HOUSTON, we have a problem…

As a group of Muslims came to pray last night at the Islamic Outreach Center on Wilks Drive near Mueschke Road in Cypress, they made a ‘shocking’ discovery. There was a dead pig laying on the deck at the entrance to the mosque.

Poor little piggy, but at least he was ‘sacrificed’ for the ‘greater good.’


Houston Press  “Although Muslims do not abhor any animal (Yes they do, they hate dogs and often poison the dogs of their neighbors), it is not allowed for Muslims to eat the meat of pig,” reads an email from a mosque spokesman.

“At times pig is used symbolically against Muslims, and similar things have happened in the past across the world, and in the recent past in another part of Houston region, when pig races were held in Katy besides a Muslim place of worship.” (See videos below) Way to keep it classy, Houston exurbs! 

Mosque spokesman Ilyas Choudry says a hate crime report has been filed with local police. “They are looking at it, but we believe the pig was placed there,” he tells Hair Balls. “It was right in the center of the deck.”

Mustafaa Carroll, executive director of the Texas chapter of Hamas-linked CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations), America’s largest Muslim special liberties organization, issued the following statement:

“It is very alarming to see Houses of Worship being targeted with such an offensive gesture. It compromises the Muslim community’s sense of safety. We ask for everyone’s support during this time. We ask that law enforcement investigate this incident and perpetrator be held accountable. There is no place for hate at houses of worship. The increase of Islamophobic in American society rhetoric is contributing to these unfortunate occurrences.”

This summer, dead pigs or pig parts have been found near a proposed mosque site in Chino, California and a mosque in Montauban, France.




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  1. A muslim would not handle a pig, but a muslim-friendly kuffar would not hesitate to help creating a false “hate-crime” to further the propaganda. Of course the “crime” could then blamed on someone else, that is a non-muslim.

  2. “There is no place for hate at houses of worship.” A strange statement for a Muslime to make, considering that the majority if not all desecrations of Christian, Buddhist and Hindu places of worship around the world is caused by these same mad-dog muslimes !!!!

    • “There is no place for hate at houses of worship.”
      But there’s all kinds of room for rapegangs that destroy women so badly that the lucky ones die from their injuries.

      There’s oodles of room for the ethnic cleansing going on against Hindus.

      Loads of room in using sigle-digit aged children as suicide bombers and line-breakers.

      expanses of room for genital mutilation, facial mutilation and other atrocities committed against people.

      but no…there’s no room for hate in a place of worship.
      I agree.
      But a mosque is NOT a place of woship…such exist only within Bona Fide religions, and islam is a sham playing at being a religion.

  3. “there is no place for hate at a house of worship”, o.k. so now change the words one speaking to the faithful and we are the ones confused, ” our mosque are our barracks, the minirate is our shields, and the worshipers are the soldiers of allah”

    So confusing isn’t it. On the one hand anything against their barrakcs, is a hate crime, or insult, or everyone’s just trying to hurt our satan worshipping feelings but, hey throw in the mix an unclean animal ( tasty pork ) and it victim time again. Good grief, these dunderheads of idiotacy are once again thrown into confusion because wow we can’t mistakenly misrepresent their very words as facts even though they are what they say, and oooh, yeah, lets demand the police get someone charged with a hate crime just to add insult to out intelligence of their true intentions, yeah I don’t think so scooter, submitt suckers or else. Yeah We get it shitforbrains. Now go play in traffic and see what that gets yeah dumbasses.

    Going GALT, starve this beast, now.

  4. CAIR propaganda: “It compromises the Muslim community’s sense of safety.”

    What a despicable statement by CAIR! Who knows if it was actually CAIR who placed the dead pig in order to appear a victim of a DEAD pig?

    CAIR should be begging forgiveness for their fellow Muslims’ constant violent attacks and murders of non-Muslims in Muslim countries, the burning down of churches and homes of non-Muslims. Non-Muslims in Muslim countries live in daily fear of constant Muslim attacks. Thousands of non-Muslims have had to flee their homes. And Muslims bitch about a DEAD pig?

  5. Texans, play hard ball!! LOL This story was on the news tonite, a neighbor down from the mosque was interviewed, she said alot of their neighbors don’t want the mosque there. Thats right… We are on to muzzies here. It will be harder for them to fool us, we are watching, and are ready for them.

  6. Those pigs were there first, but this is how ever Muslims behave. They expect everyone else to accomodate their every whim, and this is a good example of their usual behavior. What a bunch of stupid assed people.

