Chinese don’t take any crap from their Muslim (Uighur) population

Don’t let the reporter’s sympathy for the Uighurs fool you. The Uighur Muslim separatists bring this on themselves. (See links below video)











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  1. I’m chinese and I don’t like Muslim, the reason is very simple.
    “We don’t obey the same law”
    I’m atheism but I don’t hate any religion, but in fact muslim is not just a religion, it is a system, it is a politic, it is a law.
    The only reason is “they think they don’t need to obey our law”
    I don’t like my government, but I think on Muslim problem, western media are super stupid, and they know nothing.
    Soon the western media will realize how stupid they are.
    And you will found your biggest enemy is not Chinese or Russian.

  2. In Xinjiang 2009-JULY-5 1700 hans (reported as 100+) were killed in street, in shops, at half way home or at workplace. Guess what CNN said? They say it was caused by unfair treatment to Muslims, and it was a revolution. Then they posted a picture saying Muslim injured by han while the guy in that picture was a Han Chinese, there was even his name written in Mandarin pasted on his bedhead.

    LOL CNN. stupid pig head CNN. And BBC as well, same dumb level. This is why your countries are turning.

  3. You guys worry too much about China’s dillema with Arabic countries. First, 99% of Chinese I met hate muslims, they are thieves, murderers even outside Xin Jiang. Second, who do you think is messing with all Arabic countries? US?Lol, check out Syria’s arsenal and you find half of the inventory, both FSA and the government, is from China. Remember Afghanstan in 1979? China helped US to defeat Soviet. These Arabic countries are just puppets between China and USA.If the two giants are not happy, they trigger wars among them and watch them fight.

  4. china is an active society and knows very well what islam actually is and thats why islam failed in taking over china in all 1600 years not like corrupt indian or western societies

  5. China will not be able to contend with Islam as it is having a growing business stake in muslim countries. Dont forget China imported more than half of its oil from muslim countries. There are roughly 60 million muslims in China comprising of the Huis, Kazaks and other minorities but Chinese statistics tend to underestimate that number to 30 million. The Chinese provincial governments might try to suppress the muslims in their territories but it often ended up a futile effort. Perhaps the China communist government should consider its existing policies of relocating ethnic Han Chinese in muslim dominated areas as these do not do good to the local muslims. The ethnic Han are not hygienic and have different food customary practise as compared to the muslims. There will bound to be tensions along the way.

  6. Lolz! “following peaceful demonstration…” picture of a burning car, ye we know all about islamic “peaceful demonstrations”.

  7. While I am totally against any terrorism I do have some sympathy for the Uighur people. The Muslims have colonized their region with non-native Han Chinese just like they have done in Inner Mongolia and Tibet. In my opinion the communist Chinese are as big of a threat to the USA and the world and Islam. The China Threat by Bill Gertz is a good read.

  8. It would be more accurate to characterize China as a one-party state following capitalist policies while retaining the communist political structure.

  9. Are you serious? Who owns our country? Disagree on #1, #2. Yes they are trying to Take over and convert you to communism – hello one world government? #3 not yet, but it will happen. Yes, they are very productive. Everything is made in china…go USA…??? You are a fool if you can see the danger in islam and not the danger in other fascist countries. Only difference is islam is so utterly stupid to hang their dirty laundry for the all the world to see. The chinese are much too smart for that. I love chinese food too, but their communist state is an enemy as well.

  10. Yes the Chinese are protecting themselves from muzzies. They have not been brainwashed because they used to do the brainwashing so understand the danger from fanatic muzzies

  11. The other free countries must learn from the Chinese on how to deal with the muslim parasites. Many times I wish the US should kick out CAIR to china so they can look at the injustice meted to their terrorist brothers.

  12. I don’t like the chinese much…..but they sure know how to deal with Muslimes !
    Ever since they cracked down on the Turk muslimes , there has’nt been much of a problem there in western China.
    It’s a well known fact that most of the Islamic world is terrified of China.
    They know the chinese have no qualms of killing millions of them if they have to.
    It’s only us with our political correctness and the Scrotumless Sharamoota we have as President who worries about such things.


