AUSTRALIA: Gearing up for another Cronulla?

Chelsea Longbeach Surf Life Saving Club president Judy Silom: “We’re getting a lot of multicultural Muslim visitors from outside the area coming to our beach and a lot of time the different Islamic cultures don’t mix with everyone else,” she said. “They congregate in the hundreds near the pier, start fights and vandalize the cars.”

Mordialloc (h/t Diane H)  Melbourne Police will aim to stamp out violence and anti-social behaviour on beaches with a new foreshore taskforce. (In other words, Muslims don’t want bikini-clad non-Muslim women on the beach when they are there with women in black garbage bags. (In other words, they suffer from sex-obsessed, small penis syndrome)

Kingston Inspector Tim Hansen said police had noticed more people from surrounding suburbs, even as far as northern suburbs visiting the beaches. “Along with the taskforce we have an engagement program for multicultural Muslim groups,” Insp Hansen said.

“We’re looking to engage with these Muslim youths more and run activities on the beach for them. “Hopefully some sort of sports will take away the element of boredom, which is what can lead to trouble.” (Right, because Muslims are known for their great prowess at sports)

For BNI readers unfamiliar with the Cronulla riots that broke out in Australia in 2005, this will explain the way it really happened unlike the politically correct mainstream media reporting.

December 11, 2012 marks the 7th anniversary of when over 5000 Cronulla locals finally fought back against years of Islamic violence, rape and savagery.

Islam Monitor  Leftwing journalists wrote sob stories about how badly Australians were allegedly treating Muslims. Yet Lebanese Muslim goons have been terrorizing locals for years without a peep from these leftwing bigots who call themselves journalists.

‘Report’ after ‘report’ on the Cronulla riots stressed Australian racists as being the problem. When it came to fingering Lebanese Muslim thugs the same journalists omitted the thuggery and described this scum as “being of Middle Eastern appearance. This lie was a shabby attempt to reinforce their despicable view that Australians are basically racist.

Let us take a quick look at what this despicable bunch of ideologically motivated hacks deliberately ignored. Three lifesavers objected to Lebanese Muslims bullying a group of women because of their bathing costumes These Muslim thugs attacked the greatly outnumbered lifesavers and badly beat them, rendering one of them unconscious.

It was this vicious incident of Lebanese Muslim thuggery that sparked the riots that these mendacious journalists are blaming on Australians.

If the riots were racially inspired, how come only Lebanese Muslim thugs were targeted? Why were there no Indians, Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Ceylonese, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jews, etc., involved? Also ignored by our media guardians is the interesting fact that the Lebanese have been immigrating to Australia for more than 100 years without any kind of reaction from native Australians. Additionally, how do they explain Lebanese Catholic churches being targeted by Muslims?

Nearly all of the former immigrants were Maronites while the Lebanese scum that started the riots are Muslims who came here in the 1970s.

“Middle Eastern” is the multiculturalist’s code phrase for Muslim. So what we have here is Muslim hatred of Australia. Nevertheless, despite massive evidence to the contrary our leftwing media still insists on lying to the public. It’s true that some racists attached themselves to the mob. But to use their opportunism to smear fellow Australians as “neo-Nazis” is, unfortunately, par for the course for our agitprop journos.

It is time to recognise the extremist religious canker in our midst and cut it out –– even if it means revoking these thugs’ citizenship and deporting them to Lebanon where, I have no doubt, they would be welcomed with open arms by Islamo-fascist terrorist groups.

Even FOX News blamed the Aussies, not the Muslims

Many people in Australia blamed controversial and provocative Radio Talk Show Host Alan Jones for the riots, anyone but the Muslims.


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  1. I has to happen. We are dammed sick and tired of watching islam at work over seas and their be-headings, satanic killings and thumbing their noses at western society. islam is a cancer to this planet and MUST be culled or controlled. Bring it on, lets the ruckus start and once and for all dish back to those who follow allah as what they have been dishing out to thousands of innocents. islam is at WAR with the WEST …. so like the other two world wars lets get too and solve this satanic god, destroy the satanic verses and greatly cull moslems OUT of western countries and shove them back to moslem countries and ban the access of islam to the west. Bring it on – moslems will never win this one.

    • I’m very surprised the aussies didn’t go nuts after the latest attack in sydney. As an Australian I know that hatred of islam is bubbling away just beneath the surface. I don’t think it will take much more to happen for the aussies to go nuts again like they did in cronulla. I think that Muslims have a lot to fear in Australia, not just from the germanic white population but also from the authorities. Australia is not racist we just hate fuckwits and Islam is full of fuckwits

  2. ‘How come only Lebanese Muslims where targeted’? Well, tell you what, there were many olive skin people of other races/religions who were caught in it all. The prepetrators wrongly assumed that the were Muslim.

    And in the US, Sikh Indians have been targeted, just because they have a long beard and a turban

  3. I HAD a sister who abandoned her children whom I’m now guardian of, who met a Lebonese bloke online and moved there to be with a man who is on the terrorist watch list… She and that scum tried to have the kids adopted… My brother and I stepped in and now have custody of the children. Hence they target ignorant people just to obtain citizenship in our country and convert out young. I have worked over there and know for a fact what they plan… Remember people of Australia that it is written in the Karan to lie to the non believer, that is also a FACT…
    SAVE OUR COUNTRY and WAY OF LIFE!!! And stop the PC bullshit of the media and politicians…

  4. I blame the upper police hierarchy for the Cronulla riots . The Lebos had been bashing just for fun for a long time and the high ranking cops on TV would just deny there was a problem . Sickening .

    There would be things on ‘Today Tonight’ type shows and Lebo dickheads would say how if they were feeling down , they would go and bash someone to feel better .

    The top police commissioners are political appointees just as judges are . There was a long time Labor government in NSW at the time , so the politics of the commissioners would be to the left .

    If the police had of actually done their sworn duty by cracking the Lebo gangs , there would have been no ‘Cronulla Riot’ . The Aussies were fed up with the Lebo scum and so the Aussies were over the top .

    • You’re 100% correct, Red. The locals and non muslim visitors had been harrassed and provoked by these thugs of ‘Middle Eastern Appearance’ for a few years before the riots. They took over the beach and the park, harrassed kids that weren’t theirs off the swings and told us we weren’t welcome in the park now, that this was ‘their park’. We’re older Australians and we were also harrassed when walking down the street by carloads of Lebanese muslim males (given away by their beards) – yelling obscenities and making lewd gestures to my husband and I. The Police had their hands tied by the Labor Government. The media reports were so skewed that it appeared Australians were the culprits, not the other way around. A whole suburb has now been tainted as racist by the world. Sad but true.

      • Yes BNI.

        The Beach was cleared up, and the Aussies got their beach back.