  7. Dear BNI

    I think this “dead pig on a deck” was staged as a way to portray Islamadoodles as “victims” in their Texas neighborhood. Looking at the photo, I noticed that this animal hasn’t been shot, no throat slit and no blow to the head.

    The wound on the haunches? My guess is this animal was hit by a car and had it’s haunches-hip-backside split open. I can’t see someone slaughtering a pig to place it anywhere… to do so by hacking up a hip on (I assume) just on one side of the animal. This little piggy was roadkill.

    Another thing is piggy looks like he might be one or two domestic generations off into being “feral” and Texas is notorious for domestic pigs going wild and turning more and more feral like as time (and generations) go by.

    Also, I can’t see any livestock farmer giving up an animal like this; nor would a farmer be silent if one of his livestock ended up missing. Where I live, if an animal goes missing and was believed stolen… the farmer would complain.

    So a famer sacrificing his own livestock for this. With piggy = $$$? No way. A famer letting some “trouble-making kids” get away with stealing a pig, so “they” can freak out some Islamadoodles? No, I’m not buying it. Local farmers near that mosque may not want it there, but a livestock animal is too much of an investment for a farmer- veterinary care, feed, etc.

    I think that some Islamadoodle sicko whether accidently or purposefully hit this animal on the road or found it as such. Then tossed the poor little thing on the mosque’s deck.

    There is no blood on the deck. If “anti-muslim racists” had done this… wouldn’t the animal have been killed right as it was about to be mosque tossed? After all, that would mean it would be more “bloody” and thus more muslim property to be “defaced.”

    When pigs have been used to “deface” muslim property AND THEN it has been discovered the “piglet terror” was actually a FRAMED and SET-UP “crime”… it is an animal cadaver with little blood and no guts anywhere.

    Odd? Not really. If non-muslims would have done this… I would expect to see blood, guts and everything “piggy innards” smeared all over those crappy mosques. However, when the “pig carcass of crime” was proven or believed to be FAKED; its a rather “neat and clean” crime scene. Why? Because Islamadoodles really do have a piggy freak-out mentality. Yea, they can toss a dead pig onto one area of a mosque or its property- and thats as far as it goes (anything more “messy” would mean actually getting more contact with a pig cadaver, which Islamadoodle would be reluctant to do).

    Also, these piggy crime scenes that are “nice and neat”…. well when Imans do whatever “purification” or “cleansing” of the area… isn’t it nice and convenient that these FAKED crime scenes are all contained in one area (how easy to then do their putrid little prayers to then make things “all better again”). Not much to clean up either. Also, these “faked swine crimes” are done in areas trhat really don’t affect the mosque building. Its remains on a deck, side of a wall, out in a large yard, etc. No place to really cause problems for muslim worship…. but can be protrayed to non-muslims as the most vile thing that has ever occurred.

    This reminds me when “racist propaganda” has been written on mosques, etc- and it later is discovered to have been done by muslims themselves to garner sympathy. The spray painted slurs are done with a nice neat style. This gives me two reactions. A muslim did that- because a nice, flowing paint job? Too neat and tidy, means someone was their awhile and if he had been seen, no one would have thought it odd to see an Islamadoodle on the side of a muslim center or mosque. A non-muslim doing graffitti vandalism? That person would be doing a “spray” and get the hell out of there. Shapes of letters would be odd and strangely written, possibly mis-spellings and some letters would be more dark than others- you wouldn’t have time to have an even color tone with what was spray painted. Rush jobs by genuine vandals would seem to be more “messy” and “splash on” and get out. Not nice neat little speeches where the language and terms used are what are used by muslims themselves and not by their opponents.

    This “swine crime” is a faked one to get sympathy from non-muslims… I have a gut reaction to what I see that this is the case.

    A “crime scene” that is too “neat and tidy”, well I think it is a warning flag that it has been faked.

    P.S. As to why did the Islamadoodles buy land near a pig farm? So, they could get the superiority rush of then trying to enforce sharia law and making the pig farmer (who had been their longer and an intergral part of his community) move, sell his livestock, etc. It was a power play by the Islamadoodles.

    • Arjay, you make some very valid points. But I doubt any Muslim would handle a pig, even to create a so-called ‘Islamophobic’ hate crime. They usually do graffiti on the side of a mosque, easily painted over, or set off a firecracker outside the mosque and call it a fire bomb, but the only damage is some black charcoal marks on the side of the building, if that. Most of the “hate crimes” I see reported are minor cosmetic damage on the outside of the mosque only. And they are quick to call in all the local news stations and CAIR to make a big deal out of it.

