AUSTRALIA: Gearing up for another Cronulla?

Chelsea Longbeach Surf Life Saving Club president Judy Silom: “We’re getting a lot of multicultural Muslim visitors from outside the area coming to our beach and a lot of time the different Islamic cultures don’t mix with everyone else,” she said. “They congregate in the hundreds near the pier, start fights and vandalize the cars.”

Mordialloc (h/t Diane H)  Melbourne Police will aim to stamp out violence and anti-social behaviour on beaches with a new foreshore taskforce. (In other words, Muslims don’t want bikini-clad non-Muslim women on the beach when they are there with women in black garbage bags. (In other words, they suffer from sex-obsessed, small penis syndrome)

Kingston Inspector Tim Hansen said police had noticed more people from surrounding suburbs, even as far as northern suburbs visiting the beaches. “Along with the taskforce we have an engagement program for multicultural Muslim groups,” Insp Hansen said.

“We’re looking to engage with these Muslim youths more and run activities on the beach for them. “Hopefully some sort of sports will take away the element of boredom, which is what can lead to trouble.” (Right, because Muslims are known for their great prowess at sports)

For BNI readers unfamiliar with the Cronulla riots that broke out in Australia in 2005, this will explain the way it really happened unlike the politically correct mainstream media reporting.

December 11, 2012 marks the 7th anniversary of when over 5000 Cronulla locals finally fought back against years of Islamic violence, rape and savagery.

Islam Monitor  Leftwing journalists wrote sob stories about how badly Australians were allegedly treating Muslims. Yet Lebanese Muslim goons have been terrorizing locals for years without a peep from these leftwing bigots who call themselves journalists.

‘Report’ after ‘report’ on the Cronulla riots stressed Australian racists as being the problem. When it came to fingering Lebanese Muslim thugs the same journalists omitted the thuggery and described this scum as “being of Middle Eastern appearance. This lie was a shabby attempt to reinforce their despicable view that Australians are basically racist.

Let us take a quick look at what this despicable bunch of ideologically motivated hacks deliberately ignored. Three lifesavers objected to Lebanese Muslims bullying a group of women because of their bathing costumes These Muslim thugs attacked the greatly outnumbered lifesavers and badly beat them, rendering one of them unconscious.

It was this vicious incident of Lebanese Muslim thuggery that sparked the riots that these mendacious journalists are blaming on Australians.

If the riots were racially inspired, how come only Lebanese Muslim thugs were targeted? Why were there no Indians, Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Ceylonese, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jews, etc., involved? Also ignored by our media guardians is the interesting fact that the Lebanese have been immigrating to Australia for more than 100 years without any kind of reaction from native Australians. Additionally, how do they explain Lebanese Catholic churches being targeted by Muslims?

Nearly all of the former immigrants were Maronites while the Lebanese scum that started the riots are Muslims who came here in the 1970s.

“Middle Eastern” is the multiculturalist’s code phrase for Muslim. So what we have here is Muslim hatred of Australia. Nevertheless, despite massive evidence to the contrary our leftwing media still insists on lying to the public. It’s true that some racists attached themselves to the mob. But to use their opportunism to smear fellow Australians as “neo-Nazis” is, unfortunately, par for the course for our agitprop journos.

It is time to recognise the extremist religious canker in our midst and cut it out –– even if it means revoking these thugs’ citizenship and deporting them to Lebanon where, I have no doubt, they would be welcomed with open arms by Islamo-fascist terrorist groups.

Even FOX News blamed the Aussies, not the Muslims

Many people in Australia blamed controversial and provocative Radio Talk Show Host Alan Jones for the riots, anyone but the Muslims.