Why it is politically correct to call Muslims ‘IslamoNazis’


Tomorrow it will be worse when the Muslim Brotherhood grabs power.





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  1. Thanks for being here!! I have come across some other resources along with the false flags such as: “U.S. officials are accusing Syria of building chemical weapons, and reports that 10,000 troops and heavy military equipment have already been sent to the Syrian coast.”
    Also this Alex Jones Article [I take all of these guys with a grain of salt while appreciating the input!!
    Including a most disturbing [not for the feint of heart] video that suggests that it is the REBEL-Muslim Brotherhood using chemical warfare:
    I am quickly getting to the point where I do not care about Muslims killing Muslims either.
    Appreciate the comments and really find that BNI is about the only cutting edge News regarding the worst plague in recent history.
    THANKS A MILLION. Good luck to everyone.

  2. this is another propaganda video from turkish – pakistani etc. islamonazis who blame everything to Asad. Instead of admit that once more they ‘re doing what they are born to do. Invade civilized nations and exterminate the natives. Darwin was right once more:

  3. I must admit to being suspect of any information against the Assad Regime to hold and be of any true value at this point in time. The facts seem to show to me that the U.S. “regime” is actively supporting the Syrians Rebels A.K.A. Muslim Brotherhood. For sure this is a most confusing topic. I have spent since January 2011 reading and listening to anything I can about what is really happening in Syria and the only thing that finally makes sense is that U.S. is promoting The Muslim Brotherhood and doing anything including using propaganda [surprise, surprise] to oust Assad who supports and provides some kind of refuge to the population of Coptic Christians.
    I am not being contentious at all and I am still searching the truth on all this. I believe I am closer to this than I have been still when I read this I am back to wondering.
    I suppose the only thing of any sense is that people do sick and twisted things to one another—including the so-called democratic countries all across the globe.
    Thanks for your time and I sincerely appreciate more input and insight on what is really happening in Syria. At this point, Israel is the only non-islamic country in the mid-east and now that Palestine has been recognized this perverted chess game is about to go into a disastrous check-mate…..thanks for being here.

    • bb, I don’t cover Syria too much because I don’t support either side, but believe Assad is the lesser of 2 evils, figuring that Syria is the next domino that will fall to the Muslim Brotherhood, who already is waiting in the wings to grab power there.

      I’ve stopped being interested in stories about Muslims killing Muslims for the most part.

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