        Not sure what it’s like now, but the Cowards didn’t return.

      • Everything you have said is incorrect the entire riot had nothing to do with muslims at all !!! It was solely based on whether or not you were of middle eastern background and a lot of Lebanese here in Sydney are Christians! !! Just happen to be a bunch of DKheads trying to cause trouble and everyone from the Sutherland shire were affected and unless your from sydney or better the shire area you really dont have a clear perspective of what happened it didnt matter if you were Christian or Jewish or hindu if you looked even slightly middle eastern you copped a beating from hundreds of drunk aussie patriots

      • What no one has commented on was the reprisal by a convoy of 40 vehicles of Lebs who assembled at the Lakemba mosque the next day and drove the 20kms to Cronulla. No one has mentioned the bashiing of the girl at Cronulla Golf Club or the stabbing of the guy at woolooware Golf Club – or the guy putting out his garbage in North Cronulla.. All these people were targetted because they were white – no other reason. They were not involved in the so-called ‘riot’ on the day before – which was really rather minor in reality – nobody was hospitalised. The only people who were hospitalised were tootally innocent non-rioters on the night after the ‘riot’.

        No one has mentioned the fact that for 500 metres all aong Eloura Rd – on both sides – every second car was smashed with baseball bats. I saw all this – it was like a war zone.

        BUt these facts did not get the international exposure that the initial fracas received.

  5. Ffark any ideology that beats women and acts like they live in caves 2014 idiots move with the times or ban there ideology it ain’t a religion

    • My heart gos out to you all in australia very fair tolerable people but awake and aware to the problems facing you and prepared to do something about it sadly here in the uk we have so many blinkered apologist lefties who live in cloud cuckoo land and think everythings tickety boo … God bless australia and its people

      • The problem is that is how the “normal” Aussies feel but the Govt on the other hand are scared of the Muslims who are causing disharmony in OZ but wont do anything about because they are scared and bow to there demands and don’t want to upset them instead of listening to their own people.

  6. The point is we have a problem, ISLAM is anti western anti christian anti jewish & it is taught in the KORAN my ? is why are they coming to our country then not accepting our faith & values ? well it appears to be the same in all western countries they have emigrated to, THEY WANT TO TAKE OVER buildmosques in every city & suburb all funded by the halal tax that we aussies have to pay on all our grocery’s, its a DISGRACE that only 2% of a population can force a religious tax on our food.

    • I have been following Peter Forde of OzUnited ( for the past three years or so and he has been trying to get the ear of our elected reps (to no avail) to do something before it is too late, he is now calling on all Aussies to stand United and call for a Royal Commission into Islam in Australia to get the truth out to the apathetic general public before we go down the gurgler, we need to unite all the different “parties/groups” we all belong to (strength in numbers) and “persuade” our elected reps to listen!

  7. Hello everyone! I’ve been gone for a while, had a lot of things going on and running my own business now and real busy. Does anyone know IF MUSLIMS ARE RESPONSIBLE……for the 8 KIDS MURDERED……in Australia? I once was known as dunecoonslayer! I changed to Mr friendly cares! due to many dunecoons or cult freaks crying and bitching :)

      • Bare naked Islam, what a moronic thing to ask. Your either a white supremacist or a trouble making journalist. I am for our country staying in our hands too but not along side morons like you.

      • Looks like it wasn’t the child be headers….. this time. What needs to happen is the whole damn world needs to wake up! Wake up and declare WWIII….everyone against ISIS! The world needs to crush this plague before it gets out of hand more than it already has!

    • No that part of Queensland are mainly native aborigine and Torres Islanders and it was their own mother who stabbed them to death !! Bloody sad

    • No not Muslims.
      Islander and Indigenous communities.
      Very tragic to lose eight kids from our community.
      Cairns is heavy hearted after two tragedies in a week in our country.

    • That really is a stupid comment to make. The tragic incident in cairns was a domestic situation, and comparing it in the way you are doing so, highlights the fact you are just a niggler, and not too intelligent either.

      • Muslims are very lucky that wasn’t a Muslim that slaughtered 8 children there. Count your blessings…..and go home while you still can get there in one piece! You guys talking about me asking that question? That is only a stupid question in some delusional pedophile’s ferry tale land of virgins where islam is a religion of peace! In the real world of muslims, islam and mass killings of isis along with the genocide of their own people along with the rape of their own people….terror attacks and so on. It was a very logical question for someone with no gene pool damage from 2000 years of forced inbreeding. Sorry if you don’t get the question….you must fit into the “other” category.

  8. Well, I’m a muslim. I’m migrating from Qatar (I’m originally Egyptian) to Melbourne. When I first heard the news I was so excited and happy to move to a new country and learn about their cultures and experience Australia’s fantastic weather! So I did all the research I could but when I found out about the bullying and why muslims aren’t really welcome here I was terrified. I’m a really emotional person and I understand and respect people’s feelings and beliefs. I’m 11 just finished 6th grade and throughout all my years at school I was never really bullied because not a lot of people see me. Usually the popular and loved people don’t know I exist. I have also never ever talked about my religion at school nor have any muslims or respectful Christians but a few people kept teasing me and the Muslims in my class about our “ridiculous” beliefs. Nobody had a reaction and everyone simply ignored them. So what I’m saying is not every muslim is bad or guilty just like not all Christians are good. All I’m praying for is to get a chance to prove not every muslim is guilty because a few other muslims from a different country who I don’t even know their names were mistaken and hated. And I prey from the bottom of my heart that I don’t get bullied and blend in with everyone else. And all I’m hoping for is this. PEACE.

      • Well clearly you are a disrespectful person who has no feelings towards others! What did I ever do to you or any other Christians or non-muslims?!?! I hope YOU get bullied. And I won’t hear to what you say. Inshallah I will immigrate to Australia and ignore people like you. Maybe I was wrong when I thought Australia was not a racist country and it’s people were kind. Whatever happens to me is destiny and you should be ashamed of yourself and learn how to RESPECT RESPECT and RESPECT other religions. I tried to be nice and sensible but it doesn’t work for people like you! The only thing that works for you is violence! Thanks for making it clear to me…

        • Maryam, what ‘race’ is Islam? Muslims are hated in Australia, now more than ever. Nobody here respects a death cult posing as a religion. You will be miserable in Australia. Why don’t you stay in your Islamic hellhole?

      • You’re disgusting. You’re talking to a fucking 11 year old boy, who says he just wants to blend in. I’m a 5th generation white Australian, and I would rather have you leave my fucking country than anyone else.
        Oh and just fyi the banner your website has; “it’s not islamaphobia if they’re actually trying to kill you” makes about as much sense as “I’m not paranoid, everyone’s just out to get me”. There’s no hope for people like you, and that is literally the worst thing about this country.

