Islamic cleric warns Muslims NOT to attend any Christmas parties because liquor is served there

But it’s OK to invite a Christian to a Muslim holiday party like Eid, and then force feed him halal meat.

Gee, I guess nobody told him about the Saudi’s favorite indulgence: Top shelf liquor

Case in point: Saudi King Abdullah toasts George W. Bush with whiskey in hand.


29 comments on “Islamic cleric warns Muslims NOT to attend any Christmas parties because liquor is served there

  1. What I hate the most about these idiots and their perpetual state of arrested development, is their in ability to be responsible for themselves. it is called Self Control! and Choice! Sheesh!

    Come on, how many times have the vast majority of us here been to events and parties where there has been drugs and alcohol about and by choice, we have said no and walked away or simply declined and continued on with our meals or conversations.

    I know, I know, I am transferring Western and Modern sensibilities on to a group of people, who in desperation for sex will shag and molest animals.

  2. John Carman I and a friend in the USA(whom I met throught BNI) have been posting anti-Islam on Facebook for the last 9 months; we have never been challenged by FB. In addition I am linked to ‘Rise of the Barbarians’ that attacks Islam. I wonder why some are being attacked by FB and not others? I have never been called for ‘Jury Service’ in Australia; I am 64 years and educated and yet I know uneducated people that have been called for ‘Jury Service’ at least 4 times during their lifetime. I am beginning to think there are conceived registers floating around tracking certain people. Such a scenario is a concern.

  3. Hypocrisy and taquiyya, the calling cards of Islam! Rich people in the Islamic world seem to somehow be exempt from following Islamic rules. Yeah, even Muhammad himself, according to the Hadiths, quaffed alcohol with his buddies, ( Sahih Muslim 3721, 3753 and many other Hadiths), had more than four wives, and was known to break other Islamic rules.

  4. Fine with me. I’ll certainly stay away from any party any time of year where Muslims are served or even where they are servants. I can’t imagine a worse party pooper than there being a single Mohammedan swine present. They all seem to have the smell of unwashed butts, must be their primitive toilet habits or sexual practices.

  5. A similitude of the Garden which those who keep their duty (to Allah) are promised: Therein are rivers of water unpolluted … and rivers of wine delicious to the drinkers.
    — Sura 47:15
    Surely the pious will be in bliss … their thirst will be slaked with pure wine sealed.
    — Sura 83:22,25

    Religion of PISS.

  6. Way back before I disliked and distrusted Muslims, I used to buy beer, wine and smokes at convenience stores that were run by Muslims. They claim they can’t transport people with alcohol in their taxis, but they’ve no problem selling it to them. I work in the courts, and all kinds of people with Islamic names come through on DUIs and drug charges.

  7. Funny you should mention that cause I know for a fact that Muslims drink liquor(alcohol), cavort or associate with known prostitutes, eat Pork(in one case it was pepperoni Pizza), cuss and swear, smoke cigarettes/marijuana,Hashish, etc….Especially just before they were to do something very bad too. Like the two 9-11 hijackers in San Diego? They were doing everything they could do before “sacrificing” themselves for the Al-Qaeda/Taliban/ etc…to go to Allah and get 72 “unknown Virgins”(Bull Shit !)
    Any person that believes all that stuff is brainwashed and needs “Re-programming” which is what I think Muslims need. They are all forced to repeat surahs in the Quran before they can even understand their own language and told horrific stuff about sacrificing themselves to Allah in suicide bombings.(That is criminal endangerment of a child and the parents should be prosecuted) Then there is Sharia law and “honor killings”. IT is still against the law to kill another human being except in self defense.
    P.S. I was recently admonished for making statements about these Muslims in Face Book. Yet, if you read the Quran like I have, and understand it’s meaning, it is a violent “military ideology” that professes violence and killing of “non-Muslims” or Infidels or non believers.(Those that do NOT submit to Allah)
    I refuse to submit to an angry and hateful “Moon God” that is barbaric in nature and most Muslims go to Mecca to walk around a square building to worship a black stone that was probably a meteorite.
    Educate yourselves and read the information so that you know what is really being talked about or said.

    Thank God for Bare Naked Islam and it’s Freedom Of Speech !!!
    Facebook should take another look at it’s policies about Freedom of speech and hate speech. It’s hard to believe Mark Zuckerberg developed such a system. Isn’t his name “Jewish”? Maybe HE needs to support Israel and read the Quran to understand what Muslims are really about?

  8. They’re afraid the poor dumb suckers might find out what it’s like to have a good time. Glasses up instead of butts up.

  9. Why would ANYONE who owns a business that he/she wants to survive and prosper even consider hiring a filthy stinking self righteous Islamiic suprmacist a–hole to begin with, much less inviting the bastard to an office Christmas Party?!!

  10. Just got my Christmas lights out,they remind me of Muslims so much,there all twisted half the fuckers dont work and they always look better hanging from trees 😉

  11. See Foxworthy’s “You Might Be A Muslim” list, #1:

    They’re just following in the footsteps of one of their leaders, Sayyid Qutb:

    That dance in the church basement that scandalized Qutb? It was a Christmas dance and they were playing “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. Probably weren’t any goats or camels attending so Sayyid had nobody to grope.

  12. Dear Bath house Barry your ugly bitch clinton is city belfast today stinking the place up please call her anti.christian anti jewish communist utopia ASAP that muslim terrorist loving bitch of yours is not welcome

    unkind regards Eoin

  13. if they were any kind of a hand they could be desi drivers and make sure everyone got home safe but the hell of it is they are muslims so the safe part does not apply

  14. Everything in Islam comes in a confusing set of two: one rule says ‘no’; the other rule says ‘but..’

    Mohammed had two ideas on every subject, including alcohol. Most Moslem men drink alcohol and then deny it. Allah serves rivers of alcohol in his well-appointed brothel in the sky. He also supplies his best warriors with non-stop sexual opportunities for eternity…with slave girls. Allah says slavery is a ‘good’ thing.

    So the question is this: is Allah a pimp or the operator of a pub? Those jihadists are hard-drinking studs! (Moslem men are proud of it too.)

    • @perceptor1,

      In the Us, there is a reality TV show called Shahs of Sunset. About a few Persians from the large Persian/Iranian community is LA.

      Besides mocking “white’ people as they call all Caucasians, their entire raison d’être is to get drunk. Persian Muslims and Jew alike.

      I am surprised that the Ayatollah has not issued a fatwa on their vulgar arses.

      • Hill, I love the Shahs of Sunset. Every time I see it I say, if only more Muslims were like these people, this blog would not have to exist. They always refer to themselves as Persians, never Iranians and the fact that some of their closest friends are Jewish is just icing on the cake. Yes, they are over the top in their partying/drinking, but you can’t look at them and not think, these people are truly Americans first, Muslims way down the list.

  15. What do u call a muzzie with 4 goats???

    A pimp.

    How many muzzies does it take to change a light bulb??

    None, they sit in the dark and blame it on the Jews.

  16. You won’t be missed. Please go back to your mosque, in your country of origin, and carry on banging your heads on the hard floors.

  17. Just to think of a happy holiday without my filthy muslims around to make the place smell like the original Christmas. That being a stable, brings a tear to the eye, don’t it? And so, in the spirit of the season, let me wish all the backward, butt waving, rbble a merry Christmas. And please note the mistletoe on my coat tail.

  18. Yeh dickhead thats right WE dont want any Asslifters attending anything to do with Christmas..Our wittle fweelings wont be hurt we promise.

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