GREECE: Bomb explodes at anti-Islamization party’s offices

A bomb exploded outside the Aspropyrgos office of Golden Dawn, causing extensive damage but no injuries. This is the latest in a spate of bomb attacks against Greece’s nationalist party offices.

Digital Journal via  Islam vs Europe   To Vima reported a strong explosion damaged the building in which Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi) have an office on the first floor. The improvised bomb was placed outside the entrance to the building. The bomb caused extensive damage when it exploded, not only to the Golden Dawn offices but to a store housed on the ground floor and to adjacent shops and houses.

Golden Dawn referred to the incident as a terrorist attack. Photographs of the damage were posted to their website. The party noted the attack resembled the bomb attack against their offices at 48 Socrates Street, the party headquarters, on March 19th, 2010. On that occasion an anonymous call was made to the Eleftherotypia newspaper, warning that a bomb would explode within 25 minutes.


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  1. Well, I had not read the previous comments. I had not read the comments of Lilith66 friend. Only I did was read the post

  2. Wait until this happens here on a steady basis. Then GODLESS left can tell us not to worry it is an isolated incident and they will be caught and punished. LEAVE IT TO THE PROFESSIONALS.

    • Nazi is specifically applied to those who follow the German Nazi ideology of German aryanness. I doubt Golden Dawn are for that. Are they national socialists? Possibly, but its likely they’re just disgruntled Balkan nationalists.

      Serbia is a nationalist country, the people who run it are not Nazis. They are simply Serbian nationalists.

      • Nazi. More like conservatives. But anything in disagreement with the left is seen as extremist, i.e. Nazis.

        To this day, many Greeks have not forgotten or forgiven what the Germans did during WW2.

        So, being a Nazi is unlikely it is just the worse slur they could come up with against the Golden Dawn.

  3. points to our illeagle musims squatin on our ground we need to get them too act like real muslims cause some trouble blow some leftie property up that way we can be shure they will be front line news need to pour more heat on them mussies get them to act crazy so we can lock em up ship em out

      • I have read this and it alludes to their pro Nazi/Hitler stance and anti Semitic nature..I may be wrong, but they concern me deeply. Even the name Golden Dawn, taken from Madame Blavatsky’s writings and Society she founded. Hitler and his inner circle cronies were very influenced by her writings, she lay down a framework for the whole idea of the superior Arian folk.

        • Blavatsky asserted that humanity was in the time of the fifth root race, Hitler and company believed they were the fulfillment of that idea/prophecy.

        • Well sometimes, not always. Especially when it comes to us Jews. While Stalin was an ally to the “Allies” he was summarily purging the Jews! But perhaps you are right, lets hope!

        • Well lets hope you are right, unfortunately while Stalin was cozying up to the Allies he was summarily purging the Jews. The enemy of my enemy isn’t always that simple and straightforward. Sometimes the enemy of my enemy is even a worse enemy to me!

        • We live in dangerous times, for the first time in my life I think twice before telling someone I am Jewish!

        • I totally understand your concern, Lillith, and it is fully warrented, but the more desperate the situation is, the more desperate people become. Greece is so bad now, a party who wants to slowly deport illegal immigrants is not good enough. They need someone to deal with the Islamic problem now, and the only ones offering are Golden Dawn.

          It’s not like we can do anything. Best to just observe what happens with a close eye.

        • @Lillth66

          BNI said, “But I doubt there are many Jews in Greece.”

          I know Greece very well and BNI’s statement is correct. 99% of Greek Jews were purged during WW2, especially in Salonika known today broadly as Thessaloniki and Athens. Both cities once had two of the largest Jewish communities in Greece. They never recovered-or came back.

          IMHO, the vast majority of Greeks are very left leaning and thus see a vast Zionist (…and Papist/American/British) conspiracy everywhere.

          The conservative Golden Dawn, because they refuse to tow the far left/communist line that has made up Greek politics for the last 60 years are purposely besmirched by the media in and outside Greece. The same implications of alleged hate is also applied toward the Generation Identitaire, the EDL and the Tea Party, despite their never being any proof of antisemitism or racism from any of the afore mentioned groups.

          If you recall, in America, Breitbart offered an award for proof of racial commentary that allegedly came from the Tea Party. No one, from the left or the media has ever come forward, despite the plethora of camera’s about.

          The one thing that they all have in common is they are standing up and saying No! No. No. No more. And thus must be punished for their temerity of raising an objective voice.

          The worst anti-Semites and racist I have ever met in Greece and across Europe have all identified themselves as left leaning socialist.

  4. This is what Muslims do…if it isn’t intimidation, threats, lawsuits, it is brutal violence. Koran sanctioned, in their minds they are doing ‘god’s’ work. Why isn’t this ideology masquerading as a religion exposed and banned outright? Seriously? Their game plan is to take us over by force, kill or subjugate us making us their slaves under Sharia Law….hmmm, let’s keep importing these people because they swear (taqiyya! also in their literature!) they won’t take their Koran too seriously. Seems risky and history proves Muslims do just that, but what is our safety in comparison to their hurt feelings? We ‘need’ honor killings, the loss of freedom, terrorist attacks and the loss of our Christian/Judeo values because diversity trumps the blood shed by OUR men for our current freedoms.

    I despise Islam. I will never trust a single Muslim.

  5. Now that was a stupid thing for the Islamic jihadists to do…blow up the offices of Golden Dawn. That’s just going to piss them off even more. I look for a lot of Muslim blood shed in the next few weeks.

    • It’s unlikely this was Muslims (the one time it isn’t). It’s much more likely this was carried out by members of the KKE (communists) or Greek anarchists. They’re annoyed that Golden Dawn are using ‘stronger’ methods to achieve their aims… Usually its only the commies and anarchists who get away with violence.

      Incidents like this continue to push Greece towards mass unrest and perhaps civil war. I won’t be sorry to see it happen. The sooner Greece falls to pieces, the sooner the rest of Europe can follow. Then comes awakening, and rebirth. Islam’s days are numbered.

  6. not surprising. sooner or later Germany will have to stop bailing out Greece and massive deportations will have to take place.

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