      • actually she would be welcomed in Melbourne they would love her there ! Melbourne is like a melting pot of Mediterranean spices !!!

      • That’s harsh as. I grew up in Sydney getting rolled by Leb bombers every weekend. Way out numbered, we were bout 14 they about 16 17. But I also had a lot
        of Leb mates. As I totally understand the riots were not Australians fault and it should have come a lot earlier and more often you can’t attacks 10 year old boy looking to better his future. Your a scared frightened dick. Maryam don’t listen to this dick, as long as u fit in and accept our cultures you will be fine. And if not it saddens me. I hope the more evolved Australian can take people at face value and not generalise a whole people cause of a few dicks. Saying that unfortunately there does seen to be a lot of dicks. Mind u if you come here and start going on about how we live our lives and putting it down u deserve what you get but by your message I’m sure, and hope your more respectful than that. Why do we have this need to have everyone conform to one idea. It’s the differences that make life interesting. Embrace it I say.

      • You are a shame on the Australian community BareNakkedIslam you facist imposile! I have no spirtual belief or religion but your are a fool beyond recognition. (I have lived in Cronulla for over 50 years)

        Live and let live goose!

        You are the sort of person who instigates violance then run’s and hides behind MUMMY’S skirt!

        You are the worst kind of coward our sociaty tolerate and you should stick your head back in it’s hole! (SNIPE) google it fool!

      • @ STOPDAHATE

        You’re the sort of idiot that would “ride with them”! Grow a brain and wake up. Living in Crunulla huh.. That explains your pure stupidity. Go play with the Greenies and protest global warming instead of embarrassing us on this site! Twit!!

      • @Damian….
        # 1 Maryam is a girl’s name, not a boy’s.
        # 2 I doubt very much if that is an 11 year old writing that comment.
        muslims don’t want to fit in and assimilate into our culture… all they want is for Australia to become another islamic country under sharia law. I am also 5th generation white Australian and my great grandfather didn’t fight the turks (then known as ‘musselmen’) in WW1 for this country to be overrun by muslims with their own constitution following sharia law already written for Australia.

    • I hope you ended up coming to Australia Maryam. Not everyone is as crazy as this insensitive, idiotic man who made this terrible website. Everything he has stated on this page is absolutely ridiculous and I’m more than certain that the well educated majority of us who live in Australia do not for one moment believe this bullshit he has written. It was brave of you to comment and I’m surprised this author had the nerve to talk like this even to a little girl who has done nothing at all to him like you so rightly said. Whoever made this really doesn’t understand your religion at all and that like all religions there are more extreme versions. There is a difference between terrorists and normal people and unfortunately uneducated people like the person who created this whole stupid page can’t for some reason recognise this… Hopefully they have an epiphany and learn to be a modern NORMAL 21st century citizen who respects all races and religions.

      • Fuck off sally you fool take a trip to Syria with that other dick head.bonnie why do you let these Muslims post on our site.they get enough attention to there bl ending hearts ev rywhere.

      • Sally, there is no “extreme” Islam,just Islam. The “extremists” simply are impatient to bring in the final Caliphet..that they believe will dominate all nations and cultures. The “peaceful muslims simply let the violent ones do the heavy lifting. Try reading the Quran and Hadith……we infidels dont deserve the air we breath…..their belief.

      • The uneducated one is you, Sally ! Your comment was pretty ridiculous. If you are educated, you should have known the history. My advice is, go back to school and learn some more and after that, do some special study on Islam. And your sentence : ” Hopefully they have an epiphany and learn to be a modern NORMAL 21st century citizen who respects all races and religions” Save your wish for the Muslims who want to put Sharia Law in this country and bring us back to 7th Century (which is absolutely ancient according to my taste and not modern NORMAL 21st century as you wish !)) and not for the people who try to educate you about what Islam is ! Lastly, save your time and brain and don’t lecture me about Islam with your shallow uneducated knowledge about it cause I came from a Muslim country !

      • Oh dear you silly woman. I am losing every aspect of my PATIENCE for which I was once known for in legendary amounts. I am EXTREMELY well educated and I know it would appear a great deal more than you. Unfortunately a great deal said above is spot on. I happen to know a surgeon who was in a hospital up there when a young aussie man was brought in with extremely serious injuries which were inflicted on him in Cronulla when he attempted to protect 3 young aussie girls from a car of Leb muslim men who had pulled over as they walked along, screaming filth and rape etc and attempting to pull them into the car.

        He stepped him, running up the street to protect them, he didn’t know them. They turned on him then of course and the girls were able to escape around the corner. They stabbed him terribly. Its beyond belief. Then the scum drove off. The girls came back, rang ambos etc etc etc. Short story is bt some miracle he survived and has NOW MARRIED ONE OF THE GIRLS HE SAVED.

        I AM SICK OF SCUM LIKE YOU TOO, YOU PRETEND YOUR ‘EDUCATED’. What rot, you don’t know your proverbial arse from you know what. If you lose your head or find yourself in a Lindt café if would be a blessing if you don’t come out with your head. THINK THATS ‘AWFUL’ DO YOU? Let it be a warning, you left middle class scum, brainless twat. This IS NOW THE WORLD REALITY AND YOU ARE NOT SAFE ANYMORE, ESP FFROM YOUR OWN BECAUSE WE SICK of the trouble you scum have brought into our countries and defend with heads in your arse cesspit at best. Let me tell you, we health workers KNOW the reality, we see it EVERYDAY. Its WORSE than the above. How would YOU know?????? Don’t see you putting the bits and pieces back together in the theatre do we?

        Dealing with the relatives do we???? No you just sitting in your little smug house, mouthing off swallowing blind what your told because you are TOO DUMB TO RESEARCH FOR YOURSELF. The 1960/70’s are LOOOOONNNNG gone sweetie. Want me to come see you and remind you? Why don’t you read the Koran? The Hadith? THEN YOU CAN COMMENT. Until then shut the f….k up. Or maybe The Life of Mohammed, Islam Unveiled by Harry Richardson, which muslims themselves have reluctantly said contains complete truth. YOU SCUM IDIOT. We are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sick of this, its not the muslims who are going to cop it in the end. Its the blind apologists/idiots who insult our IQ’s everyday. Go open your gas tap and have an easier end to whats ahead. GEEEEZZZZZ.

      • sally
        maybe you can explain to the 2500 british none muslim white girls aged between 11 and 15 who were raped drugged and then passed around as war booty this in one town or the young girl who tried to tell police and ended up in kebabs and served to her own towns folk that they do not understand the ideology of hate called islam and its murdering followers
        and further more islam is a theocracy and one mans ideology full of hate for none muslim jew and any other none converted islam and its followers have no place in democratic society if you disagree then fly to dubai and experiance life as a worker the suicide rate is off the scale 20/30 per day these are forien workers

    • If you come here and respect our culture, dress and act like us, don’t try to force islam on us, you will be welcome here Maryam. It’s the moslems who show us no respect who have to worry. Anti islamic sentiment is building very fast now that Moni killed 2 innocents in the Sydney siege. Aussies anger slowly, but when we are provoked then whoever is causing the trouble had better run.

