If you were an Israeli, would you want to ride on a bus with Palestinians?

Every day, thousands of Palestinians go to work in Israel by taking the same buses as Jews from Arab-occupied Judea/Samaria. The buses are mostly driven by Israelis. In the video, a Palestinian returning to Judea/Samaria is barred from boarding by the bus driver for no apparent reason.

Observers.france24  No apparent reason? How about an attack on a bus in Tel Aviv that wounded 28 people just last month? The man is made to wait for Israeli police to arrive before he is allowed on board. Palestinians with permits to work in Israel – permits obtained every morning after thorough security checks and only valid until the evening – are regularly refused boarding by bus drivers under pressure from Israeli passengers who fear acts of terrorism.

In response to these tensions, the Israeli Transport Ministry has recently proposed separate bus lines. This way, the argument goes, Israeli commuters will no longer feel threatened by the presence of Palestinians, who some consider to be potential terrorists. The ministry argues that a special transport route for Palestinians would help them save time, since they would no longer need to change buses at each checkpoint as is the case today.

But true to leftist form, the Transport Ministry’s suggestion has outraged human rights organiations. Jessica Montell, the executive director of the B’Tselem NGO, says: “Arguments about security and decongestion shouldn’t be used to hide the latent racism [of the government’s proposal].” (Hey, you dumb Jewish leftie scum, Islam is not a race)

Hannah Zohar, another Jewish commie, who filmed the video, lives in Tel Aviv, where she works for Kav LaOved, an Israeli NGO working to protect  of Palestinian workers’ rights.” I think creating two separate bus lines is a dangerous idea. If the government does this today to Palestinians going from the West Bank Judea/Samaria to Israel, what would stop them from doing the same thing tomorrow to Palestinians travelling within Israel, and eventually to all Israeli Arabs? Creating two lines would further the segregation of the two communities that already exists in so many areas of life.”(Jews aren’t allowed in Gaza and have have been ethnically cleansed from virtually every other Arab country in which they had lived lived for many generations.  NO Arabs should be allowed in Israel. Period.)


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  1. Sniffer dogs are expensive; more than $10,000. Intuition is not reliable. Islam sanctifies terrorism, offers a great reward for acts of terrorism. Read these references: 3:151, 8:12,39,57,60,65,67, 9:5,29,38, 39,111,120,123, 33:26,27, 47:4,49:15, 59:2,13, 61:10-13; Sahih Bukhari 1.7.331 & 4.52.220.

    When a group of people are linked with terrorism, the presence of any one of them causes terror. This is why Goddamn Muslims must be expelled and excluded.

  2. What we have here is a failure to trust. Common Sense dictates, it this person was not in posession of the necessary documents required as a safety/security measure, the driver used his common sense while at the same time did the moral and legal duty protecting his passangers from the perils of not-to-be-trusted persons of the arab type. Doesn’t get any better then this, does it. Outstanding observation, geat initative on his part. Good job.
    As far as these NGO’s, these are typically useful idiot types, desguising their importence as do gooders, while in fact do no such thing. These useful idiots are nothing short of troublemakers from the word go, always have been, always will be and when it comes to paying attention to anything whatsoever in their charge, forgetaboutit, they tell lies, live on lies reinforced upon the areas they infiltrate, and are not to be trusted, so it comes as, once again, no surprise they interject their useful idiot status upon the governing authorities as to justify their presence. While in fact what the governing authorities should be doing is to throw these no good bums off their lands with no apologies-period, they are nothing but, useful idiot snakes slithering around looking for justification to their own purposes. I meet more then I wanted in my time working round this globe with governments via ours. They are just your typical low-life, scum sucking riff-raff. No one should give a rat’s ass what they think or spout.

      • They are both to blame B, muslims and the lefturds, there and here alike. Aah but one day there will be a price they WILL pay for their collusion, bank on it. Have the list, will travel at my own expense…..and think about this, I am only but one, how many are on the same page?

  3. There is virtually no Jewish activity in Saudi Arabia in the beginning of the 21st century. Jewish (as well as Christian and other non-Muslim) religious services are prohibited from being held on Saudi Arabian soil.[12] When American military personnel were stationed in Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War, permission for small Christian worship services was eventually granted, but Jewish services were only permitted on US warships.[12] Census data does not identify any Jews as residing within Saudi Arabian territory.[13]

    Persons with an Israeli government stamp in their passport or who are openly Jewish are generally not permitted into the Kingdom. In the 1970s, foreigners wishing to work in the kingdom had to sign an affidavit stating that they were not Jewish[14] and official government forms granting foreigners permission to enter or exist the country, do ask for religious affiliation.

