YAWN. Muslim jihadists and fellow Leftist Occupiers in Ft. Lauderdale come out to support Hamas terrorists

The ‘Free Free Palestine’ Muslims want to push all the Jews into the sea and the Leftists want to end capitalism in order to free a state that doesn’t exist.

One man at the end gets it right, however.



13 comments on “YAWN. Muslim jihadists and fellow Leftist Occupiers in Ft. Lauderdale come out to support Hamas terrorists

  1. The man at the end is right. Howmany times do we have to go through this crap? Send the palestinians to Saudi Arabia, then NUKE IT!

  2. This is the result on US not standing up against the indoctrination of our children years ago. This is the poison that we got when the Government said they know how to raise our children better then we do and to let them do all the decision making for their education. Enter stage left UNIONS.

  3. Well all good and well that these Leftist bag of winds want an end to ‘capitalism’. Butwhat that will do is stop wealth/money… no money no economy no economy no jobs no jobs means no income tax no income tax means what sre you welfare entitlement whore Occupiers going to live off? Hope your Muzslime buddies will be there to lend a helping hand. Yeh right!!

  4. LMFAO! That first guy babbling about ending capitalism and creating peace around the world should be put in a mental institution – he’s completely deluded and NUTS.

    What a bunch of imbecilic fools.

    Laughing aside, we are doomed with such idiots running around. Why aren’t they crying about the Coptic APARTHEID and GENOCIDE by Muslims in Egypt?

  5. Take your dirty, THIEVING hands off our Beautiful Israel. Thousands of years ago Israel was given by God as an everlasting possession to the Jewish people.

    Who are these mere men to challenge the Living God?

    Bible, Zechariah 1:14 Thus says the Lord of hosts, “I am exceedingly jealous for Jerusalem and Zion.”

  6. What Muslims overlook is the fact that they now make up very visible minorities in many Christian countries and Christians are getting tired of the constant screaming and pushing and bitching and bombing and killing by their fundamentalists. If and when Christians start to respond appropriately it won’t be like the Crusades of history with a need to travel to the Middle East to fight the offenders. Christians will have all the Muslims to target right in their own backyards. Granted, there will be innocents who will be slaughtered simply for having been born into Muslim families but in times of war there are always innocents who suffer.

  7. Besides the fact that I think Muslims are scum; here’s what really bugs me about this. Everytime a Muslim says they are victims of hate speech; I think to myself what hypocrites they are. They are victims of nothing but their own bad attitude and behavior. So here we have REAL HATE SPEECH, yet the media largely ignores it.

  8. “Palestinian holocaust” my ass. These idiots have no idea what “holocaust” means, but you know what? We’ll be more than glad to show them.

    • Amen Msgt. Mike! Like the man says at the end of the video: “How many times do we have to go through this crap?!” The asslifters and their useful idiot supporters have demonstated over and over for centuries now that they are nothing more than hate filled lowlife PsOS possessing absolutely NO redeeming qualities whatsoever!! Blow the belligerent bastards off the planet already!!

  9. In my past life I was assigned to Fla, stationed to be axact, but learned long ago this area, Ft. Lauderdale, ( college town, very liberal indoctrination center) is a hell-hole of a place of nothing but, left wingers, idiots spouting nonsense of about every avenue. Does this surprise me, not in the least, they own stupid in spades, and they have to deal with it, I don’t. Let that old coots territory some 13 years ago, never looked back other then to laught my ass off at them wondering how it is they even survive in such an inviroment. Yeah that’s about their speed, stuck on stupid, so no it’s no surprise at all. Let them have each other, both deserve one another.

    Going GALT, starve this beast.

  10. Both groups of morons want an all-encompassing slavery imposed on our planet. That’s why they have such an affinity for each other. One group wants to be enslaved to allah and impose this on everyone. The other group wants complete submission to the govt-as-god, aka socialism/communism. They both want a one world govt. Both groups embrace violence, hatred, terror, totalitarianism, and the ends justifies the means. Both groups of whinebags accuse those they hate of doing and saying everything that they themselves do and say. They lie so pathologically that they believe their own lies. They love death, they crave genocide. They hate jews and any other group that believes in the bible.

    They work together to defeat their common enemies, but will turn on each other eventually as each wants their ideology to dominate. Despite all their efforts, they will not prevail, as the G-d of Israel has other plans.

    The council on foreign relations(cfr) still tries to impose the nwo on us through environmental fraud. Hillary even admits on the video below that she does what her nwo masters tell her to do. Then, of course, she has her long time girlfriend, Huma Abedin, guiding her to fulfill the muslim brotherhood plans. The obamanation also embraces both the leftist and muslim agendas. Which side will they ultimately choose? We live in interesting times.


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