      We have a saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” Keep that in mind and you will be fine.

    • Don’t worry, young friend. People who write articles like this are insane- they do not reflect what Australians believe. Australia is a country of multicultural acceptance and tolerance, most of the time. But there are the racists, xenophobes and bigots who will make up anything to try to justify their hate- like a lot of the stuff in this article. You are very welcome in Australia, and I wish you all the best.

      • The discontent in Australia is not about race its about the destruction of OUR culture..( the Judo-Christian foundation Australia was based on which made a stable and prosperous country) … time you get out of bed Damian wake up! Compare the stability of western nations to those of Islam…….plain as day……

      • Don’t speak for me, Just as soon as where Islam started comes to peace and shows love I will change my tune, until then…. Take you Muslim Islamic Extremists Cult and get the fuck out of my Country. Go to a country where your god is all righteous and peaceful, Dont mind the bombs dropping, Allah praises you for it.
        Damian you are a disgrace and part of the problem

      • Damian, I think you may find you are not talking to an eleven year old. Her writing skills and phrases are more in common with an adult than a child. Just saying!

      • O my, another Islam appeaser who has no knowledge whatsoever about it !
        Mr D, before you call us racists, try to know first whether we are all white or not ! I’m NOT white, I came from a Muslim country and I’m anti Islam ! Anti Islam is not racist ! The same with those who hate Christianism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Communism, Nazism, etc…, do you call them racists ??? Be honest about it ! What a silly comment !

      • @DAMIAN

        Are you that retarded ? You tosser! Who in their right mind believes “Islam” is a religion of peace. Go do some study on it, then you can comment. When I say homework, I mean live in their country for a while and see how that filth operate. Work in a hospital where the 8 year old gets bought in ripped apart by gang rape, unconscious. See a live stoning of a father killing his Daughter after surviving a rape by his brother. See a wife come into a shopping mall after being beat to an inch of her life by her husband, supposedly for not cooking dinner well enough. (She was forced to shop for more dinner).
        These are just a couple things that happened in a muslim country on one day!

        If you have the pleasure of having a daughter Damien, pray like mad she doesn’t think like you and marries one of these filthy muslims. You idiots are all talk..

      • To Damian, stopdahate, & all the D’himmis on this thread:

        I’ve spent over nine years studying Islam, Koran, Hadiths, the history of Islam and the life of the psychopathic racist murdering paedo Big M, etc. When you have similar qualifications and knowledge then let’s talk, ’til then, shove your head further under the sand – if possible – and allow the more rational, perceptive, and better-educated to confront a problem that concerns ALL Australians, no matter what their culture of origin (my roots are Central-European; my hero is Jan Sobieski).

        I have to shake my head in bitter frustration at the d’himmiwit ignorance and utter stupidity of the very people whom we are trying to save from a horrible death, or worse, a mind-numbing d’himmiwit jizya-paying future.

        I should remind you that when an ostrich such as yourself sticks its head in the sand it then leaves a very sensitive part of its anatomy exposed to all sorts of abuse. Enjoy!

      • damian i am an older aujstralian who once lived in lakema my wife was spat on numerous occasions & ab used for wearing the fashion at the time, 1 of those head hidden bitchs called her a slut & slapped her, bad mistake, got her a king hit from my wife , there were more aussies about back then so no drama, shows how these scum feel about us though, since then we have had run ins with them plenty of times, includeing a couple of lebs trying to order us out of the ocean pool at shelly beach crunulla , they were blun tly told were to go & you think multiculturalism works in this country, mate your a drongo, it does not work with muslims, odd that because no other religious group has caused any problems in australia
        simple , learn to fit in,accept our ways, stop causeing shit or leave

      • You obviously haven’t been attacked and racially vilified for being a blonde Australian, or seen the Middle East gangs attacking lone victims. You should get out more Damian.

    • Maryam if you hang around with Muslims you will be brainwashed into thinking like Muslims.Muslims live by the Islamic book the kuntran this is not wanted by western people as it is the book of the devil.we will never digest stay where you are,you are not wanted here at all.

    • Not an 11 year old boy – you are an adult with a political agenda. How can I tell? because I understand the way kids and adults write.

    • Hey Meryam, I’m Australian and I don’t want you migrating here. Stay the hell away from us. Your in denial if you think you will be welcomed with open arms. You won’t be.

    • Maryam…First of all I thought Maryam was a girls name …like Miriam or Mary (Mary is my wifes name)….In your letter you have the right attitude. But as an eleven year old you would be coming here with adults right? you have no say either way whether you come here or not…I and my wife are committed Christians…but unfortunatly Australia and much of the West has been ruled by a secular system of government which has made ,in my opinion un-wise decisions about “culture”. It was our Christian based culture which made us stable and prosperous. If you come here with an accepting and enquiring heart you will flourish……but you may have to displease “committed ” Muslims……and when you do come here not everything you see and hear is “Christian”…:)

    • I am sure you are a wonderful young lady maryam – but the good are irrelevant. you were irrelevant last week during the shooting and murder of two innocent people. Did you and your parents come and lay flowers and pray for the murdered and demand that your faith and people who preaches hate be deported and lose citizenship. What about their 3 children without a mother. WHY because someone of your faith who believes the beliefs you do, who HATE us and teach HATE. Australians will not put up with this any longer. So Peace back to you.

      • I think it was Senator Sarah Hanson Young.
        Green/Socialist/Communist nutter extraordinaire.
        Dhimmi to the false God.
        Slave to whackjob Ian Rintoul.

    • Maryam, you don’t appear to understand, Islam is NOT a race, so how can this person whom you attacked be a racist? I do not believe you are 11 years old either. Dishonest I expect. Most Muslims living in Australia are not tolerant of the country they pushed into. They are not seeking asylum nor are they refugees. If they are refugees why do they come here to stir up trouble? I believe the countries they came from are possibly glad they left as they are misfits no matter where they go.
      And yes please stay out, we do not need any more Muslims here to screw this beautiful country up. God help us, you have screwed Europe up well and good.

    • Maryam,

      It must be hard to be so young, and have the worries of the world about to fall on your shoulders.

      Sorry to point this out to you, but since you have posted here, we will respond.

      Firstly. We understand what it’s like to be devout. Two of our team were once. (Now we’re very grateful to be secular.)