  8. Bonni.Dont know if you follow the blogs of Sheik Yermami.?He has a piece on a butchers shop being torched for selling pork products.Evidently there were repeated threats against this business for selling pork.Would you beleive this business will no longer be selling pork Nothing in the MSM,Have you any knowledge on this ?.THIS is in south australia by the way.

  9. The day will come when more drastic measures will be required. Anything that will get them to move out of North America and move in to the only countries where they will truly be happy, islamic ones.

    • The day’s almost here.
      ‘Drastic Measures’…
      Here, we’ll do whatever we need to do to remove the plague.

      Whatever is necessary.
      The trick will be doing it without destroying our city in the process.

    • For the groos and vile insult against the Pig, his surviving relatives/owners should be compensated by the muzzies.
      After all, that poor little Pig (Peace Be With Him) had to endure time spent in proximity to a mosque and muzzies.
      Dead or not…that’s tough to put up with.

  10. JC, It is as I have said in a previous post. Muslims are forbidden from eating pork because Mohammeds favorite lover was a pig. There is still speculation among historians as to whether the first pig in his harem was male or female. This is actually where the headbag came from as well. Mohammed was so taken with “pig sex” that he could no longer achieve an erection for a human female. He would often ask his wives to make noises similar to pigs during sex. Until our next history lesson, go fuck yourselves CAiR assclowns.

  11. I am forever dazzled by the deep thought processes and superior intelligence of ” the best of people” according to mohammad PBUH ( pigs be upon him) the muslims.
    I quote” Mosque spokesman Ilyas Choudry says a hate crime report has been filed with local police. ”They are looking at it, but we believe the pig was placed there,”
    NO SH*T? Don’t pigs fly? brilliant deduction, muslims never fail to look like the fools they are.

  12. who sold the Muslims the land in the first place? they say there will only be 30 members but you know that is a lie. since when do Muslims need 11 acres for 30 people? poor piggy looks ;like it has a very bad case of road rash his family lived there for a long time why should he move? Before you know it there will be hundreds of asslifters befouling the land and air.

  13. OK, so putting a dead pig (pbuh, the pig that is) is a hate crime, well, I wouldn’t exactly call it a crime, just a way the rest of the world (apart from a few bread dead individuals) feel about their pedo worshipping so called religion of peace.

  14. Obviously this particular pig was a flying species and was “clipped” by an aircraft of some sort.
    I find it amazing that it happened to land on or near a Mosque which is usually NOT in the flying zones. I guess the Imam probably had to do a special “cleansing”, but once desecrated, it will always remain a contaminated area.
    Poor Piggy………You know, I think the REAL reason pork is prohibited from eating is that the pedophile Muhammad was “poisoned” and it was a pork roast he was eating. Muslims are such LIARS!! I think I read or heard from a Muslim or Quran that in “emergencies” a Muslims “MAY” eat of the Pork.
    You would think that eating a little PORK once in a while compared to the other horrific things Muslims “may” do in the name of Allah or the Quran would NOT compare to “Pedophilia”, Bestiality, sex with Prostitutes, dead people, camels, goats, etc…
    I wonder if they gave the Pig a Proper burial ????
    Have you actually READ what you have to do to be “clean” again in the Quran???

  15. I’ve got news for you Mustafaa, having all you Muslims here in Houston threatens the safety and security of the entire city to include surrounding areas. I, for one, would ask law enforcement to investigate the high possibility that you or one of your grease ball followers did this to attract attention. There is NO place for your freedom hating, Sharia loving sect in these United States. The major contribution to these occurrences (if not self inflicted) would be the actions, beliefs and activities of Muslims throughout the world. So button your perjuring lips and make plans to leave.

  16. There is no place for hate at houses of worship. Well, they should start by burning their book of hate and teach their children tolerance.
    I feel for the little pig….. martyr.

  17. Disrespect for a house of worship is despicable. I’m sure these people were almost as upset as all of the Christians whose churches have been destroyed around the world over recent decades, not to mention in the last year.

    • Well Shitska, considering that the vast majority of those churches were burned by muslims (right along with more than a few live Christians), I would be inclined to think that they earned their porcine desecration, which by the way, is rather mild by comparison. Are you so stupid that you honestly thought we would not notice the irony of your ill-conceived, moronic comments? Apparently so. You’ve got to be a muslim yourself, for only a muslim could make such a haughty, arrogantly clueless kettle vs. pot comment without the slightest hint of irony or shame. BTW, thats a rather smelly username you got there, now scram! You’re attracting flies!

