HALAL: Where cleanliness is not necessarily next to Allahliness

A Saudi man who went to the butcher shop to buy some fresh meat saw a worker cleaning the meat with a broom in a dirty, bloody bucket while blood covered most of the floor and walls.

Emirates 24/7 The man instantly pulled his mobile phone and filmed the worker. The unnamed Saudi said the Egyptian worker was apparently doing so to lure in customers by making them think the meat is clean and fresh. The YouTube film, carried by Sabq newspaper, showed the worker was brushing the meat inside a dirty blue bucket before piling the stuff in the sink.


18 comments on “HALAL: Where cleanliness is not necessarily next to Allahliness

  1. We need scientific studies on HALA L meat as we see most who eat are become Jihadi and have no mercy on human being. No love for their own loved once. Ready to kill, wife , daughters and send children for Jihad ,looks like all due to HALAL meat eating.ITs said You are whet You eat. Looks like in free world HALAL meat eating should be studied and banned till future study .

  2. Im hoping very vicious food poisoning to all assholes who eat halal. Im talking about food poisoning to the point they vomit and crap themselves to death because anyone (includes all the dumb Dhimmis in the West that eat halal) deserves to suffer that way. I hope what this inbreed does is a common practice.

  3. He might not have been brushing the meat with water, It might have been camels piss. Its claimed by mo to be good for us. There might have been buckets of it out the back, well, you never know, do you?

  4. Where fastfood is served a fellow I know asks loudly is that meat ‘HALAL’? If they answer ‘yes’, he says, ‘ARE YOU OUT OF YOU’RE MIND? DO YOU KNOW HOW UNHYGENIC THAT IS?’

    He claims people leave the lineup whenever he does that.

  5. Good grief muslims are so stupid. Not only is that an extremely unsanitary way to clean meat, but with refrigeration technology well over a hundred years old and readilly available, these 7th Century muhominids are still displaying it on meat hooks, at room temperature, out in the open and exposed to all manner of flies in a land known for it’s blistering heat.

    It only reminds me of all the muslim buffoonery mine own eyes have laid witness to in my journeys thru Egypt, Kuwait and Iraq. They’re so primatively fatalistic, it’s ridiculous, and we don’t need them living in the West.

    They cannot be trusted no matter how nice some may seem.

    • Amen, amein and amjíñ!!!!

      Truly, YUK and PFUI!!!! Truly, I’m extremely glad to know what “halal” means (much as I ABHOR the thing!!!) so I can AVOID IT like the bubonic plague!!!! It would be so wonderful if those Moslems would get truly and severely sick – past the point where they could harm us when eating that poisonous meat…

      Islam and Islamic “culture” has absolutely and categorically ZERO – repeat, ZERO – PLACE in the West, now and forever and unto ages of ages!!!!!

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