      As soon as you are able to, (given your tender age) like many “good muslims” you will have to make a choice: to try to work for critical reforms within islam, or to leave it – no matter what the cost.

      Imagine, for a few moments, if there was a “white-run” religion that “taught” that: 1) “black” people are substandard to “white” people
      and that
      2) “black” people are responsible for making “white” people assault them

      The “white” people say that the “black” people have to cover themselves, in various forms of coverings: these coverings range from the “blacks” only showing their face and hands, to a full covering with mesh across their eyes. This covering is to make the “white” people less likely to assault them, and thus make “black” people “pleasing to god”.

      In addition to numerous other evil instructions (such as how a “white” person should beat a “black” person so they don’t leave any marks) “black” people are not allowed to be anywhere in the main area of the religious buildings of the “whites”, and they are certainly not to be allowed in any position of authority.

      What an absolutely APPALLING ideology.

      Would modern society allow it??
      Of course not!

      Well, why does the modern world allow islam to get away with precisely the same kind of atrocious ideology concerning women? (Women are simply being used in islam, to grow power for this man-made organisation.)

      Further, in the “teachings” (note: man-made policies) of islam, all eventually either have to become believers, pay an extortion tax or be killed.

      Hence, considering these above evil policies, which are undeniably against the most basic of human rights, anyone with humanity in them must fight islam with everything they have. It is a form of totalitarianism.

      Once again, sorry that you will need to confront this at your age.
      Best Wishes to you

      Life and Liberty

      • Oh come on! That was NOT the writing of an 11 year old!!

        Re-opening this from a couple of years ago was interesting, Bonni, but sadly it shows there are still quite a lot of dhimmis in the mystical land of OZ.

  9. Mate, I apologise if I had unintentionally insulted anyone about their knowledge on the threat of Islam. However I have to let you know that the Jews and Indian Christians and Hindus were victims of Islam way before the Western world was privy to it through the acts of 9/11. Even Mr Tony Blair blatantly acknowledged that the British and American govt were a tad bit arragont in not listening to the pleas of India when the Europeans and Indians were captured and butchered during the multiple Islamic Surge in Kashmir. As evident in this video

    However I am very happy that every part of the world has awaken to this fact.
    I will definitely comitt myself to the rest of the work in this website and am wondering if there is a much deeper role we can play. Do you guys organise sessions outside etc? There is definitely something we can do in a larger scale collectively to stop them from winning. What are your thoughts about the Australian Defence League?

    • Mathan, that’s OK, since you seem to know a lot about Islam, I wanted you to know you you can speak freely without having worry about the lowest common denominator. Most of the people who comment here regularly are up to speed on all things Islam.

      Yes, we think it’s way past time for an Australian Defense League to be started. We have a US Defense League but there is not a lot of support for it. Things haven’t gotten bad enough here yet, I guess.

      There are hundreds of stories/videos here about Australia. Just enter “Australia” in the Search box to have a look.

    • @Mathan..
      The Australian Defence League is getting in the news for the wrong reasons lately. Some of their actions are very questionable , such as walking down the main street in Lakemba and swearing at muslim women just to start trouble. You are much better off contacting Patriots Defence League Of Australia on facebook. There are branches in all capital cities in Australia and many of the large regional centres. The P.D.L.A. works with other groups and lobbies politicians and holds regular meetings to plan legal protests, not just aggravating everyone like the A.D.L.

  10. Guys I know I am late with this thread. I have had it with these Muslims. They hate the Christians, Jews ,Hindus and Buddhists. An Imam in Adelaide just preached to slaughter all Hindus and Buddhists . My friends,I came here as an Indian Hindu immigrant with my family and I have always respected this beautiful country built on Christian values. I treat my mates as brothers and sisters here.I bow down to Jesus, I bow down to all religions except to what the Muslims call the prophet. I heard what happened in Cronulla when I was back in Singapore serving my national service and was utterly shocked. You would be shocked to know that countless Norwegian girls were raped and sexually assaulted by Muslims as well (Watch the following links)These bastards are doing it everywhere, worse they are trying to Islamise the whole world. They have paralysed Europe. The native Europeans have just woken up to the fact and are panicking. They do the same thing to India, being the minority of 10% in India, they are just exploding rapidly and keep asking for dumb concessions. I would kindly ask everyone to watch the following 3 videos and understand the threat they pose. Their whole motive is to be the absolute majority in the world , so they can push the rest around.
    I have thought about starting a small social group to tackle this issue and take it further. I really call out to all my Australian mates to join me. The best weapon we can use to fight them is UNITY. I call to all my Anglo-Saxon mates, my Vietnamese mates, my Sri Lankan mates, my Christian friends, Jewish friends, Buddhists friends.
    Recently I saw this video on you-tube about a group that go by the name of ‘Australian Defence Party’ . They were protesting against Islamfication of Australia and were right away labelled as racist. I personally think if non-muslim ethnic ppl were to join in together with the anglo-saxons, the Muslims won’t be able to play the race card. However I have my doubts about them accepting me.

    If you read history, the Muslims have conquered and destroyed a lot of Civilisations, just to spread their religion, Zorastrians in iran were forced to convert to muslims. Coptic Egyptians were forced to convert and babylonia and Mesopotamia was turned into Islam. They are all Islamic Nations now. Looks like Europe is heading that way.
    Lets fight back. I really hope you guys will get back to me .
    BTW it is paramount that everyone watch the following videos on how the Muslims are invading. Please watch all three


    • Mathan, you may have just discovered the threat of Islam, but you are preaching to the choir here. I deleted the other videos. PLease familiarize yourself with the work you can see here in the Categories list in the Sidebar, before trying to give us a lesson in Islam 101.

    • Mathan,
      Muzzies hate everyone including their own.
      They are killing each other with abandon, and this should be encouraged and nurtured.
      Just leave them be, and the problem will be at least partly solved in a generation.
      Great post!

  11. allah does not exsist,the Koran was written by one man, and the silly buggers believe it,he was no god,there is only one god for all,so there is no virgins waitng on the other side,i get offended with them wearing tea towels on there heads,and there mosques here, I looked in one one day and saw a lot of bike stands bums in the air,they will start problems in Australia , so I say to the gov get rid of them now,send them all home and shut our borders down.

  12. It has started in Toronto too,
    Cathlics are threatening the asslifters with crucifixion. You should see how they run with the tail between they’r legs:)
    North of Toronto almost everyone has guns, (for hunting) Trust me these guys are hard core and dont like scum fouling up the country.

    • I hear u here, Toronto… Just down the road from u !

      I Have been watching the Islamification/Sharia inFILTHtration of Canada proceeding apace…

      I also scan the USA/UK/AUS Politicos…&ESPECIALLY the creeping virus that is I-SLAM!

