Did you know that 99% of the names on the TSA ‘NO-FLY’ List are Muslims?

Muslims and the TSA “No-Fly” List

From The Religion of Peace (h/t Frank S) This research was submitted to us by an airport worker who prefers to stay anonymous. I work the overnight shift for a company that does private jet charters and private jet management. Every night, it’s my responsibility to check our next-day passengers against the TSA No-Fly List. Normally, there is a computer program that does this, and then I simply check the results. But, if the program is down on any given night, then I have to manually go through the list, which takes quite a while. Last night was one of those nights.


I view the list in Microsoft Excel format. There are 9 full sheets, with each sheet containing 65,500 names, plus a 10th sheet that goes up to 34,420 names. That’s a grand total of 623,920 names. Granted, many of these are multiple entries for one person: with alternate spellings & birthdates. I would guess that the list is 99.5% Islamic names. That is NOT an exaggeration, but a conservative estimate.

The list is alphabetical by surname, but approximately 25% of the names begin with “Al_.”  Before that, there are tens of thousands that begin with “Ab”, “Ah”, and “Ak”, among others. After that, there are plenty more “Ali”, “As”, and “Az”

All told, there are 266,503 surnames that begin with “A”, which is 42.7% of the entire list. The “I” section is quite annoying to get through, with many thousands of instances of “Ibn”, “Ibrahim”, “Ismael”, and “Issa” (each with various spellings).

The “K” section is primarily composed of  “Khan.” (Khan, the Muslim spelling, not the Jewish ‘Kahn’ spelling) 

Although “Muhammad” and its many different spellings are far more popular as given names than surnames, there are still many thousands of list entries where it is a surname.

The letters “A” to “M” make up the first half of the English alphabet, but on the no-fly list they make up the first 80%.

After that, we find countless entries for “Nasir”, “Omar”, and “Rahman.”

“S” takes up quite a lot of room, with “Sayid” (many spellings), “Shah-“, “Sultan“, and others.

The final page is rounded out by countless entries for “Umar”, “Walid”, and “Yusuf” (many spellings).


The most common non-Muslim names on the list include:

23 for “Johnson”

37 for “Jones”

11 for “Miller”

55 for “Smith”

10 for “Williams”

In other words, these extremely common surnames make up 0.02% of the entire no-fly list. It’s also worth noting that many of these have Islamic given names (e.g. Muhammad Smith, Ibrahim Jones, etc.). This would suggest converts who legally changed their given name but not their surname.


The politically correct crowd says that profiling is unfair, and everyone is equally likely to be a terrorist. Anyone with half a brain should realize that this is complete nonsense. Of course, many people realize it, but make a conscious effort to deny it. (Please note: the list is updated several times a week, but doesn’t change drastically. The above statistics are accurate for the version of the list released on 24 November 2012.)


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  1. Sorry, guys, I was being facetious. A couple of months ago I met up with a young man at the airport and as usual, I was complaining about the abuse we receive at the hands of so-called security. He said to me that we must do it this way so that we can be fair to everyone. My reply was it is not my fault if some people follow a “religion” that is violent, so why should I be treated this way? If 99.9% of terrorists are muslims, then that makes the job easy. Why are we paying out billions when the solution is under our noses! Oh yes, we must be politically correct.

  2. Islam is a disease. Actually, Islam is an other word for JIHAD,and this jihad is just around the corner give or take a few years but this jihad will be worse than WW2, it will be the East against the West. When this jihad is over and done there wont be many Muslims left and we can live free again.

  3. So, why is the TSA molesting the rest of us, instead of profiling? Is this all some mass perversion so they can feel us all up?

    Nothing would surprise me these days.

  4. All this because of stupid Osama Bin Laden make problem to the world ! To destroy Islam must destroy Makkah first !

    • We began having airport security – including medal detectors – way back in the early ’70s, mostly because of MUSLIM HIJACKERS.

      The kids these days don’t know diddly squat about this history of Islamic terrorism – remember Munich? The Achille Lauro? – so they think we’re just “being mean to Muslims.” Bah – we’ve seen constant terrorist attacks since then, and that’s why we’re speaking out.

  5. Yes, I seem to remember many Americans, including one Congressman Darrell Issa who’s name is “technically” an Arabic name(Issa is also another name for Yeshua or Jesus) and of course one of MY favorites, Cat Stevens aka Yusuf Islam (Muhammad) who sang the very popular “Peace Train”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkfZlvyE4XM
    Here wee have an actual example of a “Muslim” who sings and professes PEACE, LOVE, acknowledges the HATE, etc…but yet there are Muslims acting like TERRORIST’s and yet no one seems to do anything about it?
    Why are there so many “good” Muslims allowing this Sharia law type Muslims to control the rest? The “peaceful” Muslims need to take action and do something or THEY will ALL be “categorized” with he rest of the Terrorist Muslims
    This S**T has got to STOP and I mean now. Violence is NOT the answer, but there are some Terrorists that DESERVE sever punishment. Prison is a WASTE of a life!!!
    Losing YOUR LIFE is also a WASTE, unless you are saving another’s life.
    If Muslims are stupid enough to believe ALL that is written in the Quran or about their “alleged” Prophet Muhammad, they THEY ALL Deserve to get what’s coming to them and to be punished. (I’ve read the Quran and have spent many hours reading and talking to “former Muslims” who know how F***ed up Islam is.
    Islam is a “Military Ideology” NOT A RELIGION OF PEACE and LOVE!!!
    Have a nice day ! :)

    • AMEN e BRAVO, Signore!!!!!

      Lei avete ragione!!! [You are right!!!] The only difference in my opinion is that we should thank ALL Moslems (because of their following that MONSTROUSLY-EVIL theology!!!) for all the hassle, woe, evil et al we “infidels” have to go through to get on an aeroplane (British spelling)!!!! After all, it’s Islam that as an IDEOLOGY calls for perpetual and unceasing TERROR against ALL “infidels” at every possible and/or imaginable opportunity!!!!!

      Otherwise, though I’m counting on never flying for the rest of my life: if I had to, yours truly would GLADLY go to “Air Infidel” any and all instants even in pico-seconds or less out of all the 86,400 seconds present in the 24 hours contained in one day!!!!

      ALL Moslems OUT OF THE WEST (and all Westerners OUT of dar al-Islam)!!! Also, BLESSED will be the day Islam ends up DEAD!!!!!

  6. Islamophobia?

    Isn’t ‘fear of Jihadists’ what Moslems want to achieve as in the following?

    “Terrorize the infidels.” – Koran 8.60

    Allah’s Apostle said… ‘I have been made victorious with terror’ – Bukhari 52:220

    ‘We are terrorists. Every Muslim must be a terrorist. Terrorism is an obligation as demonstrated in the Koran and the Sunna. Allah Most High said: “Muster against them (infidels) all the men and cavalry at your command, so that you may strike terror into the heart of your enemy and Allah’s enemy’ (K.8:60) Thus terrorism is a (religious) obligation. And the Messenger of Allah is the first terrorist and the first menace.’
    – Abdullah Azzam, mentor to Osama bin Laden

    If Moslems want kafirs to be afraid of them, WHY DO THEY COMPLAIN ABOUT ‘ISLAMOPHOBIA’.

    ‘Islamophobia’ is the sacred goal of Moslems. So which is it?

    • i guess not. i keep hoping they’ll get sucked out into space.. that way they’ll burn up during re-entry ROTFLMAO

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