    During the first Gulf War, American servicemen and women who were Jewish were allowed into the kingdom, but religious services had to be held discreetly on base and—according to an unsubstantiated story reported by one person who wrote she had heard it from another—alternative “Protestant B” dog tags were created, in the event that a Jewish serviceman or woman was taken prisoner in Iraq.[15]

  4. It greatly irks me to have to read and refer to scumbags as ‘Palestinians’ because there is no and has never been, a Palestine! They are an invented people who somehow have convinced the world they have a right to exist, a right to terrorize and bomb Israel, a right to take over Israel, and are annually granted millions and millions of dollars by us to help their ’cause’.

    They murder Israelis. They murder their own using them as human shields. They continue their farce of an existence through whining, pity parties, and of course through brutal violence. Enough already! Call a spade a spade and deny them from entering the bus, from any semblance of compassion. They are not worthy, they cannot be trusted, they cannot be reasoned with. Their goal is to destroy Israel and if they dare achieve that, their new full-time focus will be on every other Western/infidel country they claim to be their land. It worked the first time…

  5. A bus driver might just have an intuition about such things…as many people do. A bad egg sometimes gives signals in the body language that can be seen far ahead down the road. New bomb detection equipment is needed.

    The best bomb detection might be sniffer dogs on every bus.

  6. I for one feel a bit of sympathy for the man in the video. But you must understand that I am 100% against islam. For it has done to my people (hindus). But I believe that not all muslims are bad. Agreed there have attacks and precautions have to be made. But I felt as thought he was genuinely just trying to make a living. One can not abandon their family and heritage that easily…but one can prevent themselves from doing such actions.

    Then again I could be wrong…so who knows…
    Maybe having cops or security gaurds on stand-by with detectors would help.

    • Of course, we don’t oppose the individual. We oppose the beliefs and assumptions that motivate the individual Muslim. It is such a sad thing that masses of people brought up in hatred who believe in Islam take direction from imams corrupted by political terrorist crime money to provoke these innocents to kill us. As we defend ourselves, we can continue to love our attackers. But it is simply wrong to let them put our lives at risk just because we understand the ignorance that motivates them.

  7. We need airplanes that only muslims can fly and ride on. We need buses that only muslims can drive and ride on. That would stop the bombing and murder of innocent people. We all need to refuse to fly on planes with muslims. It would have saved thousands of lives 9/11.

    • Meanwhile, ALL Moslem Arabs MUST be driven out not only from Israel proper but also the West Bank and Gaza: these territories by rights are and should be Israeli!!!!! [Not to mention THE ENTIRE WEST – there truly is NO PLACE for Islam outside of dar al-Islam!!!!]

      The only Arabs I COULD eventually see being accepted are NON-Moslem!!! At the very least they must be of a heretical sect like the Druze, Baha’i or Ahmadi – better however by far that they be Christians, Jews or even Buddhists, Hindus, Shinto &c. Even then, until they COMPLETELY RENOUNCE any and all anti-Semitism and anti-Israel feelings, I’d be suspicious of them and could favour restrictions… [Mind you, there are genuine Arab ex-Moslems (even ex-terrorists) like Walid Shoebat and Taysir Abu-Saada who converted to Christianity and have openly, formally and repeatedly apologised to the Jews for their former evil – these naturally should be as welcome as anybody else…]

      Here I’m remembering that all Arab countries are Moslem, at least officially and by a numerical majority (with that majority usually being VERY LARGE in fact)!!! To boot, I’m also not forgetting that enough non-Moslem Arabs (e.g., “Christian” Lebanese like Helen Thomas {is the name right?}) have been and are just as anti-Semitic as anybody else. Only when all the Arab-Christian churches openly denounce (and repeatedly) ALL anti-Semitism and firmly tell their people to welcome Jews completely and without any discrimination whatsoever (and to integrate with them), could I then see Israel being justified to fully renounce any restrictions upon those non-Moslem Arabs…

  8. I am not a Jew. I am a Christian. I would not want to ride on a bus with a possible homicide-bomber. I agree too, that no arab should be allowed in Israel because of the arab and muslim apartheid all over the muslim world. The dirty pricks just can’t get along with anyone without sooner or later, murdering. Even within their own tribes, clans, and families. Their god demands blood and doesn’t really care where it comes from. Screw mohammad.

    • You Christians chased the Jews out of Europe. Almost 8 millions Jews were massacred by you Christians. Now, you try to appease the Jews by directing your enmity towards Muslims. How hypocrtical you Christians are!!

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