      USA: MAJOR TROUBLE! I-SLAM THROUGH… bleeding borders… &pre-established cells/property owned “communities” UNWILLINGNESS TO CHANGE/ENGAGE”

      UK: ALMOST DOOMED TO DESPAIR, my opinion only…
      A traditional acceptance of “MULTI-CULTurism”… they seem ~*mostly bewildered*~…

      AUS: TRANSITION: ~*tipping-point*~… Waiting For…~*spark*

      & CANADA, eh?


      ~*RULE BRITANNIA*~, so “quaintly* …um, politely… “Mis/Un/ILL-InFORMED!”… Mostly.

      *sigh* THANKS FOR KEEPING IT REAL! my family&friends consider me racist, btw!


  13. There appear to be so many Aussies on here now.


    Geert Wilders will be in Australia in February . Members only

    Bonni do me a favour please, if you are in correspondence with any Aussies, please can you tell them about Q

  14. While we’re at it: even FOX News is owned in part by rich Moslems (Saudi Sheikhs et al) – that’s why we can’t count on even it to be impartial UNTIL everybody turns ‘en masse’ against ALL of Islam and rejects all Moslem money!!!!

  15. Go Auzzies don’t take their shit.
    Wish us Brits would start to stick up for the local communities as well since the law does little against their pedo rings, we’re all getting sick ofit, bloody sick.

    Nungy Scotland

  16. government report out in the uk yesterday 26% of young offenders are muslim males , they make up 1% of the population , muslims in uk jails at the moment 14,000 out of 79.000 prisoners other religions, 22 buddists ,120 jews, combined sikh -hindu 800

  17. About time we Aussies started to get together on this. Networking is a good thing, sooner or later the sh.t is Gunna hit the fan. Paranoia is another word for heightened awareness . And I am very aware of these filthy Muslim scum . Never will I back down. They can eat shit.

  18. Those bloody muzzi scum deserved what they got and if they dont watch themselves they will cop it again, we Aussies are happy to co exist with just about anyone but when these mongrols start their garbage we dont take any of their crap, u betta watch ur back muzrat scum!

  19. BONNI Alan jones is due back in court soon to face charges of inciting the cronulla riots This the second time this has happened to him.He was fined ten thousand dollars and ordered to apologise to the cockroach community.He still refuses to apologise.He also has a lot of friends in the liberal party and law circles.It will be interesting to see what develops.The slag the call our pm hates him especially wnen her father died recently.Jonesy said he died of shame Most aussies agree with him.He has the highest rating talk back show in australia.He wont go down easy

    • @ Arthur – I like Allan Jones he is like Andrew Bolt ( whom is a journalist from Herald Sun newspaper- fyi for our BNI people whom are not from Australia).

      @ BNI – Andrew is very Pro Israel and has defended Israel in many of his weekly articles in the Herald Sun, especially recently and he does not like Muscum. He is very much to the Right like Allan Jones.

      @ Arthur – Allan was right in what he said about Gillards father but I believe the apple doesnt fall far from the tree and Gillards father I suspect, was a Socialist/Commie like her so I wasnt one of the many that got their panties in a wad like the majority Lefties did about Allans comment about Gillards father.

      I hope Allan makes a comeback. But because of the media which at present are full of Leftie/Greenie Loonies, he will cop alot of shit. But many Australians are behind him.

    • Hate Gillard. She’s one of Hussein’s key international comrades. Disgusting to see them patting each other on the back for their filthy socialist dealings. It’s about time Australia purged this scum, and sent them back to their dens of pedophilia and ass-lifting. I had never heard of Cronulla, but it sounds like an uprising of epic proportions against the Jihadist invaders. I wish we had something like that happen here. We could march of Dearbornistan!

  20. Also, BNI, the media made out it was only the anglos that went to the beach that day and rioted, but that’s BS. People of every race and creed stood together against the Muslims.

  21. BNI, I live in Cronulla and have all my life. The crap with the Leb Muslims had been brewing for 20 years. It wasn’t always at the beaches either. They’d come in their gangs and attack people at the local malls, and on the streets as well. EVERYONE had gotten jack of their shit.
    No matter what the lefty media says, the large majority of Australians were behind the people of Cronulla, and Alan Jones – he’s the number one radio host in the country for a reason. John Howard also supported the locals.
    I hope the people of Melbourne have the same gumption, because now there are hardly any Muslims in the Maroubra area anymore.

    • Maroubra? Don’t you mean Cronulla?

      I live in Randwick and let me tell you the Maroubra/Pagewood/Eastlakes area is full of them. Westfield Eastgardens is hijab central.

      They have planning permission for a mosque on the corner of Beauchamp Road and Bunnerong Road in Matraville

      • I meant Sutherland. I must have dyslexia lol. I was thinking of the Bra boys when I wrote the above. Though Maroubra isn’t far from Bankstown so I’m not surprised.
        BNI, Bankstown will be one of our soon to be no go zones for non muslims.

      • C’MON Saxon you don’t really mean that!! are you for real !! don’t let them do that to you !!! I felt a little bit like that in cabra in the early 90s when working there no one said that seeing dead bodies on a weekly or fortnightly basis was part of the job description , and if I ever saw anyone who I thought to be a risk !!! I gave this facial expression where I looked fkng mental

  22. Very interesting. Just know that us non-muslims are with the Australians – we love you and God Bless the lot of you. Muslims have been pushing us around for far too long – it is long past due to put them and the leftards on the run. The people rule and don’t anyone forget it.

  23. Too bad the Aussies did’nt do more damage to the Lebanese pigs.
    from what i understand , the Lebs had their asses kicked good and hard and have never returned to that beach.
    Wish i could have been there, would have enjoyed kicking the shit out of these Leb a-holes.

    • NO SHIRL AND I NEVER WILL !!! no disrespect to you or the hard word you do for others ! but never again will I be under the influence of another being telling me whats right or wrong

  24. VVANASTEN Have you been to Footscray lately?.The somalians are slowly taking over the place I beleive the trouble will come if they try to push the vietnamese around As you are probably aware Footscray has a very high percentage of vietnamese people .They are not frightened of a stoush, I believe this will be theflashpoint in Footscray

    • @ Arthur – I would be hedging my bets on the Vietnamese. They will sort out those Somalians good and proper because the Vietnamese are not one to put up with shit and more so, arent Dhimmis. Id have them on my side any day and would stand by them 100% (hey I love their yummy food and excellent service when dining at their restaurants hehe).

      The Somalians will end up as Dim Sims if they dont watch their smelly asses. I just hope they get mixed with the pork variety :)

  25. I live near a holiday beach here in Melbourne. I don’t spend much time there, because I have to work. I can tell you racial tensions are high here. There were French backpackers that were targeted, on a bus, a couple weeks ago, because they were singing ‘Frere Jacques’. They were coming from the beach. I’m not sure of their race, because it was never mentioned in the media. The tension is high here. They just let a load of illegal invaders off the plane yesterday, with a dole bludger visa in hand. Melbourne is due for a riot.