  13. emmieaz, muslims are terrorists, sexual pedophiles, marrying child brides, and so on. Chinese are not blowing up german theatres, english buses, as 7/11, the 9/11 towers and so on. If you are having a problem seeing and knowing the difference, remember that the muslims have done over 20,000 terrorist attacks since 9-11. How many have the Chinese done?

  14. The puzzle pieces of the endtime are coming together. Even though China is currently a Communist state, they will be blessed for blessing Israel. Christian evangelism in China is accelerating. It is understandable that many Jews distrust Christianity on account of large denominations that do not promote Israel’s best interests. Pres. Bush made bad decisions regarding Israel because he was pressured by non-Zionist liberal church leaders.

    There is the official Church in China, but the one that is growing is made up of “illegal” house churches. These are are bold, Spirit-filled, pro-Israel churches that are pesecuted but strong.

    It is sad that the Lord will have to destroy Israel’s troublesome neighbors at the Gog of Magog (Armageddon) final battle. Messiah Jeshua has a forgiving heart and is longsuffering, not willing that any should perish. Nevertheless His holy righteous character requires that unrepentent sinners be punished.

    There is a Messianic Jewish ministry, Maoz Israel, that has young Palestinians who have come to believe in Yeshua and fellowship with young Israelis.

    We are in a tough spot. Islam is evil, vile, dangerous, and violent. We must protect ourselves and pursue anti-jihad activities. On the other hand we must not operate out of hate or fear and do our part to take the gospel message to the whole world, motivated by God’s love.

  15. To BNI, I love Chinese food too! No Muslims, and we get good food, and spot on replica Gucci goods at the same time.

  16. I have very mixed feelings about this. Actually, not mixed, but in awe. I mean, aren’t they both the same communist and muslim? Only difference is that one claims the state and humanist beliefs for their evils, and the other sights religion. Not much difference in that both are murderous, anti-God regimes that seek to kill and destroy. I love this site, but don’t think that it is wise to elevate people on the basis of them opposing Islam. The chinese communists are almost as bad anyway.

    • The Chinese communists aren’t trying to take over my country, convert me, or kill me. The Chinese are actually productive. Muslims produce nothing but trouble. And I love Chinese food.

      • It is projected that by 2050 40% to 70% of the Chinese population will be Christian. The Chicoms aren’t so commie anymore. This will be a good thing for the world; especially as Europe and the US continue sliding into irrelavance.

      • AMEN BNI; and the Chinese Communists are NOT “almost as bad” as the muslime pukes; never have been and never WILL be; it will most likely be the Chinese who take the initiative and possess the gonads to exterminate the aggressive obnoxious muslime bastards; the few that are left will be wiped out at Armaggeddon!! By the way, in case anyone should wonder, I recently visited China while on a two month visit to Taiwan! Though I can’t say that during the five days we spent in Mainland China that I was entirely comfortable: I CAN say that I was VERY glad to be there rather than in some Islamic sh– hole like Pakistan, Afghanistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, etc……!!

    • I agree completely with BNI. There is just no comparison with the Chinese Communists and Islam. Furthermore, communists are not consumed with hate for us because we are not communists. Communists don’t hate women and children. Communists don’t want to hurt and/or kill us because we are not communists.

    • I’ve started seeing this equivocation of Islam and Communism many places. It must be coming from the pulpits of fundamentalist preachers and or the conflation of Islam and Socialism with the O administration. Whatever, it’s a weak equivocation and misleading. They are two different things and thinking of Islam as the same thing as Communism simply muddies the water and clouds our minds. Although, the Chinese might be “almost as bad”, such is simply irrelevant to the fight with Islam. See, the thing is, we’ll most likely have to become worse than Islam to defeat them. Having the moral high ground has also become irrelevant. That doesn’t mean we have to remain so, however. And, given that Sun Tzu, or the mythic character of same name, was Chinese, we might actually learn something from them about how to handle Islamic vermin.

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