referee to death were Muslims

Even worse, most reports don’t even mention that the country of origin of the players is Morocco.

Photo of murdered Dutch linesman at right.

Islam vs Europe posted this coverage from the Guardian:

Richard Nieuwenhuizen was doing what he loved: watching his son play football and helping out his local club by running the touchline as a volunteer linesman. On Monday the 41-year-old father’s passion for football cost him his life.

Prosecutors announced on Tuesday they were charging three players, two 15-year-olds and a 16-year-old, with manslaughter, assault and public violence for alleged involvement in a vicious attack on Nieuwenhuizen after a youth match between two local clubs, Buitenboys and Nieuw Sloten. The players, whose identities were not released, will be arraigned on Thursday at a closed-door hearing.

Prosecutors released no details of a possible motive and the Buitenboys club chairman, Marcel Oost, said the reason for the attack was not certain.

BNI reader, Diane H, sent me one story in the Dutch media that finally does identify the players as Moroccans, though adds that violence at soccer games is not a “minority” problem, trying to minimize the fact that Muslims account for a majority of crimes in certain areas of the Netherlands.

The 3 arrested thugs “Algemeen Dagblad” are Moroccans.  According to a report of the Interior Ministry from November 2011 40 percent of Moroccan immigrants were arrested, aged between 12 and 24 years within the last five years for crimes in the Netherlands, convicted or indicted. In districts with a majority population of the juvenile marokkanischstämmigen already achieved 50 percent. It demonstrates the utter failure of multiculturalism.

Blogger  Tundra Tabloids  has this via BadNewsFromTheNetherlands: “It was a racist murder.”

Marcel Oost, Chairman of the SC Buitenboys, the club to which murdered linesman Richard Nieuwenhuizen belonged, said that almost all players of the Nieuw Sloten team shook his hand after the match. Only the three Moroccan players of the club threw him on the ground and started to kick and hit him on the head and neck.

Indications that this may be a racist murder have been hidden by almost all of Dutch media. Journalist Joost Niemoller wrote that if a Moroccan linesman had been killed by three white youngsters, the same media would have published many articles about white racism.