    • Asking muslim supremacists to not build a house of supremacy in a non-muslim supremacist residential area, then making them uncomfortable if they refuse to back off is NOT morally equivalent to muslim supremacists destroying churches that are already there and had been there long before mo the putrid arab shit stain pulled islam out of his ass.

      Yet again the world witnesses the grotesque inversion of moral equivalency that muslim supremacists and their leftist thugs trot out in an attempt to excuse the inexcusable.

      No doubt that you’re one of those repulsive, repugnant creatures that cries bloody murder when some baghead is asked to remove her slave rag for security purposes and has the audicity to compare it to non-muslim supremacists who are beaten, raped, and murdered brutally for the mere rumor that they may have desecrated mein kuranmpf.

      You are absolutely disgusting and a fitting example of why I no longer swallow the liberal/leftist pc/mc all cultures are equal kool-aid.

    • yes, yes…pity the poor muzzies.
      After all, the way they desecrated and damaged the Grove where I was Initiated as a Witch well, we just ‘misunderstood’ islam, right?

      …and their shooting at us that night? During my Initiation?
      Riiiiight…we just ‘misunderstood’ islamists saying ‘hello’ and wishing us well.

      I’ve touched lightly on that before due to not wanting to cause undue stress on a fellow member here who is a friend with health issues I felt stress-of-worry would aggravate, but enough time’s past to blunt the worry to nothing as I am quite alive and fine.

      Also, I’ll remind you that islam isn’t a religion of any kind. It’s a thinly disguised Fascist socioeconomic system meant to Control & Dehumanize.
      A mosque has less sanctity than a pig’s sty or a chicken coop.
      And lets NOT forget that most mosques end up being stealth armories.
      There’s a reason we don’t allow mosques here in our city, and never will.

      If you’re being sarcastic, I tip-hat at your masterful use of it!

      If not, then your in my and other’s Cannon-sights as an islami-sympathizer.
      This is a War, don’t kid yourself about that, and there’s NO tolerance for any pro-islami sentiment here, as our Host will tell you.

        • I was more referring to the fact that I’ll not be holding back anymore in firing on islami, islmai sympathizers, Leftists, or others of such ilks that oppose us from their soft-headed certainty of their own ‘righteousness’. :-)

          I too have a Black List. Takes quite a bit of effort for one to get on it, but once on, there’s NO way off. And, if something happens to me, a copy goes automatically to the Police.
          I’m just a newb at all this, I can only imagine the kinds of enemies you, Geller and Spencer have!
          …and because of that, with every enemy you all make, my respect for you all continues to grow.
          I hope that someone gets inspired off my efforts the way I was inspired to join the fight by yours. (HUG)

        • The idea of “shtiksa” being a “hit and runner” makes PERFECT SENSE when we remember 6th and 7th-century Arabic culture of RAIDERS!!! Not caring for long-term gain, aiming only to do evil and retreat back before they as pirates can be properly taken on and destroyed: it fits Islam MOST PERFECTLY (or, as we would say, to a “t”)!!! It’s a form of guerilla warfare.

          Knowing that this is what Moslems are like obliges us simply to be ready for them and to confront them at every opportunity!!!

          [For my part, I’ve noticed a few of those wretches who try to pretend that they know better than us while attempting to be “reasonable”: when you properly confront them with their Qu’rân and other “scriptures” AND show how it’s interpreted by Western minds, they then can’t keep up the pretence of scholarship and reasonableness!! They immediately leave, sometimes showing their real selves by exploding at us, sometimes without further trace (though likely coming back under other identities…).]

    • Moslem “houses of worship” are AT LEAST every bit as much fortresses, armouries and everything else MILITARY – meant for WAR – as anything else!!!!

      Furthermore, Islam is a MILITARISTIC CULT in the sheepskin of a “religion”!!!! It is so utterly EVIL as to have positively NO PLACE anywhere outside of its 57 countries – AND EVEN THAT IS FAR TOO MUCH!!!!! By rights, it should be bottled up in the Arabian Peninsula and left to die of its own bellicosity, hatred, stupidity (both in itself and of its adherents!!!) and everything else that it otherwise unleashes upon ALL LIFE wherever it’s found!!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM now, forever and unto ages of ALL ages!!!!!

      MARGBAR ISLAM!!!! BAG MAH ISLAM (in pidgin Arabic and Farsi)!!!!

