Christian ‘Useful Idiot’ Minister hearts Muslim Brotherhood Stealth Jihadists


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Salam Al-Marayati

Dr. Maher Hathout




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28 comments on “Christian ‘Useful Idiot’ Minister hearts Muslim Brotherhood Stealth Jihadists

  1. I keep tellin’ ya that all clergy will stick together against us infidels 100% of the time. They will circle the wagons, sing kum bah ya, hold hands and burn us at the stake … just like they’ve ALWAYS done. The religious are the very worst dhimmis. Sorry, if that pisses some of you off, but you know it’s true.

  2. The Rev. Bacon is INDEED a “useful idiot”!! But Christian?!… Hell no! He is what there are way too many of in the U.S. and around the world who continue kissing muslime arses and catering to jihadist bastards here and around the world, dhimmi dip libtards who are CINO (Christian in name only)!!

  3. J.Edwin Bacon Jr., is one of the Devils Diciples…Don’t ever think the devil cannot enter inside a church, because he can! When Minister do NOT practice the law of God and condone evil like many do…You opned the door for the devil to walk right in!

  4. PS: The Episcopal church in the US is the Church of England in the UK. They adapted islam long ago even though they call themselves Christian. The Episcopal church, Anglican (Church of England) Church, is in apostasy.

      • The Anglican church in the UK is where it all began. The Christian Bible quiet accurately says that the churches will apostate, and they are one by one. I left the Methodist Church for this reason. The Methodist church is a derivative of the Anglican church. The mega church Saddleback, Rick Warren, has come out saying muslims and Christians worship the same God. More pure blasphemy has never been uttered! More churches will succumb and only a few faithful will remain.

        • Yep its all bad right now. Me I applaud Pamela’s bus ads. Bout time someone pointed out the Christian slaughter world wide that these so called Christian ministers just ignore as they wriggle their noses further up the anus of islam.

          The Christian and Jewish sects are not monolithic so they have a tendency to be squishy at times and not very accurate. The true Conservative Christian and Jew are fundamentally in tuned with the word of GOD and tend to follow the Prophecy of today with better understanding and less fear in the outcome of the disasters of world events. Thus they do more to assist the Prophecy and the Word. The rest are in the dark as to what is happening. There has been so much wrong information put out there that it takes a tremendous amount of reading and research to get a handle on what is the truth. We here on BNI have a better understanding than most of the teachers of the faith.

        • @ICE
          What you say is true however if these ministers even read their own Bible there is much said that they ignore. For one thing the Anglican church thinks it’s A OK to foist halal meat on British school children yet the bible CLEARLY states that Christians are not to eat meat offered up to other gods (idols)! CLEARLY in first Corinthians, Acts and other places in the Bible, here is a good info source on the subject The Anglicans endorse halal to show how tolerant they are. The Anglican Church in the UK is the reason sharia courts were legalized there as the Archbishop urged the govt. to legalize them. So ignorance is a pi$$ poor excuse.

        • AmericanMe
          It’s a superior then thou attitude. Episcopalian’s have it also. Crying out loud most of the churches do. That’s why they are being abandoned by the youth. They see hypocrisy all over the place and will not put up with it. Do as I say and not as I do just doesn’t cut any more. That’s why the born again Evangelical’s are doing so well.

      • Dear Ms. BNI:

        You’ll find that “Chrislam” taqiyya and kitman in ALL of “mainstream Christianity”, though especially with mainstream Anglicans (as “AmericanMe” has put it), Lutherans, Presbyterians and Methodists / Congregationalists – e.g., the “United Church of Christ” in the USA, the “United Church of Canada” in Canada, and all their equivalents throughout the West (even the “Christian Reformed Church” in the Netherlands and elsewhere in the West all too often…).

        MANY “Catholics” (better known as Catholics In Name Only) are just as bad – hopefully they’ll end up leaving the “Catholic Church” as they no more belong there than with any REALLY-Christian outlet. Even a few “Orthodox In Name Only” are all too much present. In essence, wherever Marxism has managed to get in and corrupt things, there you’ll also find ‘Chrislam’!!!

        That’s one important reason (the corruption of Christian theology – the abandonment of truly and provably-Christian music is the other!!) why this would-be Christian doesn’t go to church almost ever…

        • OK, Ms. BNI: so in Judaism, most or all of the Reformists are in that same lamentable camp as mainstream “Christianity”. How well do the Conservatives and Orthodox rate in that regard? Am I right in this case as suspecting that the really staunch pro-Israeli Jews often are NOT that specially pious or observant?