  26. Abu Baseer in London: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.

    The Quran teaches hate, violence and mass murder of non-Muslims and commands Muslims to wage jihad against non-Muslims and conquer all nations.

    In a dreadful act of treason many millions of Muslims have been imported into our countries by our leaders, in order to facilitate jihad and Islamic conquest of our nations. It is the greatest betrayal by nations’ leaders in all of human history.

    Koran 9:5 “Kill Jews and Christians wherever you find them”.

    Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39)

    “The whole of Europe will become Islamic. Like the army of the sultan we will conquer Rome.”
    − Former Turkish Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan, June 2002

  27. What a tragedy. The beautiful, once SAFE, PEACEFUL country of Australia has had its safety and peace destroyed by infidel-hater Muslims who are eager to OBEY the Quran’s command to wage jihad against non-Muslims. It is absolutely heartbreaking to read of the suffering of non-Muslims in country after country because of the hostile massive Muslim invasion perpetrated by Western leaders against their own people. Non-Muslims are DENIED their human rights by ruling elites. Are there ANY countries left that PROTECT their people?

  28. I can see where there is going to be blood in the streets of Australia soon. The lefties will not be able to keep a lid on it. Somehow mohommedist will die.

  29. “In other words, they suffer from sex-obsessed, small penis syndrome”

    Exactly! That’s why they like little girls and boys to sodomize.

    Hey, Muslim men – YOU ARE SICK IN THE HEAD. Go take your perversions and violence back to raghead land, where you can rape and beat at will in your SAVAGE and BARBARIC countries.

    I hope the Australians take care of this business from these EVIL creatures.

  30. That’s it – If you infidels are going to start fighting back rather than reaching out and finding common ground it takes all the fun out of seeing how far we can push you.

    We will retreat just a little bit until things cool down a bit. We will do a few interfaith dialogues about the violence towards the followers of Islam with the Clergy who are more enlightened and embrace our outstretched hand – Oh Allah I love them so.

    We bring you our Islam which is best for you and invite you in. If you reject us you are forcing us to do that which we do not like and that is to fight you. But we only fight you because we love you and you force us to be violent against you.

    Why are you infidels violent against the followers of Islam when we only come to show you the straight path to the watering hole?

    • Why are we PROUD non-Moslems turning violent against you whining, self-righteous, hypocritical, supposedly “never-wrong” yet ALWAYS-WRONG Moslems??? BECAUSE EVERYTHING about Islam is E—-V—-I—-L!!!!! Furthermore, that’s what you are to us at every possible opportunity, just as your SATANIC Qu’rân, Sira and Hadiths all happen to be – and as your master Satan, masquerading as “allah”, in actual fact truly IS and orders you to be!!!!!

      Seriously, there’s NOTHING good whatsoever in your ideology which hates dogs, pigs, women and “infidels” – ALL of which you wish to exterminate, prior to doing yourselves in via internecine warfare like Sunni vs. Shi’a, Arabs vs. Bangladeshis and Africans, Pakistanis vs. Indians, &c. ‘ad nauseam’!!!!!

      What you Moslems really are out to do is to degrade and exterminate ALL LIFE, PERIOD!!!! You’re enamoured of death provided you can cause harm and suffering to anybody not of your fold (and even within your fold in fact)!!!! You are a military cult of Satanism!!!! You are truly SATAN’S FAVOURITE CHILDREN, just as much as Commies and Nazis – and you need as badly as anybody else who has EVER existed in the history of this unhappy planet to either renounce Islam or be exterminated yourselves!!!!

      We Christians and Jews embrace LIFE both on this earth AND in the hereafter, valuing the fellow-Creation Our TRUE God Yahweh (YHWH) Has Given us!!!! It’s Yahweh and His Only-Begotten Son Jesus Christ Who Teaches us to LOVE plants, animals and fellow-human-beings who know to value and cherish these things!!!! The very things you consider ‘haram’ – art, music, science and Western medicine, loving sex – we gladly embrace, cultivate and rejoice in!!!

      It’s all contrary to your SATAN “allah” and his ANTICHRIST “messenger” Mohammed that genocide, murderer, rapist, thief, liar and pædophile who was below distrust even by those supposedly closest to him!!!! You enjoy EVIL – destruction, degradation, hatred, killing and so much else of irreparable harm!!! You prefer to rape hapless women, children and animals instead, enjoying the degradation and negative power that comes with it!!!! All you know is to enjoy and commit EVIL!!!!

      Fine: we’ve seen through your taqiyya and kitman – and we’ll make you pay until we’ve cleansed our lands of your SATANIC, utterly-WANTON, EVIL!!!! We’ll NOT STOP until we’ve driven every last single Moslem OUT OF THE WEST, down to the last Moslem man, woman and child – and we’ll ensure that your IDOL Mohammed and his adherents get known for the DEMONS that you all really are!!!!! We’ll run you back to your Arabian Peninsula – vaporising Mecca and Medina in the process!!!!! We’ll find other ways to make and distil oil so that all your expensive stuff from which you make your ill-gotten, greedy riches will suddenly ALL become WORTHLESS!!!!

      THEN, we can let you starve in the steppes and deserts of your beloved Arabia, where hopefully – without your idol-abettors Mecca and Medina, with your false-prophet Mohammed exposed and disgraced as the supremely SATANIC FRAUD and leader of EVERYTHING EVIL on the surface of this earth – you’ll either learn to renounce Islam or die exactly the appalling deaths you’re out to inflict upon us!!!! We’ll not bother to even send you ONE SINGLE PENNY of aid – you and your fellow-Satanists will be left to die most miserable deaths while God’s TRULY-BLESSED, LOVING AND BELOVED, worthy people – who’ll have His Leadership when He Sends His Messiah for the Second Time – will be led into the Blessed Millennium of Beauty, Peace, Harmony and Supreme Bliss!!!!!

      RENOUNCE ISLAM while you still have time – or suffer the consequences of your own evil!!!!! If you insist on being at our throats or at our feet, we’ll hopefully ensure you’ll NEVER be able to be anywhere near to us!!!!!

      DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

    • POSTSCRIPT: You Moslems have ZERO love for ANYBODY, even yourselves!!!! How can you really understand love when you NEVER were even taught it from the day of your conception??? You were NEVER conceived in love, never given any true love in babyhood or any other time in your lives!!!! All you’ve EVER been taught is HATE, EVIL, CRUELTY to animals, plants, and even your fellow human-beings (especially the female half of the human race plus those who disagree with you!!!!)!!!