      • Mind you, to really shock up Islam at its core, it almost certainly will require its main cities (Mecca and Medina as #1; #2 being Baghdad, Damascus, Riyadh, Qom, Mashhad, Islamabad, Jakarta, Bahrain, Dubai and Abu Dhabi; #3 = Kuala Lumpur, Rabat, Amman, Sana’a, Algiers, Tunis, Tripoli (Libya), Kuwait and the rest) being nuked (for #1 ABSOLUTELY) or irradiated (#2 and especially #3). Only when Islam’s large centres are paralysed or entirely wiped out can the remaining Moslems PERHAPS become a little more reasonable…

    • redheart , pls look at it this way,,the little pig was martyred for the cause of all his other brethren in pigdom. Muslims slaughter pigs en masse in non muslim villages all over the world, when they have the upper hand…it was done in Egypt and is done in Asia also,,,pig jihad as well as jihad against us., I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if he had a moral conscience..

    • I second. Poor animal. Could have made a good pet too. a more appropriate measure would litter bacon, ham and pork at the mosque steps.

    • I too, feel it is wrong to kill an animal for this purpose when pork products from a butcher or slabs of bacon could be utilised instead. But It helps to think of the poor pig as a sort of “Porcine Martyr” for the Counter-Jihad who ultimately gave his/her life as a blow against the oppression of the dreaded “hoghaters,” the muslims.

      Now, can I get an oink?

    • I also have a soft spot for animals, and as a token towards this animal’s life, taken for our War, I’ve captured the pic above and as soon as Inspiration strikes will be posting it up on Fb and my blogs to honor him.
      The little guy should be remembered so as to not render his sacrifice a vain one.

      • AMEN!!!!

        The Christian God, Who Made Everything and Saw that it all was VERY GOOD, Loved ALL His Creation!!!!

        Given the way Moslems HATE parts of that same Creation and aim to exterminate so very, very much of it, in that way alone prove that they’re actually SATAN’S SPAWN!!!!!

        DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

        • Man, ya keep slamming Satan for islam…he’s gonna sue you for defamation. LOL
          Bad jokes aside (but they illustrate just how horrid i consider islam to be) Ty for the saying and I agree with you.
          islam is anti-Life, when you get right to the core, it’s a Nihilist Cult.

        • Dear Mrs. Wilkins:

          Jokes aside indeed, you almost certainly know that Satan at heart is PRECISELY and totally as anti-life, anti-happiness, anti-goodness and anti-optimisation of anything whatsoever of good that can be found in this planet and beyond. He IS the complete nihilist that Islam and the other totalitarianisms like Communism and Nazism really reflect – if you study him relative to the Judæo-Christian viewpoint, you can hardly miss that part!! In the end, everything he does is exclusively negative, even if he often tries to seduce people with things initially being sometimes even brilliantly-positive!!!

          He doesn’t need to sue or prosecute anybody relative to our puny courts, legislatures, executives et al: he has FAR greater powers that he can use to torment us all!!! Whether we be particularly good, spectacularly bad and everything in between: this earth and all that comes from it is still his – UNTIL his deposition takes actual effect here, which will happen with Christ’s Second Coming. Until then, look at the extreme misery he inflicts upon St. Job (the first 3 chapters) as permitted by God. No doubt he did the same thing with that poor friend of yours who found it too much and took her own life – may God Truly Forgive her and Grant her Eternal Peace… It’s so heartbreaking to see just what evil the Devil can lead his demons (including those of flesh-and-blood like those Moslems!!!) to do!!!!

          One hardly needs to slam Satan for Islam alone: he’s no less responsible for Communism, Nazism and the whole rest of the package.

          Nonetheless, I’m VERY glad that you’ve seen through Islam’s smoke-screens of taqiyya and kitman for the Cult of UTTER DESTRUCTION that it truly is!!!!

  18. Muslims all across America continue to plant “evidence” to frame the good, loyal and patriotic Americans. When will new laws be passed to outlaw all traitors that support Islam so they can all be evacuated from the US?

      • Because like all muslim supremacists they thought they could bully the kaffirs.

        Sadly for the fat, ugly, bearded muslim supremacist in this debacle he pulled his typical muslim supremacist bully act on a Texas boy.

        If I were Mr. Baker I’d throw in some kiddy dog roping events as well. Out door tower speakers blasting some death metal set on a timed schedule to coincide with their ass lifting allahgasms would be the icing on the cake.

        Or better yet, the Christmas cd that features dogs barking Christmas favorites!

        Psychological warfare with nasty bullying neighbors that utilizes music said neighbors do not like works. I know. I’ve twiced use that tactic successfully with unsavory neighbors who thought that they were above the law. Much like every muslim supremacist.

        I know, it’s passive-aggressive. But it works.

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