          [I very well could be wrong, but I somehow recall reading that the people who particularly toiled for the creation and well-being of the State of Israel weren’t at least initially that strongly devoted to the religious parts of Judaism like regularly attending their synagogues or following all of the traditions propounded by some of the more pious people. The more ostentatiously-religious people have apparently been raising their heads and influence more over the past 25-30 years. Is this correct? If I’m wrong, I humbly apologise…]

        • ADHD, actually, no. Most Orthodox/Pious Jews are very pro-Israel. Republicans most always get their votes. There is a group of sicko Hassids who are on the Iranian payroll to show up at every anti-Israel protest and claim that Israel has no right to exist. It is the Leftist Jews for the most part who have little regard for Israel. Certainly not all of them, but the majority of anti-Israel Jews are far lefties. There are a lot of leftist Jews in Israel too, which is why they wound up giving away Gaza, allowing Muslims to take their land in Jerusalem and other areas of Judea/Samaria and caving in to Muslim demands. It is ALWAYS the leftist who screw up every country.

        • Many thanks, Ms. BNI!!

          OK, so the Orthodox Jews (excluding the Hasidim) are solidly pro-Israel; and it seems reasonable to think that the Conservative-Jews are much the same.

          That in turn means that the lefties are in the “Reform” movement – if they are observant Jews IN THE SLIGHTEST!!! [Enough of those leftists presumably use the Jewish name as an ethnic instead of a religious brand and otherwise are as atheistic as any leftist can be – precisely the sort that filled many of the Communists’ ranks throughout these past 95 years and more (notably in Imperial and then Soviet Russia)… E.g., Karl Marx was the son of converted Jews and started out as a “Christian” philosopher before abandoning all faith and becoming a complete atheist and anti-theist!]

          And yes, you’re right that it’s ALWAYS the leftists that screw everybody up!!…

          Just a bit of shading for my earlier posting re. mainstream “Christianity”: in all fairness, there are “continuing” Anglicans, conservative Lutherans (Missouri and Wisconsin Synods as opposed to EL’c’A and EL’c’IC) and a few small breakaway Presbyterians (e.g., Orthodox-Presbyterians, PCA), Methodists and Congregationalists that have NOT fallen for the Marxists’ deviousness and tricks.

          [Regarding the “Continuing Anglicans”: it should be pointed out that some have opted to be under foreign Anglican churches from such countries as Rwanda, Uganda and Nigeria, while others are in the process of joining Rome (via “Ordinariates”) or Orthodoxy {especially via the “Western-Orthodox” initiative of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch, Syria, which features a rite very similar to the Anglican Book of Common Prayer.]

          This should hopefully give you a thumbnail sketch as to how “mainstream” Protestantism at the minimum stands. I could also mention the Catholic breakaway Lefèbvrist sect (ultra-conservative Catholics totally rejecting Vatican II – in total opposition to the “liberal” ‘Old-Catholics’ of Utrecht and Poland!!), while enough Orthodox can be just as fractious as the Presbyterians.

          There, not to bore you any further…

        • ADHD, no, it is not all the Hasidim, just some of them. Actually, in many ways Hasids are very much like fundamentalist Muslims with one huge important difference: they are not violent. Personally, I find them repugnant.

  5. Christian Ministers in the west just do not get it! Most have never read the bloody koran and believe in the ROP lie. Others are buying into the siren song of apostasy by adapting the belief of many paths to God. This is end times predictions being played out before our eyes. Scary stuf this! Our ministers much like the Jewish rabbis in WWII will lead their flock to the head chopping block! So much horror!

  6. He is a CINO (Christian in name only) as no true believer in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – the God of Israel and HIS redeemer the holy one of Israel Yeshua would have anything to do with islam. mohammad and his islam are of satan!

  7. Dupes of taqiyya-meisters!

    Coming next… watch these dopey dupes purchase the Brooklyn Bridge!

    Gullible? Or what?

    What does Islam REALLY TEACH? (Glad you asked.)

    Koran 48.29 “Those with Mohammed are VIOLENT to the KAFIRS, but compassionate between one another.”

    (Pssst…Christian ministers…Islam does not contain the Golden Rule.)

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