      You’ve NEVER been taught and are never taught even to reason – whenever something comes up you don’t understand, you vilify it and blame it on somebody else (especially the Jews, one of the GREATEST people in the entire world and who NEVER seek to harm others – no wonder that Mohammed hated them, because he was SO UTTERLY VILE that he never could come up to their level!!!!). You erupt into irrational violence upon whatever and whoever happens to be around – yet another sign of SATANISM in yourselves!!!!

      Islam is NOT the “best” for anybody, either yourselves or anybody else!!!! It is THE very WORST thing that has ever plagued this earth!!!!!

      Even some of your own people realise as much – not for nothing that as many as 6,000,000 people RENOUNCE Islam every year!!!! Had Mohammed not ordained that all who turn their backs upon Islam must be killed (MOST CERTAINLY NOT A LOVING ACT!!!!), that evil ideology would have died long ago the way it absolutely and most richly DESERVES!!!!!

    • hehahaheha !!! Corey if you were born here !!!! then you should bloody know better what kind of people Aussies are !! and if you weren’t well lets just say if lee rigby was walking the streets of Sydney instead of the UK he might still be alive !!! WHY ?? CAUSE NO AUSSIE WOULD EVER STAND BY AND WATCH A MONGREL DOG ACT LIKE THAT !!!! EVER

    • Are u serious Corey. How is it better for us to live your way. Look at your countries where you could get blown up getting a loaf if bread. Women getting stoned to death and not the good stoned. U fleed your country cause of how shit it is and try to make us like that. Fuck wits like u make it so hard for the normal Muslims to get by. No wonder you are so angry. I mean can’t u get a root, u have to blow yourselves up and fight so u get a root when u die and virgins for that matter which tells me you little dicks couldn’t please a woman that’s been with a real man and knows what sexy should feel like. I’m so conflicted on this matter. On one hand I generally feel sorry for the peaceful Muslims trying to get by away from your war ridden fucked up country, and there is plenty, I grew up in earl wood Canterbury getting rolled by cowardly gangs out numbering us by heaps and being 17+ when we were 15 but one on one you all in my experience run until u can gather back up. But also I have Muslim friends who generally despise u Muslim pushing dicks. If you behaved the way u do here in your home country you’d be dead. Life is nowhere else in all we see as far as we know and we get 70 yearsish to enjoy it out of forever and you dicks think your going to this beautiful dream place when u die for causing war, riots, murder, cruelty to women suicide ect. We’ll if all u fuckwits are gunna be in that heaven I really don’t want to go there. And you’ll probably cover your 7 virgins in black rags and beat them anyway. Woo you’ve got the awesome heaviness full of rapists, murderers, and woman beaters. What a thing to strive for. Why don’t u make this your heaven and get along. Be happy. That’s what a good god or father wants for his children is it not. Your Karan has been manipulated and twisted to what you think u believe now. No profit promotes war. Same as the Christian church but if u listen yo Jesus, weather he was the sun of god or not, he just wanted a better world with no conflict. Surely that would be better and we can live in peace. Wake up and think for yourself.

  31. It will be a sad day when shariah beaches are common in Australia. If this isn’t stopped muslims will be bold enough to use landmines like in russian dagestan.

  32. Might this be part of the Muslim scheme to occupy public spaces, like they do with street prayers in our major cities that effectively render streets and squares impassable?

  33. Mozzies provoke so as to solicit resentment, then they claim discrimination, then they take revenge. This is the example of Mohammed. Supremacists have only one scenario: they always win in the end and CRUSH the dirty, vermin they hate.

    The hatred starts with Allah who ‘greatly hates the kafirs’ K. 40.35

    Question for Mozzies: ‘When do you know you have ‘enough’ hatred for the dirty kufaar?’ When you want to merely snear at them? When you want to ‘force them to the narrowest part of the road’? Or when you vandalize their automobiles?

  34. I have a good friend who lives in Cronulla. I knew what was happening there before the event. She says it’s a powder keg waiting to explode again.

    The Lebo gangs hog the north end of the beach. They won’t let anyone else near them. They cordon off the women’s toilets so only those wearing mobile tarpaulins can use them.

  35. as I have said before Qantas in sydney had a baggage handler or ramp person employed at the international terminal who had a criminal record in lebanon for bombing a KFC store but still managed to get past the security checks and was employed at an international gateway airport.In Brisbane an iraqi troublemaker was employed by airport passenger screening (TSA) at international and domestic terminals again after a security check.Cant have any racism get in the way of a so called security check.In the area i reside in brisbane we have a very mixed group of people Cambodians Chinese Korean Vietnamese Japanese Italian Greek etc never a problem most put up christmas lights a lot arent christian but enjoy the time of year.Local school has Holiday end of school concert one group doesnt attend .Guess who.Neighbours all say off record why dont they enjoy what the country has to offer(beside the government handouts) which they didnt get just happy to be in a free country.As for beach activities some of the following 1 Beheading by Numbers 2Pass the parcel bomb 3 Rape the bikini wearers 4 most cars burnt in 60 seconds.Most aussies are very easy going but like the US Marines
    if you piss us off RUN

    • @ Southern Knight – spot on mate they fuck with us u watch us Aussies fire up and kick ass….. the Muzscum backed off with rioting in Melbourne after the You Tube video as many Aussies were waiting at the State Library to kick their arse a week after Sydney copped the foaming mouth retards. The the Muzzos like the wimps they are, were outnumbered and backed off.

  36. Thank u for reporting this. I live near these beaches and have witnessed an increase of Muslims being intimidating to others on the beach. I have had to leave the beach on a few occasions because of the bad vibe which is growing.

  37. muslim deserve tp be deported. western people must deport all muslim along with leftistt they are traitor tp their own race.

  38. Bonni.Hate to say i told ya so.The vermin did not learn anything from Cronulla.As you can see on the video our young guys were out for blood.This been going on for years until the Cronulla residents had grown tired of their shit.The bashing of the lifesavers was the flashpoint.The msm were quick to blame us aussies,Some of the guys served jail time for being concerned about the welfare of the women at the beach.With this this labor mob being in power they have crawled out of their sewers once again.Love the bit about engaging muslim youth.Here in Sydney a muslim youth worker was arrested for cocaine importation which he had smuggled in to Australia in a chess set .Before this he was given an award by ex PM kevin rudd for community service with muslim youth .I have the gut feeling bonni that this could be the prelude to a very violent event.The average Aussie has had enough of their shit.WATCH THIS SPACE

  39. bleh, they wanna wear that cloth coffin on the beach and try to make normal people wear it too, maybe the answer is not to form a task force, but to get rid of the beach hags and moslems that hang around there specifically to cause trouble, they will push too far and have their whiny asses kicked when they are served what they deserve

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