SWEDEN: Shocking conditions at Muslim asylum seeker detention camp

More than 70% of these economic asylum seekers parasites’ applications are rejected. But at least they get an all-expenses paid vacation for several months at a first class luxury resort generously funded by hard-working Swedish taxpayers who never could afford to stay at a place like this themselves.



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  1. Many of these asylum centres are located in historical centuries old buildings as castles. Not all but some are. Either that or in mansions. I believe that it has to do with cultural marxism which wishes to completely destroy the old society before they can start building their new proletarian dictatorship and create the new homo sovieticus as the new citizen. They probably hope that the koranderthals will burn it down in the end or at least trash at as much that there is no other option that to bulldoze it in the end. Thus our cultural history shrinks year for year. A culture that doesn’t even exist according to the cultural marxists. The swedes didn’t create their own nation but all developmenst came from the outside, We don’t have a culture, only cheesy things as midsummer and other silly things. Our ancient history is nothing but barbaric. Things actually said by high profile politicians about their own country and people. The most positive thing for the PC’s is stuff that is un-swedish. I can only imagine what would happen if one of these idiots started about talking about something being un-american, how great! That person would probably be lynched in a heartbeat but in Sweden they get away with it.

    Right now they show the second season of the reality show Allt för Sverige (All for Sweden). It’s about 8 americans seeking their ancestral roots here. From the mid-19th century to a couple of decades into the next about 1.3 or 1.5, the number varies slightly, left Sweden for a better life in America. The show to me is slightly surreal for the simple reason that they are allowed to feel pride of their roots, as well as being clearly american, while I, if I would have showed the same publically would have been branded as a racist as best or even as a super duper nazi even. After the first episode, leftist and libtard media accused the show for being racist. Personally I couldn’t find any but these people are as loony as it gets though. In the first season they kept the multiculturalism on a surprisingly low level. One episode had a family of gypsies and another some music of dance and music from the thirdd world. In last weeks episode our americans visited the highly enriched town of Södertälje south of Stockholm. Their mission was to visit a sedish family and see how they lived. Turned out that this family was originally from Iraq! Very swedish and totally embarrassing for me. My only consolation was that the family seemed secular and I didn’t see any freedom sacks or such. But they’re still not swedish!

  2. Hay, remember the 90 Sri Lankan boat people who were told they could either be housed on an island detention facility or they could get a free flight home and they chose the free flight? Proof positive that these are ECONOMIC ” refugees” looking to come here for free housing, medicals, food, and the good life..

  3. To Aussiegirl if they are anything like our parasites, the place will be rubble in less than a month. Imagine if we housed boat scum in this type of accomodation? KEEP THEM IN TENTS ON NAURU!

  4. A refugee center? More likely a five star hotel! Many applications may be rejected but you can be sure the refugees will disappear into the country and never get deported and will manage to live forever for free off infidels’ taxes.

    • I am in agreement with Linda Rivera. The “refugees” may have rejected applications, but there is no garauntee that they will actually be deported. Why? What I saw of this DAMN NICE RESORT HOTEL… was a noticable LACK of any security. What keeps the Islamadoodles from simply slipping away and merging into the greater cess-pool of Islam-o-slime in Sweden.

      Gee whiz! I sure don’t think any of the social workers, government agents, civil service secretaries, nurses and any other Swede that would staff such a place would be able to access any armed security to prevent escapes.

      Also, any body notice that the Swedish commentator ACTUALLY MADE A REFERENCE that people don’t think refugees are treated well in Sweden. I am sure those people are Islamadoodles themselves. Its amazing how the Islam-o-scuz will take even the most open society with highest quality of civilzed standards in shelter, accommodations, infrastructure, etc… AND CLAIM OF BEING MISTREATED. Sadly, there must be Swedes who believe this (that Islamists are mistreated) or there never would have had to have such an investigative report.

      As for Liz, the Norwegian prison was eye-opening. So was a clip I saw from a documentary that mentioned how a convicted murderer in Norway (weapon of choice was a chainsaw) was actually given a chainsaw to do “chores” around the prison he was in- which seemed more like a resort.

      What did the friends and relatives of those murdered Norwegians think when they heard the murderer WAS USING A CHAINSAW IN “PRISON.”

      As for the clip Liz showed…. luxury bathrooms, hi-tech library, wide screen televisions and ‘friges in each room? I know “rich kids” who go to NICE colleges and their dorm rooms as “silver spoon” co-eds…. ARE NOT HALF AS NICE as these prison digs and moms & dads shells out mega bucks for dinky dorm rooms!.

      So, IF (and I mean IF) an Islam-o-scum gets sent to prison for raping a Norwegian girl… that is if a Norwegian judge doesn’t capitulate to “sharia” and let the perp walk free (afer all… Norwegian girls don’t wear burkhas and anything that happens to them they deserve according to more and more people in the West)… AND somehow the guy DOES go to jail.

      He will get to live in utter luxury while he rapes young ethnic Norwegian men who are fellow prisoners. I say this because I can gaurantee that the Islam-o-scum are not kept from non-muslims. Live off Norwegian wlefare while you rape ethnic Norwegian women… AND IF BY CHANCE you are actually “punished” and are sent to Norwegian prison… tjhen rape Norwegian men in the lap of luxury!

      PLEASE Sweden and Norway…. WAKE UP!

  5. No doubt muslim illegal aliens are receiving red carpet treatment from Bro. Obama at the expense of hard working AMERICANS who will never pay their fair share in taxes.

  6. Acts of kindness given to a wicked and ungrateful people cannot lead to anything that would bear fruit.
    It eventually leads to good people dying, the death of the culture and the rise of unspeakable evil for those people that extended the hand of welcome.

  7. Are you Swedes having a bloody laugh? This is how you treat the evil so and so’s who turn against you and your country, and you let them live like this?! I wonder how the people of Sweden would feel if they saw this and knew that they are paying for this scum..

  8. Shocking conditions at detention centers, yeah sure f you say so, but, to me, they are where they are not because of what they say, rahter what it is they intend upon doing, so shocking is not quite the word I would use, more like just cause. More to the point of their illegal entry ( infiltration) of foreign lands, and they expected what?

    Going GALT, starve this beast..

  9. See where all the muslims that gang rape blonde norwegian women, aka “uncovered meat”, can reside. That is, if they are actually apprehended. And convicted.

        • I can tell you that the first major utility to breakdown is the sewage system, in Our detention centres in Australia, they found the toilet systems clogged chockers with used condoms, this is in an all male facility…..go figure… As an Aussie tax payer I would like an answer as to WHY we supply condoms to these regressives in the first place ( apart from all the other freebies I am paying for)

  10. At one time, Sweden was among those at the height of civilization; now, however, they seem to have gone over the edge and perhaps the former asylum could be put to better purpose treating Swedes.

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