Iranian-owned Press TV showcases its favorite paid ‘Jewish’ Israel bashers

Once again, the same group of radical Hasidic Orthodox ‘Rabbis, – traitors, who are on the payroll of Iran and have been honored guests of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, are out in the streets of London, protesting the Zionist State of Israel.

I think these are the same ‘Renta-Jews’ we always see in New York, Florida, and even in Israel protesting with the Arabs against Israel. This group is an offshoot of  Naturei Karta, ultra-orthodox Jews who are opposed to the establishment of and retain all opposition to the existence of the State of Israel. They are a lot like the Westboro Baptist Church crazies who protest against American soldiers at their funerals.

Press TV also drags out far left wing antisemite, Ralph Schoenman (looks to be sporting a fake Muslim beard now), another ‘spokesJew’ for Iran, who claims Zionists were in cahoots with the Nazis to kill the Jews.


18 comments on “Iranian-owned Press TV showcases its favorite paid ‘Jewish’ Israel bashers

  1. These are traitors of ISRAEL, and not JEWS who have forgotten and ignored their own scriptures and their own Prophet’s words. GOD WILL JUDGE THEESE GUYS MISERABLY

  2. pardon my incorrectness but maybe obummer could donate some good US taxpayer money to reopen some of the nazi camps and give this lot free tickets and a shower ..but then it never happened did it.Eisenhower was right get it on record before some b denies it ever happened.This lot with funny hats make me sick

  3. I walked away from Christianity when I discovered that there was a majority of Christians in Australia not interested in opposing Islam. I would rather stand alone against Islam than be trapped in the centre of Christian apathy. It is clear Jews are also divided and that is why we have so many problems. Some valiant Jews and Christians are opposing Islam head-on but the rest are running for cover. The Buddhist/Taoist/Atheist Chinese have greater courage in rejecting Islam. The only reason that Islam succeeded during the last 1400 years in its Jihad expansion program is because throughout history Jews and Christians refused to unite as one and fight a common enemy. Apathy is our first enemy it is time for Jews and Christians to unite against Islam and against all inferior thinking politicians that are in bed with Islam.

  4. Dumb comes in all sizes, shapes and colors. Granted if they are true Orthodox they should know better. Or ask the question what is it they gain by being off the page?

  5. Many years ago I rode with the man who owned & trained Mr. Ed., the ‘talking’ horse. I asked Les one time what was the first thing he looked at when considering a new horse. I thought he would say the legs, teeth, feet, etc., but he said the eyes. When asked why he said he wanted to see if the horse had a ‘kind eye’. Well, if this looney tune was a horse you wouldn’t want to walk around behind him. He’d kick your head off your shoulders. Talk about mean eyes.

  6. these so-called rabbis should have their side curls and beards cut off. They are a disgrace to the Jewish people. “Palestine’ is and always has been more of a large area with many small towns than a country.

  7. zionism and being jewish is not the same, some here forget that there are actually jews that think this is wrong. freedom of speech…

  8. Jewish Israeli land NEVER belonged to a fake people! There NEVER was an Arab country of Palestine.

    Muslims move to another country or area and declare that the land is Islamic belonging to Muslims.

    Some years ago, the IDF found papers showing that the Naturei Karta was paid by Arafat’s PLO. Naturei Karta are TRAITORS to the human race.

  9. Its one thing to believe Israel was not gift wrapped personally by the hand of G-d so they for some reason think humans pushed it, not G-d… even though G-d needs humans to carry out His plan… but for them to side with the enemy of all Jewish people is what I don’t understand at all…. what is their reasoning?

  10. They don’t represent Jews either. Why don’t they just move to Gaza or Iran and see how long they’ll survive.

    Could they also be the by-product of inbreeding? There’s something definitely wrong with them, heads bobbing up and down (madrassa) and from left to right (???).

  11. WTF?? By what/whose fantasy did “Palestine” EVER belong to anyone but the Jews? And, BTW, if these supposed ‘Jews’ (more like JINOS) are so in love with Fakestinians, why don’t we help them find their way to Gaza (or Egypt)? I think there are probably any NUMBER of smuggling tunnels into which these creeps could fit.
    Oh, YEAH I defend their ‘right of return’. Let them return to Sowdi Barbaria with all of their ‘Palestinian’ little muzzie-buddies (and the sooner the better).


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